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Does anyone know why we’re being flooded with neo-Nazis today? They’re all coming here.

Naturally, we invited them up for a tea party. If any white supremacists come stormtrooping through, just don’t hurt ’em too bad, ok? It can be really hard to keep trolls around here when you guys keep smashing them into strawberry jam….

Bradrocket adds:


Or as Wesley Willis said, “Kiiiiill Whiiiite-eeeeeeey!! Kiiiiill Whiiiite-eeeeeeey!! Kiiiiill Whiiiite-eeeeeeey!!”

Gavin adds:

War-riors — come out and play-ay… Come here, little pookies! Nazi, nazi, in-come-free!

Hey Brad, they’re all bunched up down there. Why is it suddenly hard to start a fight with 2,000 Nazis?


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Are they from different IP addresses? And how did you discover their existence.

As the Blues Brothers might say, “I hate Internet Nazis…”


I think it’s b/c those girls were featured on some craptacular news show last night, and their fans & other viewers googled them & wound up here.

could you scare them off w/ a kitten strike?


Gav, we had more than one post on Prussian Blue, right? Might they be showing up there as well?


The Twin Twats got a recent write-up, so I’m guessing much Googling has ensued.


I just left ’em a taunting message and a link to this thread. Let’s hope they take the bait.


I had no idea neo-Nazis were so, um, boring. I guess its kind of hard to think originally when all the thoughts you have to use were discarded by the world many years ago.


Check it. If you Google Lynx and Lamb Gaede, the names of the two girls, we show up third. Bitchin’.


Nazis doing and saying stupid shit?
I’m shocked- honestly shocked.

Although, I would like to point out that a non-neo-Nazi posted in October first- though he didn’t say stupid shit, so it’s cool.
Hey dumbasses- come up here for a good time!


GG- leave a taunting message in that thread! I wants to trash me some Nazis! 🙂


Geez, guys, why don’t you taunt them back there, there’s no need to bring the stench up here, too. Blech.


Yessir- I shall do so now!


I’m a-tauntin’ ’em. They’re all hiding out still.

This is like, we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here, right?


The Nazis have been dutifully baited, Mein Herr.
Now we must only wait for the degenerates to show up.


What would be awesome is if we could get Dr. BLT to critique them for us- someone ask him NOW


Dr. Bacon, we need you to musically critique these Popzi Tarts.


Why is it that Nazis claim that the Holocaust – an event people who are still around lived through and has been documented BY GERMANS on both paper and film – is just a Jewish lie and yet they happily base their hatred on the story of a Jewish carpenter who supposedly lived over 2000 years ago? I’m surprised Nazis haven’t started denying slavery (because, you know, it means that they RELIED on Africans…)

And, just to stoke the fires, notice how they hate us liberals as much as the LGFers do? Jews and Nazis, working together. Bush really is a uniter…

(Apologies to all sane Jews and Christians. We know these raical fundimentalists don’t represent the majority…)


I’ll email Dr. BLT right now, but I think he only shows up when he knows he’s wrecking the fun…


When they hear the word ‘culture’ they reach for their fiddles.


Actually, I believe the new trend for honest to God Nazis (at least the Gaede klan) is Nordic paganism- no Jews involved, after all.
Makes for a much cleaner philosophy.
That said, there still are certain sects who believe in the “Aryan” Jesus (which is theologically untenable- since Jesus is the heir of King David- who was the uber-Jew).


I’m actually just referencing a post in the Nazi breeding ground post that said:

You liberals have had your day. Ours is coming, and you’d better get out of our way. Lynx and Lamb are only the beginning. Your kids will listen to ours, just as you listened to rap and hiphop.

The day when the Jewish fable of the Holocaust is regarded as inerrant scripture is nearly over. Your doctrines have been exposed as lies by evidence that will gain credibility every day, try as you will to deride it.

The Nordic paganism thing sounds like comedy gold, though. Maybe they’ll decide to return to the Viking nomadic lifestyle and the twins can put out their new single “The Land May Be Colorred, But At Least The Seas Are White.” Just a thought.


