Someone Please Give Bruce Bartlett A Job

Because no one should be fired for pointing out Dubya’s fucktardation. (Via Yglesias.)


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I grant you that pointing out that Bush is a fuckwit is a noble cause. But honestly, he’s going about it the wrong way.
If anything, Dubya is carrying the Reagan legacy to its ultimate useless conclusion.

* Bigger deficits!
* More dead poor people!
* New and improved ways to fuck up wars against overwhelmingly outmatched opponents!
* Deregulation, Now With 73% More Kneejerk!
* Killer trees? Healthy Forests Initiative!
* Still pandering to the religious right after all these years!
* Facts ARE stupid things! And so’s science!
* More cronyism! With many of the same cronies!
* Corruption, corruption, corruption!

Ol’ Ron would be proud.


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