Commupance Police, Arrest This Man…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved mugshot!!!



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Would you buy a used car from this man?


Forget that- would you even lend him your lighter?


Jeebus… He’s going to use that for a campaign photo, I’m sure of it!


Worst. Olan Mills. Session. Ever.


You know, if anyone’s ever read the comic “Transmetropolitan” he looks a lot of what I think a real life version of President Gary Callahan…”The Smiler”….would look like.


I wonder how much negotiation went into getting the police to take a mug shot at Glamour Shots.


How can you convict someone with a face like that? I’n’t ‘ee cute? Yes ‘ee is! ‘Ee’s a big evil congressman, i’n’t ‘ee? Who’s a big, cute criminal? You are! Coochie coo!


“I’m so happy to be here my upper lip is literally stuck to my teeth with joy.”


That isn’t a mugshot

No lines behind him? No holding of a number? Look at his shoulders? How could those shoulders be attached to arms that are holding a number, even if he is holding it at his navel.

And most importantly, if anyone has had a mugshot taken, they tell you “DO NOT SMILE” — even if you are The Hammer.

This is not a mugshot, even if they want to peddle it as such.


Wow, those are some great teeth we paid for.

I sure hope I look that good should I ever be arrested for criminal conspiracy and money laundering.


Tom’s own attorney Dick D. recommended he should take the government’s offer of a plea bargain for a misdemeanor offense.

Now its hog-ropin’ time!

1st degree felony, beeatch.


hurry up and put this on a mug!!

Collect all 22


Is that button he’s wearing the dreaded crescent memorial that Malkin has warned us about?


“Now I want you to bring your fist up under your chin, and imagine that you are in the ocean, surrounded by a thousand tiny seahorses.”


If this were an al-Qaeda bust he’d be called the #2 man in America!


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