Besting, bun bwo bree…

Bait bust bun binute bere…

[‘thoop!’ sound]

There was a big, purple letter ‘B’ in my computer!

“Well, that certainly explains that!”

Indeed it does, Grover. Ho ho. Well. It looks like we’re back to normal here. Ahem.


Our pal Auguste at Malkin(s)watch sent this great logo days ago, but I wasn’t rable ro rut rit rup runtil…

Rodrammit! Row rhat’s rappening?


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Row rhat’s rappening?

Sounds like you got into the Scooby snacks.


Row rhat’s rappening?

Maybe PupH has taken over Gavin’s computer.


Ruh Row.


Roolest Rogo Reva!


Rut Roh!

RupH rou rittle rascal reave ravin ralone!


RAVIN! Rou rrat rastard! RI ran’t rtop ralking rhis ray row!


Rhere RI rixed ry rosted ry! Rhat’s retter.


RAUGUSTE, RI ROVE RIT (I love how love is rove)!!

Sadly Green No Balls- Belgiums Famous Painter-

“Meet James Ensor” They Might Be Giants- a handy tune to sing anything to- that’s what I’m singing “Sadly Green Noballs” too now.


Ruiness Ruy, rhere rare rou?


meh. My keyboard died completely this afternoon and I’m still coping.

Onscreen keyboard. Best. Accessory. Ever.
You’re just lazy, Gavin.


belgiums famous painter?


Sounds to me like you may be suffering from Mushmouth Syndrome. There’s only one known cause. Any chance you may have been drugged and sodomized by Dr. William H. Cosby Jr?


I don’t get the Belgium’s famous painter reference.

On the other hand, Sad Green Noballs can be anagrammed into “Be anal nerds’ logs.” Now I’ll have to check to see what the real site anagrams into.



Belguim’s famous painter is a reference to a song by They Might Be Giants, called “Meet James Ensor”.
“Sadly Green Noballs” scans into the song pretty well.
If there’s more to it than that, I’m less of a dork than I thought I was, and that will cheer me up some, possibly.

In return, could someone explain where “Fitzmas” comes from? I understand the point of it. I’m just wondering who came up with it.


SOmeone at Kos came up with Fitzmas, I think


Thanks, Pinko Punko.
It was suddenly everywhere and I was baffled.


Oh, I am so glad I came here after a long, bad day – now I feel MUCH better. Radly Ro Rocks!


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