Reader Bob just sent us a brilliantly photoshopped DeLay mugshot. Check it out here. (And yeah, the fact that his website is called “Smegmaster” is kinda disturbing, but still…)


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Hello this year’s Halloween Mask/Costume!


All right, girls, now a-one-and-a-two-and “He had it comin’/He had it comin’/He only had himself to blame…” and a-three-and-a-four-and-a spin and a kick and JAZZ HANDS!!!


Seriously, what’s funny about that? It’s what the picture should look like.

The fact that this asshole’s mugshot has no identifying marks (name, location, etc.) and that he’s smiling like an idiot speaks volumes. He’s special you see – above the law.

And I bet he pulls it off, too.


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