Oops. Third paragraph should have been italics too…


We’re here for Marie.


Yeah, just hand her over, and we’ll be on our way.


Just delete them. Nothing any internet nazi ever said every was worth reading or remembering anyway.


Hi, I’m sorry to stay away for so long, because I know I have a lot of fans at this site, a silent majority, and a few very vocal folks who hate me. One in particular would like to bash in my brains and then laugh about it, but we won’t go there.

Once again, my apologies for the long absence. I’ve been busy working on a cover of Cake’s The Distance. I’m working with the band, Nine Inch Snails on the Snail Pace Mix for a compilation CD that will include all Cake songs, covered by various artists.

But I’m not here to plug that effort, and my song may not even make the CD. I’m hear as a Christian who loves Jews and a right-winger who loves liberals. I’m here to openly dissassociate with Neo-Nazis (even though I like some of their music, and their punk rock is a guilty pleasure of mine, some of the best, most passionate music out there). The problem is, the passion is fueled by hatred when it should be fueled by love. And by the way, as if there was any doubt, I denounce the despicable acts of Hitler.

In terms of how I feel about neo-Nazis, my affiliation with the band Cake should speak volumes (no pun intended). The band, and the lead singer, John McCrae are probably the most liberal folks you will ever meet, yet they knew I was a right-winger, and invited me to participate in thier music video for Short Skirt/Long Jacket.

Right-wingers and left wingers should be able to speak freely about their differences and be civil about it. That was the point I was trying to make with the CD Right-wingers Need Love Too. But when you’re dealing with neo-Nazis, you’re dealing with folks who espouse hatred. I am against any group that espouses hatred. When I wrote and recorded C’mon Down to the Palace and Have Some Cake With Me (words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005
it was more than a song about Cake’s 10/12/05 performance at the Crystal Palace where they recorded their forthcoming “live” CD. It is about inviting folks with different views than those of your own to sit down and share good food and good entertainment together. The way to extirpate hate is to show love to the unlovable. That’s hard to do, especially when it comes to neo-Nazis, but I suggest openly disagreeing while showing love at the same time.


No mellow-harshing today, it seems.

I remember during my extended adolescence going to protest at a KKK rally in a small southern Illinois town. It was kind of an unpleasant scene. At one point state troopers had to intervene to prevent me and my loud-mouthed friends from getting our asses kicked by angry, down and out, white-trash kids who really believed that Jews and those slaves of the Jews the Blacks were the reason they didn’t have much of a future to look forward to.

Why am I telling you this? Just, it’s nice to see that simple ridicule can kick the ass of some Nazi jerks. Maybe there’s hope for the USA yet.


Dr. B.L.T. we wanted your musical advice about the Nazi girls songs, I was wondering if you could listen to their samples as tell us what you thing, jsut from a musical perspective.


Dr. B.L.T. we wanted your musical advice about the Nazi girls songs, I was wondering if you could listen to their samples as tell us what you thing, jsut from a musical perspective.


Well, we picked one up- but the dumbass is still down in the old thread.
I gave him an invitation, though I daresay we are incapable of matching his genetically superior intellect and wit.
He is truly Khan, while we are Kirk (wait…).


be sure to check his palm, it may have a copy of the key burned into it.


Pinko, where do I find samples of their songs? Their performance was cancelled at the local county fair at the last minute, so I didn’t get to hear them in my home town. I know I’m suppose to have unlimited access and unlimited resources at my disposal, but even I have been having trouble finding their music.


By the way, I am aware that I could buy the CD off their web page, but I refuse to pay even a penny to promote their perilous propaganda.


Where all de white wimmen at?

The problem that white power “music” shares with contemporary Christian? Nobody boos. No matter how bad you stink (and you do or else you wouldn’t be in such a tiny niche) audiences will ADORE any act so long as the lyrics hew closely to dogma.

