Schtill Schtalking der Blog

It’s still like Grand Central Nazi Station over here.

If you’re bored and want to punch a Nazi, try down in this post. They won’t come up here for some reason.

Wait, this just in:

Dear Sadly, No,

As majority stockholder in this blog, I believe it would increase traffic and therefore share price if SadNo were to offer content more of interest to its daily visitors. As you know, executive compensation is now tied to the stock price. Please get on this immediately if you know what’s good for you, see?

Yours Truly,


Oh look, it’s the Horten Brothers.

“Hel-lo! We were teenage German aeronautical pioneers, responsible for many advanced ‘flying wing’ designs — including a supersonic jet fighter that unfortunately never reached major production.”

And wait, you guys were Nazis too, right?

“Ha ha! Well, that was the only game in town at the time, you understand.”

I’m not sure I like this new direction, honestly.


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Did you guys see Crooks and Liars? They have an item on the twins, and they don’t even mention Sadly, No!

I think you’ve been cheated


It’s the Nazification of Western Sadly!


“Ha ha! Well, that was the only game in town at the time, you understand.”
Best excuse for being a nazi. Ever.


Dang. I had I already linked to the ‘Whatzi?’ post downthread today. I’m too lazy to go in and change it…

Modern Major-General

Best excuse for being a nazi. Ever.

Worked for the Pope.


Y’all ‘r nuthin’ but a bunch a KIKE-HUMPIN’, NIGGER-LUVIN’ COMMUNISTS!!!

And yer comments section loads too dang slow…


Pandagon is also all over thase gals. I just pointed them over here. Pammy laid some wood to them.


A quick update:

It appears that The Editors and his lovely new wife have expressed interest in a few refrigerator boxes to use for guest accommodations on their sprawling estate. Not surprisingly, this has caused a boom in the refrigerator box market, pushing them out of the price range of first-time broken-commenter refrigerator box buyers. I?ve looked at a number of washer box/dryer box combos in my price range, but in neighborhoods that seemed to be primarily aimed at attracting YUUMDies (young urban upwardly mobile derelicts) and I?m not sure I?d fit in, being downwardly mobile and all. Plus I?d have to put some of my shopping cart stuff in storage.

And if that isn?t bad enough, I?ve discovered that Peak Oil has turned the dirty knee-length down coat into the New Black. You try to find one for less than 10 tubes of glue!

I?m having better luck with the cheap wine. Not only is the cost very reasonable, but the boxes don?t shatter when you fall down.

Still, I may have to rethink this. By the way, what’s up with these fucking Nazis?


Wow! How’d you guys do it? This is the most awesomest on-line Nazifest EVER!!!!


But Marie, I’m so glad that you Sadly — AWW HELL NO! are here !

Neo-Nazis, Dr. BLT, and MJ’ (in a thread about SadNo whoring themselves out to Nazis, no less!) —
all the family’s here, just in time for that fun wholesome slutty family holiday of Halloween!

It’s the best Samhain present ever…{{sob}}


Seriously, I’m jealous of your crop of Nazis. You seemed to use very little fertilizer, yet you got spectacular results…laughing at the Gaede gals must be like Miracle Grow for racists.


While Marie’s little plug produced merely her normal, inane shit. The homesite produced this jewel, which, in addition to be tinfoil-tastic, is actually relevent to the current Nazi/White Power-fest.
Thanks a bunch, Marie!


Okay, who knew Nazis were so boring in real life? You see ’em the movies, with the cool uniforms and monocles and riding crops. And they’re buzzing around in motorcycles with sidecars, shooting lugers, and inventing jet fighters. But the Nazis infesting your comments here? Buncha pathetic whiners! Its all yamma yamma yamma jews control the world yamma yamma black guy tried to poke my sister . . . I mean, I guess I just expected a little more action and excitement from the goose-stepping brownshirts. What a letdown.


They did come up with some cool aviation solutions:
Schriever’s Vril-7


Harry, that’s why they call it the banality of evil. All the cool stuff is on the outside, and inside there is only dullness, dreariness and the lowest of motivations.

C.S. Lewis put it very well in _Perelandra_: “Deep down, he was shallow.”


Yes, we got the leftover Nazis… but it’s just as fun to kick their pathetic little selves when they’re down.
It brings out their inherant craziness when they’re in the “crazytown” position of society- when they start talking about the upcoming race wars and the rising up of the white man, it’s more funny when you know there’s not a chance in hell of it happening with conditions as they are, as opposed to a society where they represent an actual voting bloc of any significance.
Plus, it’s better to stay aware of what they’re up to than let them go totally underground- gotta keep tabs on the bastards, after all.


