Sad But True

Apparently, John Hinderaker will be appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources. I know irony’s been dead for years, but did CNN really have to dig up its grave and pee on its rotting corpse?


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Don’t criminalize politics!!! Just because Republicans have been breaking the law for the sake of whipping Democrats doesn’t make them felons! After all, extremism in the pursuit of power is, um, not unvirtuous…Did I get that right, Grover?


ah, you’re back – you went down earlier under the sheer weight of trolls.


ah, you’re back – you went down earlier under the sheer weight of trolls.

Shut down by Neo-Nazis… Wotta revoltin’ development!


My two favourite comments are still there:

We’re here for Marie.

Posted by: Some Nazi | October 22, 2005 03:02 AM

Yeah, just hand her over, and we’ll be on our way.

Posted by: Some Other Nazi | October 22, 2005 03:04 AM


Man, Squeaky Johnson of LGF must be as green as his lizards with envy!


Brad R. how’s the quitting going? A celeb stopped by Three Bulls like weeks ago looking for the non-smoking Brad to lend him support.


PP- It’s going well, except I’m eating a lot more 🙁


Next we’ll see Bill O’reilly on CNN’s new program “Polite and genial pundits who genuinely think about their words and aren’t total douchebags.”


Have they changed the show’s name to Reliable Sources of Asshattery?


Oh, Brad, Boston is the wrong place for that. I know teh l4m3 would probably suggest a coke addiction for the weight, but I wouldn’t do it. Stay away from fun size Take Five bars, you would be eternally hosed at that point.


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