Life at Sadly, No! Headquarters

For several years now (since 1997, if you’re keeping score at home) the mean people of Sadly, No! have lived outside of their “natural habitat” (Canada,) first in the US and now in Germany. One of the, uh, pleasures of living abroad is having people make a mockery of your name on a regular basis. Having been blessed baptized with a very long (and very French) name, the entertainment never stops. But our neighbor’s name is, to a German at least, even worse on the comedy mispronunciation potential scale. And so it was recently that we were at the front door accepting two packages, one for us and one for our neighbor:

Delivery Person: “I have a package for Sadly, No! and [pause] unpronounceable.”
Sadly, No!: “Ha ha.”
Husband of neighbor with unpronounceable name who happened to be standing behind us: “I’ll take the second package.”
Sadly, No!: “Oh yeah? Well, the jerk store called and they’re running out of you!” [walks away very quickly.]

It is a glamorous life we lead.

This post is dedicated to the smart crossblade, the official pretend car of Sadly, No!

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