And THAT children is why your music has, does and shall ever Su-u-u-u-u-UCK! Suck runny shit. Suck big green donkey dong. Suck the peanuts outta my turds.

If the coloreds is so inferior why are all your honky-pride records so much worse?


I think goatboy nailed in on the head there. No matter how tonedeaf and retarded you are, if you cater to a certain niche market, people will slop up your greasy shit and beg for more.
Oh and just to get this shit out of the way, nazi’s are small dicked, intellectually stunted and severely perverted societal mistakes.


Doc, I’ll try to find some samples.


Just found this place and I’m really enjoying perusing through the Neo-Nazi & white-power postings. It’s been like passing some hideous accident on the highway and not being able to control your urge to stare.

It appears that their claim to racial superiority rests heavily on the gap between white/black IQ scores. Fine. If they say that race decides IQ scores then I say that IQ scores should decide race. It’s only fair. I propose that only people with an IQ of higher than say, 110 should be considered “white” from now on. We could start by testing little Lynx and Lamb Gaede’s parents. While I am sure that their pale skin has led to what I imagine is some combination of The Waltons and the Algonquin Round Table we should test anyway. If on the off chance their IQ score revealed them to be a Coolio in Lawrence Welk’s clothing they would immediately be painted in ‘blackface’, forcibly relocated to South Central and their girls will be renamed Ebony and Shaniquuae. Yes, I have a dream.


Are any of you neo-Nazis out there willing to send me a link to a sample of your music for a critique? How about you Prussian Blue? I do CD reviews on a monthly basis for Phantom Tollbooth.

I am a Caucasian Dutch-Canadian-American. I am proud of my race and proud that I do not hate other races and that I do not hate liberals, even though some of them hate me, and one wants to bash my head repeatedly against the pavement and then laugh about it. Jesus taught us to love even our enemies. Since I am pure white (though you’d never know it by looking at me), I thought you might be open to having me review samples of your songs, or an entire CD. Don’t be afraid, I don’t cuss out anyone in my reviews or humiliate anyone publically. You have only my intellect to fear. If you can handle a review by a white right-winger, then offer a link or let me know how I can get a review copy of one of your CDs for free. I give away tons of my music at
so surely you can afford to give away some of yours. I refuse to pay for one of your CDs because I do not want to sponsor your message of hate. But I promise you, I will be fair and balanced in my review.


Stop with your “someone wants to bash my head in” bullshit, someone said that once…,,
once someone said that I shoukd pull a Mcdonalds happy meal out of my ass, I didnt’t take it literally.



You’ve been whining about liberals hating you for so long that it’s the only reason I’ve grown to hate you. My dislike for your politics is merely incidental to my hatred. You could be a gay, atheist, gun-banning abortionist and I’d still hate you.


For Dr. BLT:

Posted by: GoatBoy | October 22, 2005 05:28 PM

Go read it and know the truth. Niche = sucks. May I suggest some other form of artistic outlet that wouldn’t suffer so from your obviously serving another master.

Beethoven, upon hearing your output, rejoices in his deafness.


Kids, Dr. BLT is going to do us a favor. If he gets any of these tunes, he is going to review them for us, and we should be appreciative.


I affirm that I am exactly as appeciative for Dr. BLT’s potential music reviews as I would be of Bill O’Reilly reviewing novels.


If they say that race decides IQ scores then I say that IQ scores should decide race.

Clayton X, this is brilliant. I wholeheartedly endorse this approach, and I will throw the entire might of the International Jewish Conspiracy — of which I am a charter member, and I have the circumcision to prove it — behind your campaign to make it happen.


Timmah420, I don’t recall asking for a side order of your McAdvice.

Toboggan Maker: I’m glad you’ve found a convenient container for all of your hatred, but sooner or later, you’ll have to face the fact that the hatred you harbor belongs to you.

GoatBoy: You seem to be an expert on my music. Tell me, how many of the tunes you love to hate have you heard? Sounds like zero–smells like groundless griping.

