Sadly, Reader Logos!

Per Gavin’s request, here are some of our readers’ entries in the “Help Us Design a Feckin’ Logo!” contest:

(By teh l4m3.)

(By tigrismus.)

Thanks, and keep ’em comin’!

UPDATE: And here’s BruceH:


Here’s one from a guy named Keith (I really like this one, btw):


Weeeee! This is fun!

(Also by tigrismus.)

UPDATE 2: This one’s by someone named amberglow- I think it’s pretty darn classssssy!


Reader Vincent sends us… a kitten logo! Yay!



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Will Smith > Unhappy Smiley


Keep your big willie style… I like the unhappy face one.


1 vote for the “NO” w/ the frowning-face thingy.


Ok, ok… dammit, here’s mine.

And no, this was not* shamelessly stolen from Think Progress.



Bruce H gets my vote, so far, for completed logos.

Wouldn’t you have to pay royalties on the frownie emoticon to


Sigh, fine. I have to admit: The artist-formerly-known-as-Fresh-Prince one isn’t as good as tigrismus’s — a better pick might be my artist-formerly-known-as-Prince’s-protegee banner…Browse at your leisure!


How about Cafe du Chauve-Souris du Luna du Cobaggement?



Here’s one that’s an original*.

*for very low values of original.


Here’s mine. It’s not Marie’s pants on fire, but if you want it, it’s yours.


Any reason why the thumbs down is palm out?

Just an aesthetic quibble. People are used to seeing their own thumb down so they see the back of their own hand. Those fingers are…I dunno…awkward looking.

And I am compelled to ask again, are you guys going to start selling vibrating marital enhancers at target or open a fish taco franchise or something? Why a logo?

/peanut gallery


Realist, your boudoir is not, by any chance…padded, is it?


I just e-mailed mine to Brad. I was too shy to just post it.

It’s really really stupid. I wish I could take it back now. Brad’s just going to laugh at it and make fun of me.

I’m so embarrassed.


I like the kitty one – but maybe with one of the hideo-cats instead? Or is cutesie the bait to lure ’em in?


I like the thumbs-down.


I’m with chimera – there should be kittens of doom in the logo…after all, you guys are the ones that totally immortalized the kombat kitties.


…although I do have a certain fondness for “little sad noballs”.


I like Amberglow. Simple but 2 the point


If you try to make that thumbs-down gesture yourself, you’ll find you have to practically twist your own arm off to do it.


Good catch, Anon.


So, I stole everyone else’s ideas and work … link


I vote for Will Smith, especially if you have the mp3 file attached of him saying it. An audio logo mojo thingie.


Hey at least plug my website when I send you kitty logos! Jeeez.


oh, oh, oh… HAS to be tigrismus’ baby kitty one!



is “baby kitty” redundant?


I know someone with a cute laughing kitten photo:


“Baby kitty” is redundant, but it’s also cute.


I did an evil one, too. I really need to get out more.


I like the font on the Thumbs Down one. The kerning in very well done.

Yes to evil kitties!


Oooh, yeah, I like tigrismus mod ok the kitty logo. I think I like the first better, but mostly because it’s clearer.


I [heart] ‘little sad noballs’.


Well, there’s this, or possibly this?


You must do the Tigrismus evil cat scream elegant one. It rocks. I am delurking just to say this so you should really listen to it.



I like this blog so I too tried to make a logo


Woops, messed my URL tag…



Whelp, here’s mine…even managed to fit in a kitty-cat…kinda!



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