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WorldNetDaily’s got some exciting new products for sale! Hooray! Let’s check ’em out, starting with Conquest of Atzland, a documentary about how brown people are secretly trying to steal your land:


Conquest of Aztlan
By Glenn Spencer

Could Mexico retake the southwestern United States?

Hm. Let’s think about this.

Mexico spends roughly $6 billion per year on its military; the United States spends roughly $370 billion per year. The U.S. has 1.4 million active troops, while Mexico has about 190,000. The U.S. has a stockpile of more than 10,000 nuclear warheads; Mexico has a stockpile of, uhm, none.

So in response to your question “Could Mexico retake the southwestern United States?”, I’d have to say the answer is “Sadly, No!” Or as Yankees broadcasting legend John Sterling might say, “SADLY, NO! SUUUUUUUUUUH-ADLY, NOOOOO!!!”

Not only are the Mexicans capable, but an invasion is underway, insists immigration expert Glenn Spencer.

But little does Glenn suspect that those sneaky Mexicans have been insidiously using popular television characters to transmit subliminal messages to each other for years:

“Arriba, arriba! This is payback for Churubusco, bitches!”

“Yo quiero Taco Bell! But more importantly, I want to see streets filled with the blood de los Yanquis!”

In this well-documented video, Spencer unveils the aims of a radical movement that identifies itself as “America’s Palestinians.” Their ultimate goal is to reclaim the American Southwest, including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. Hispanic activists refer to the former Mexican territory as Aztlan, the mythical place of origin of the Aztec people.

“They’re tearing down our churches and building monuments to Huitzlopchtli! Oh, the humanity!”

But is this merely the irrational scheme of a fringe group?

Sure sounds like it. But you never know with those zany brown folk- they just might be wacky enough to pull it off!

Using original footage, Spencer shows how the pronouncements of Mexican officials and their policies support a “reconquest” of the Southwest. Perhaps even more importantly, Spencer contends, U.S. immigration policies and lax enforcement are paving the way for this invasion.

But isn’t the invasion already underway?

Spencer is president of California-based Voice of Citizens Together and host of the popular talk show “American Patrol.”

Here’s the American Patrol website. As you can tell from this page, they really, really don’t like Mexicans.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my review of Jerome Corsi’s latest book, called Black Gold Stranglehold.


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To take over Cali, maybe they should instead build a temple to Huitlacoche.


“When the swarthy ones come, will you be ready America?”

Don’t they have special facilities for these guys?


I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but i’d be happy to give them back Texas.


In the same vein, those crafty British have been waiting for this very moment to get revenge for the American Revolution. The Union Jack is coming back!

Then again, I would not shed a tear if the Mexicans would take over Crawford County and Sugarland, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Orange County, CA; and wherever the hell Michael Savage Weiner lives in San Francisco.

If by any chance, could the Mexicans include Utah in their glorious conquest? Thanks.

(To the Feds: the above was not meant in any way to incite harm against the President, his administration, or his mouthpieces; it is merely sanctioned joking and these actions can not and will not be carried out, as any 1st-grader can tell you. By the way, where’s Osama?)


I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but i’d be happy to give them back Texas.

Heh indeedy. That’s the kind of appeasement we can all live with!


Maybe, with a little bargaining, we can get them to change their goal sightly, into conquering the American southeast. There’s some states there we don’t really need.


Forget the Alamo!


I wouldn’t object to the Mexicans taking Utah and certain parts of Texas and Arizona…


The real problem?

his daughter sleeping with the swarthy folk.

Could you love your nappy headed grandchile, my wingnut??


oh you BASTARDS! i had a post completely done that perused the WND sale items, blogger ate it, then you do THIS. if i didn’t love you so much i’d be flinging my abuelita’s homemade tortillas at you.


A John Sterling reference? My Red Sok-loyal heart reluctantly cheers.


They call themselves “America’s Palestinians“?? Are they nuts? There are a helleva lot better names to invoke than the Palestinians. Like America’s Freedom Fighters, or America’s Revolutionists, or hell even America’s Palestinian-Haters would be better. These guys are clueless. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that some conservative freak just invented this group, because they hate Mexicans as much as they hate Palestinians.

Even if this group is real, I can’t see why we’d need to worry about such PR-unsavvy people.


I think Mr. Spencer has been rereading Warday by Whitley Streiber and James Kunetka, wherein Mexico seizes a large portion of the American southwest after a limited nuclear war and calls it Aztlan.


Jeebus. My 81-year-old father has been overcome by the Threat of the Brown Menace, so I’ve heard this stuff already. See, the crafty Meskins don’t need to send troops. They just move in and out-breed the Good White Folks and then in a generation or two, the whole place just magically turns Meskin. And they’ve already *got* south Florida! Well, them and the Cubans, but they’re just as bad.

