Are you prepared for Fitzmastime?


It’s the most…won-der-ful time…of the year!

Well, we sure hope so. And we’re prepared! This spiffy, high-res Fitzmas (or Fitznukkah) card image is downloadable, printable, and e-card sendable! And it has no watermark, so you can reproduce it with super-gleeful sharingness! Print on cardstock for an instant postcard! Send one saying, “BWAHAHA! PWZ3R3D!!!1!!1!!!’ to your dittohead cousin!

Because, the holidays are right around the corner for all of us boys and girls who have been really, really good this year. We’ve been good, haven’t we? Woo, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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Damn…What are the odds? I’ve posted the beginning of a “Twelve days of…” carol at my place. I figure, the way we’re going, we’ll have the whole song before long!


Ho ho ho!

Isn’t that JeffyLube’s line?


please, please, please, please, please, please let be so!!!!!


FYI, I ain’t a bitch or a ho.


So who wants to sing Fitzmas carols?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas,
Everywhere you see!
The wingnuts are all afright, Fitzy will soon indict,
Bringing gifts of joy to you and me!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas,
News on all the blogs!
But the prettiest sight to see will be the “moral” GOP
Do the March of the Frogs!


Hate to play Scrooge but don’t forget the pardon option.


Pardon just means they can’t plead the 5th and could therefore be forced to testify, bringing it all out in the open. And Bush can’t pardon himself.

Plus I’ve been rilly rilly good this year, Fitzy Claus won’t leave coal in my stocking, I just know it!


Guys, you are putting so much emotional weight onto the outcome of the Plame investigation, that you are bound to be extremely disappointed when the indictments, if any, turn out to be limited and reasonable. Cheney and Rove are not going to give up their power so easily.


I love Fitzmas. Here’s my favorite carol:

O Aspen tree,
O Aspen tree,
Your roots are all connected.
O Aspen tree,
O Aspen tree,
But your sources aren’t protected.
How shall we sell the war to them?
Just send some lies to Judy M.
O Aspen tree,
O Aspen tree,
Your roots are all connected.


Are you saying I can’t have a pony? *sniffle*

Seriously, though, reasonable is exactly what I’m hoping for.


Rejoicing is premature. They’ll skate. They always skate. They’re evil and bad and they deserve prison time for so many things, but they’ll still find a way to “spin” out of all this.


I still want a Mistress for Fitzmas, though I’ll take an indictment Libby and Rove (both… well, that would rock, wouldn’t it?).


Pardon just means they can’t plead the 5th

Lord, all this Googling to find out what the amemdments to the American constitution mean again has made me a constitutional scholar on a foreign country’s constitution.

*psst*…Other nations’ constitutions have all the good stuff built right into the original coding. Maybe it’s time to consolidate all the patches and release a new version?

And that is your Mal de mer anti-American rant for the day.


And that was me.


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