Pinko: I appreciate your appreciation.


How about a side order of “Get a new act, because you’re terminally boring and whiney.”


Totally groundless. You’re a superstar. That’s why your name on a marquee attracts crowds in many popular venues netting you sufficient compensation to make a living.

Spare us your wounded artistic sensibility, hobbyist.


“Spare us…?

Once again, GoatBoy, you are resorting to a hackneyed trick to bolster your claims—speaking for the dubious masses rather than speaking for yourself. Where are all of these people you keep speaking on behalf of?


Yes, Timmah, as a matter of fact, I did order “A side of ‘Get a new act because you’re terminally boring and whiney,’but so far you haven’t delivered it. As a matter of fact, make that supersized.


Unless you can demonstrate to me that regular commenters here ARE very impressed by your association with a half hit wonder band and unless you can show me the regular commenters here who would love the opportunity to hear how your fragile creative spirit is injured then I’ll assume there’s at least one soul among us who agrees with me on these points.

(Dubious masses? Held by uncertain priests, I suppose.)


Wow that was really clever BLT, you turned me right around on myself.

I think the funniest part is how you have to keep playing the victim because nooone here really cares what you say anymore and everyone recognizes your posts by the second sentence and just scrolls by.

I admit your music is good in the ironic sense. The same way Miami Vice, or Bill O’reilly is good or funny. But that shit gets old after awhile, especially when you keep working the same angle over and over. So go out and get laid or something and find something interesting to say. At least start taking a nuttier stance on things, noone likes someone who’s only half an asshole.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste


Laff while you can, Monkey Boy. Heh. Indeedy.


Timmah420, when you say,
“No one really cares what you say anymore and everyone recognizes your goal by the second sentence and then just scrolls by, you are using the same old hackneyed trick that another blogger on this site has been using–the “speaking-for-the-masses-in-hopes-of-bolstering-a-weak-argument approach. Furthermore, your characterization of my music indicates that you have heard only one or two songs at the most. Your last comments says more about you than it does about me.


GoatBoy, you must have just watched that video by Talking Heads called Stop Making Sense, and took the title as a literal command.


Topical and timely! Any B.J. and the Bear references you’d like to toss in while you’re being so bleeding edge current and relevant?


If you want some samples of the girls’ caterwauling, I understand that there are a couple of there songs on the eDonkey filesharing network. Just second hand knowledge, understand (ahem).

My take on the girls’ musical talents: They can play a decent acoustic guitar and do okay with the fiddle, but they can’t sing worth a lick. They sing through their noses in a kinda whiny voice like a pre-adolescent Alanis Morissette, they sing out of tune, they sing out of tune WITH EACH OTHER, agh, my ears, my ears!

So, alas, I never got around to actually evaluating their lyrics. Some things are just too horrifying to consider — and listening through the entirity of one of these girls’ songs is one of those things.

– Badtux the Music Critic Penguin


GoatBoy, are you kidding me? The Talking Heads are timeless. BadTux, thanks for the Prussian Blue reference.


Your last comments says more about you than it does about me.
Really? You’re going to use that tired argument again? Ok, I’ll bite, what does it say about me?
Ok you got me, I sometimes only listen to 3 or 4 shitty songs before I brand someone a shitty artist and don’t listen to them anymore, I guess I should start wholeheartedly embracing songs that make me want to fire a nailgun into my temple.
So go ahead and whine petulantly that someone on the intarweb threatened *gasp* pysical violence on you, and the spelling gestapo are hot on your tail. I just thought it important to draw your attention to the fact that hardly anyone cares about your self pitying bullshit. And if I cared enough I could quote plenty of visitors that have expressed the same sentiment.


Timmah420, First of all, I’m open to constructive criticism. I admit I have much to learn as a recording artist. Having my songs aired nationally aired on hundreds of radio stations on two occasions, and being on MTV and VH-1 hundreds of times on somebody else’s music video doesn’t mean I have arrived as an artist. So, tell me, what specific measures can I adopt to improve those 3 or 4 songs that you apparently have listed to?

