I think we took a substantial financial hit when we switched from the old demi-mondesque, psychologically complex black color scheme to the current smilingly white and pastel blue one. We might all be paupers before it’s fixed!

My blog is worth $274,366.44.
How much is your blog worth?

And yet, who can put a price on laughter? Link stolen from The Eds, in a startling reversal of life’s natural order.

[Update: Indeed, according to Blogshares, S,N! stock has fallen since the emergency changeover to the white color scheme. But what’s this!?

Player Number (%) Last Bought / Sold
YBMT 3750 (75%) 06:27 08 Oct 2005
Einzige 250 (5%) 13:50 17 Oct 2005

Total Shares Owned: 4000 (80%)
1000 shares are reserved.

There’s been a takeover! A majority of S,N! stock is now owned by…an evangelical Christian blog?

I’d just like to know why there can’t be a single day around here that isn’t fraught with some kind of B-movie plot device. That’s all I want to know.]


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Hey, we just barely beat out World O’Crap!


Who would’ve thought? S.Z. is funnier than we are, so she must be mismanaging the pension fund or making other shady business decisions.

Can we sell some Nazis? We sure have lots of Nazis at the moment.


Y’think we should Google-bomb Lamb and Lynx Gaede and Prussian Blue, the same way we did with conservative humor?


Shit, we already come in third for the Lamb and Lynx… which means it shouldn’t be too hard to get to number one, bwhahahaha!


How does that go again: from each according to his ability…?

What I mean to say is that it is vulgar commodification to put a price tag on Sadly, No! Can you put a price on snark? (and if so, why would you pay less for SZ than you paid for Brad R. I mean, come on!)


Damn! that should be a ‘?’ after R.


PS – are you ever switching back? I like my old school lite on dark action, goddamnit


You know what? Black, blue, white, whatever. You’ve beaten me down. If I check tomorrow and find that you’ve switched to pink-on-mauve, you won’t hear a whimper out of me.

My blog? $0.00.

I’m a broken, has-been commenter. I’m going out to shop for a dirty knee-length down coat, some cheap wine and a refrigerator box.


Freedom Camp is worth $8,468.10 — means mama’s fixin’ to get a new set a shackles and a fresh orange jumpsuit!

And maybe, just maybe, a gay hooker to dress up in military garb and kick me in the ribs.

And they said the bubble had burst.


Hey Gavin, here’s you b-flick strategy to get your money back from the evangelical blog. Get stock tips from demons.


That blog writer seems to think something is really funny over at this “faith Gambler” site.
So do the commentors…
What the fuck is funny about that?


At least this new-fangled style works when I use my Mac to access the snark here.


One word answer. Kittens


New masthead catchphrase: “Sadly, No! Inflicting the everlasting, terrible LOVE of Jesus Christ on ALL of Humanity!”
Let me be the first to welcome our new, Christian Overlords!


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