I’ve Found Marie Another Potential Columnist!

So we were talking about bond annuities in my accounting class today when one of my classmates actually raised his hand and asked, “If interest payments are made semiannually, should we assume they’re made twice a year?”

The next time I see him, I’m gonna tell him to e-mail Marie to see if she’ll give him a job at PeoplePolitical. I just can’t let talent like that go to waste.


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I’m just crushed that Marie no longer sells thongs.

Guess that’s what I get for procrastinating.


He sounds like half of my HS Economics class (:shudder:).
I had ones that bashed OSHA and Income taxes, but who defended their parents’ votes for Tom Harkin in each of his senetorial elections from the last 20 years, because he fights for high farm subsidies. Dee dee DEE!
Also: “Support My President’s Choice, Even Though It Was Not Yours”? What the fuck?! She’s not even trying to say that they aren’t Bush toadies (which is kind of refreshing, actually).


you pulled that one out of your semi-colon.


Fraid not :sigh:


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