Second, I am not speaking in a professional capacity, but as a concerned blogger. I have a feeling it wouldn’t take much for you to fire a nailgun into your temple. I’d advise getting some professional help before taking such drastic measures.

Third, I’ll accept the self-pitying label. I’d rather be a man wallowing in self-pity than a negative, cynical, bitter, hostile man bereft of compassion sitting there with a nailgun to my head.


I’m only negative towards people I see to be full of shit. And for all you write down here on this site, you never really say anything at all. I was fine letting your bullshit go for awhile without calling it, but everyone has their breaking point. Your “I’m civilized because I never use any dark humor or swear and everyone else here is a Savage liberal groupthink shunning monster.” gets more and more annoying every time I see it, so don’t expect me to stop calling you on it. Start participating in the threads instead of trolling around and name dropping every shitty ninties band you ever met once and every brief game of grab ass you’ve played with semi-fame, and you won’t see a bitter, negative person.
(also you seem to have a problem with posting under other peoples names, you might want to take a look at your browser settings.)

prussian blew chunks

So I thought, “well, let’s let the music speak for itself.” So I revved up the p2p engine and searched for “Prussian Blue” and downloaded four tunes. Only made it through one half the first number because it’s nothing more than a couple girls who don’t know how to sing accompanied by a badly-tuned acoustic guitar!

THIS glop is what has got everyone so riled up? Man oh, man, neo-nazis should stick to what they know best: organizing rallies of 20 or so folks and shining boots. And leave the poor guitar out of it.


Timmah420, I’d recommend going back and reading your recent blog entry, looking into it like a mirror, and then asking yourself, “Is this really the person I want to be?”


Who are these honky ass brats? They make me want to do the hook-up Tia and Tamara…


I think what these people want is to live in a white society that has traditional values, (the kind of society that most whites would want to live in, especially if they plan to have children).


I think the girls have every right to sing what they want. Where is the outrage when gansta rappers talk about killing the police, raping women and ?bustin? a cap
in everyone.

In this politically correct society we live in we will not say anything about blacks making these types of comments but when a white person says it they are a racist. Seems like a double standard to me. There is a Miss Black USA, NAACP, Negro College fund, etc ?.. if a white person even says we need something like this for white people then they are called a racist ?.. again, a double standard.

In closing, put down your crack pipe and remove the chip from your shoulder and get over it?..

Mr. KraKKer


Call it OCD or whatever but when I see bad information I have to correct it. Prussian Blue is not a reference to Zyklon B. It is a reference to the choice of uniform color by King Frederick William of Prussia in the early 1700’s and subsequently made famous by his son and heir Frederick The “Great” during the War of Austrian Succession in 1740 and the Seven Years War from 1756-63. The Prussian Blue Uniform was discarded in WWI in favor of their FeldGrau uniform that blended better with the landscape of those bloody battlefields. Hitler revived Frederick The Great as a National hero of the “First Reich,” the irony being that Prussian Blue was associated with an officer class of nobility which was held with disdain by the Nazi Party. So, it is a uniform color.

Karl Kuhn from Berlin

The music from PRUSSIAN BLUE are very, very good! This is a fine, good, white music for white peoples! I love the music from Lamb and Lynx! Lamb and Lynx are very nice, wonderful, pretty white aryan girl! Lamb and Lynx are goods girls !
Heil, Lamb and Lynx!
Heil, the aryan revolution!
Aryan man and aryan woman awake!

Best Whishes

Karl Kuhn


there shit


To all you liberal, hip hop loving, jew-hoax believing, idiots I can only say.

Its my life and ill do what i want. And it won’t be Jews and Blacks.

P.S. Most of you would do well in learning some basic grammar and spelling skills also.


I do believe that you mean “It’s my life”.
You forgot an apostraphy you strange, crazy, hate-filled, nazi person you.


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