I have to listen to this stuff every time I go home. Can I get a little sympathy here?


So Jackd, you mean we’re being out-SCREWED by the Mexicans?! damnit! Let me grab my wife, we got some freedom fighin’ to do!


I can endorse Meri’s suggestion, to the point that I’ll most happily move to bluer ground from here in Sweet Home Alabamer*.

*not-so-sweet; the r at the end is not a typo



I’m not sure I understand the issue here.

Mexicans are generally pro-family, religious (albeit Catholic) and hard working.

Oh wait….their skin is brown.

Never mind.


RE: the American Patrol site’s bit on Myrick complainin’ ’bout eelleeeegals in South Carolina: I somehow doubt that if you hoovered all the Mexicans out in one fell swoop that their state literacy, infant mortality, and murder rates would suddenly improve.


How do we dump Texas on them while keeping Austin? Its already like living in Cold War Berlin.


I think we may have to promise to let them have Austin as well. otherwise why take Texas back to begin with??


Edward James Olmos! El Jefe de la Reconquesta!

“White guys don’t do math! White guys fry chicken!”


Jimbo: They also talk funny. If American was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for them. (Who was the lawmaker who really did say that English was good enough for Jesus a few years back?) Anyway.

In this well-documented video

Do they realize they’re saying that the video has been described a lot?


Great Archie Bunker Type Quote From Somewhere Dept.:”Additionally, illegals are no longer picking fruit or doing farm labor. They displace and depress wages for America’s Middle Class in construction, painting, dry wall, landscape, fast food, janitorial, roofing, trucking and more.”


When they start displacing CEOs the rest of the GOP will start to worry. Until then, there’s beds to be made and gardens to be weeded.


Mexico: Please take Florida while you’re at it. Also – Kansas, Mississippi, and South Carolina.


They’re brown and they’re Catholic. Many fundie wingnuts don’t consider Catholics Christian, ’cause they worship the pope, don’t you know.


Let’s face it: 370 billion in defence budget will help zilch (or shall I say nada) if the government will keep making a joke out of labor law. If we send enough inspectors and impose stiff penalties for labor code violations (including having undocumented workers), illegal immigrantion would decrease to a trickle.

And then, perish the thought, one would need to increase wages! Inflationary, can’t be done.


You people are kidding yoUrseLves! They’ve alredy retaKen the southwest. Their in are towns tAking all the jobs. They get the Same benifits but pay no taxes. Its gonna takE those minutmen in Texas and Arizona to keepum ouT.

If you all went to churtch, you’d know this. WAKE Up!



I’m not sure I understand the issue here.

Mexicans are generally pro-family, religious (albeit Catholic) and hard working.

Oh wait….their skin is brown.

Never mind.”

See, I agree with you. It’s not like non-mexicans have some inherent right to be the majority. And let’s face it, there is no “our jobs”. If I loose out on a job I really don’t give a shit whether it was a white guy or a mexican or an eskimo who ended up getting the job.

And face it, we’ve completely failed to do much of anything good with Texas. It’s time to let someone else take a crack at it.


Well, I can actually understand being angry about losing a job to an illegal alien, but to be angry at the employee rather than the boss who hired them is ludicrous. It’s the employer who reaps the benefits of cheating the system, by not paying social security or healthcare costs, and by being de facto exempt from worker safety and rights laws. These people are the heart of the GOP, purposely undermining the system while puling about patriotism. These cheaters are usually the ones who moan the loudest about welfare, too – “why don’t ‘those people’ get jobs? No, we’re not hiring…”


Let’s see…so millions of Mexicans risk their lives to get into the US — so they can then take it over and make it part of Mexico, the country they risked their lives to leave?

Will they then risk their lives again to cross from Aztlan into remaining US territory?

We’re entering a ‘Red Dawn’ level of insightful geopolitical analysis.


WorldNutDaily is selling stuff. Nobody’s going to buy the stuff unless WorldNutDaily cows them into buying it by making them afraid.


Well, I can actually understand being angry about losing a job to an illegal alien, but to be angry at the employee rather than the boss who hired them is ludicrous.

It’s the Jerry Springer theory of misplaced agression*

*When confronted with a spouse who is cheating on them and the person they’re cheating with, 90% of the time a guest will attempt to assault the person their spouse is cheating with first.


The American National Anthem

Oh Jose cant you see, we’re tired of supporting thee.

When you snuck acrossed the border, it began an illegal plight.

Over broad stripes and bright stars, We’ll continue to Fight.

Mexican Flags we did watch, that were so sadly streaming.

Our tempers did flare, with Mexican’s everywhere.

Gave proof to the nite, we must send them back there.

O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave.

For the land of the U. S. Citizen and the home of the American’s.

written and produced by U.S. Citizens
Made In America


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