“untied Negro collage fund”

Best. Malapropism. Ever.

Kudos Nazi folk! You’ve raised the bar. Are Kaye or the Pastor up to the challenge? Could there be a retarded battle royale in the offing? Oh, make it so.

OT, but didya see that Lamb and Lynx’s brother (sister?) is named “Dresden”?


Well for Gott’s sake, don’t ever let little Dresden attend a party with Jenna, NotJenna, Neil, and Noelle — he’d end up getting bombed!


I must say that my two favorite things the lamer-nazis joining you at the old thread have shown are (1) the “facts”/”points” that they seem to have on a macro, like the long list of rap songs. You just know that guy has a “ctrl-A” macro that just plugs that list of songs into a comment whenever it is (ir)relevant. and (2) the response to argument that we “hate ourselves”. I mean how sad do you have to be to honestly think that you have to hate someone else in order to like yourself?

anyway, tons of enjoyment.


“untied Negro collage fund”

too too funny. omg.


I wouldn’t give them the pleasure of calling them “Nazis” instead of “neo-Nazis” or something else. They WISH they were real Nazis.


Hmm… how about pseudo-Nazis, Anne? Or quasi-Nazis? Quazis?


When my dad first mentioned it, I spouted my Politically Castrated speech?I was still in high school then, a product of the American Commie Education System??We all need to learn how to get along?that?s the answer, not separating everybody.?

I remember the ads for the American Commie Education System. They had the tag line: “It’s ACES!” I sure bought into it.


In the interest of equal time, here’s a quick video rebuttal from MC Hitler:


Some of the nicks they use on the whitey forums are, hmm… surprising.

-The Swan of Tuonela (by many accounts, black)

-Muad’Dib (some Jihad-leading towelhead?)

-Manda Musa (wtf?)


“Quazis”–LOL! Now that’s comedy! It’s so… belittling, somehow.


Muad’Dib is Paul’s nom de guerre in Frank Herbert’s Dune. Many white supremacists also like some pretty good science fiction, I guess (the horror – I always get annoyed when people like that share my taste about anything at all). As for the other two, reading the mind of a Nazi is sometimes hard work.

I second the idea to call them “quasi-Nazis” aka “quazis” because they are sad little pathetic Internet trolls, not scary SS officers.


“Muad’Dib is Paul’s nom de guerre in Frank Herbert’s Dune.”
This I knew, but of course it must be hard for them not to notice all the Arab references?

“Many white supremacists also like some pretty good science fiction”
…but ignore all the smart stuff that should make you think.

Tolkien seems to be pretty popular as well among the n*zi wannabes- of course they manage to ignore all the racial mixing and bonding going on, but hey, elves must be Aryan. That the heroes are actually hairy-footed Untermenschen must be the result of some later Jewish conspiracy.


I’ve always been partial to the idea that modern-day pseudo-Nazis are God’s final punishment on the real Nazis: that these pathetic dweebs are the only remaining adherents of their cause.


Yes, just like Hitler’s food stained and shaky, dribbling final days holed up in his bunker, wallowing in his own self-pity, occasionally bursting into one of his fevered rants, as if giving one of his famous speeches, these supremcist assholes are the final, lame, inept and cowardly reminder of that dark period.
Hey that kind of reminds me of bushie these days.


Tolkien seems to be pretty popular as well among the n*zi wannabes

He was during his life, too, despite being virulently anti-Nazi. He ended up rather nastily correcting the German nationalist mythology about Aryan-speaking cultures and slammed antisemitism. The German book publishing company R?tten and Loening asked if it could translate The Hobbit. Tolkien was asked if he was of Aryan ancestry.

“I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. But if I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.”

And wrote to his son, who was training to join the British army in 1941:

“Anyway, I have in this War a burning private grudge?which would probably make me a better soldier at 49 than I was at 22: against that ruddy little ignoramus Adolf Hitler… Ruining, perverting, misapplying, and making for ever accursed, that noble, northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe, which I have ever loved, and tried to present in its true light.”



or again less is more


I’m black now? Damn, I mist have sat in the sun too long.


BTW.. I am the white person, Mansa Musa is the black person. You had that reversed.


Tolkien is an absolute ripoff of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelung. The latter has strong Germanic themes and a strong nationalistic-minded piece. Although Tolkien writes beautifully, I was really disappointed when I discovered the concepts had been thieved and the books were not his own masterful creation.


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