I’ve been having a supercrashy-browser thing, and’ve let lots of comments and emails go unresponded until I’m just a quivering heap of a pre-hominid, really. Jexter, you 3Bulls guys… I’m typing with oven mitts here.

Rowan; GuinnessGuy. Brad (if he can) will post the Dastardly Logos soon, and as soon as I reinstall this rackin’-frackin shickin’-frack software, I’ll…


[sucked to Pluto by a software error.]

Wait; because it’s…



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Help is on the way!


I agree with the people who liked the Sadnogon image, but I am unable to determine whether this is merely an altered version of Amanda’s Pandagon one, because whenever I go to her page I just see a big blank strip across the top where the image ought to be. Is this just me??


It’s the drugs, RB>


God damn it’s early.

Need to tuck into some Suzy Q’s before I hit the sack.


No, you see, Brad actually stole Amanda’s, then altered it to suit our needs. Amanda no longer has a logo, bwahahahaha!


Relax, the White Sox are in the world series, so everything’s going to be OK. Except that the site is still that awful black-on-white motif.


Gavin–don’t shatter my faith in you here–you are not using IE are you? Please please please say you’re using Firefox or the now always-free-with-no-ads Opera. Or anything, really-just not IE.


Unlax, brother. If any of my comments helped contribute to your current hyper-whiggy state, you really must remember to concider the source.


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