Favorite Headline of the Decade Nomination

This one is right up there with “Red Sox Win World Series”:

“Arrest Warrant Issued For Lawmaker DeLay.”

Just keep repeating it to yourself. Damn, that’s good stuff.

I can’t wait ’til The Smoking Gun posts his mugshots.


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“Arrest Warrant Issued For Lawmaker DeLay.”

That’s the sexiest thing I’ve heard all day.


“Nixon Resigns”


Oh man. How cool is that headline? I would like to think that even in a non-partisan Schadenfreude sense, that is a glorious headline. But it’s probably just partisanship making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Partisanship and hatred for America.


I wanna option this property, and believe me, I’ll pay top dollar!


Well Mr. Delay, it looks like We the people are the government afterall.


nice : )


How about:

“Fugitive Congressman Goes Down in Hail of Bullets”?


“Bush Impeached by Unanimous House, Senate Votes. Remanded to the Hague for War Crimes Trial.”

Well, I can dream, can’t I?


“Former Speaker of House Arrested, Soils Himself on National Television”


Fugitive Congressman Goes Down in Hail of Bullets

HOUSTON — Fugitive Congressman Thomas Dale DeLay, wanted for money laundering charges, was shot and killed by police in an abandoned apartment building after a day-long chase, state police said. DeLay, 58, fled the scene when Houston patrolmen attemp…


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