Leave It to Les…

Thanks to reader John T. for pointing us to this classy performance by WorldNetDaily White House correspondent Les Kinsolving:

Q: Presuming that the President is grateful that Oprah Winfrey is giving $100,000 rewards for assisting in the capture of child molesters, could you tell us whether the White House has seen any evidence of support for Oprah’s action from the nation’s many homosexual organizations, or has there been silence or opposition?

MR. McCLELLAN: All right, next question. I’m not going to dignify that.

Les Kinsolving: asking the questions that other reporters are too dignified to think of.


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Sweet Jesus-
Even Scotty-boy’s like “What the fuck, man? Are you fucking insane!?”.
Now that is the WND spirit- he puts effort into being batshit, unlike that pussy Jerome Corsi. He just BSes his way through stuff.


My goodness. I never thought that I would be appreciative to see Scotty dodge a question.


“Could you tell us what the President thinks about the silence of climatologists on the subject of whether Catholic priests should be allowed to eat Spam on Fridays?”

Honest to God, WTF?


I love actually watching him on C-SPAN, where the few people who lack the forethought to avoid sitting near Les vacillate between snickering at his question and wincing painfully at the odor of dried old-man-pee he gives off.


I saw that shit on C-Span while I was at the gym. A few minutes after the comment, Scotty went back to being all buddy-buddy with ol’ Les.


For once, we’ve got to give the Mouthpiece a little credit. He didn’t just avoid that question, he smacked it down like the flying turd it was.

Good going, Scotty. I wish I thought it meant something.


“HI Scotty, Les here, I seem to remember an awesome thread on Sadly, No! about my douche self? Do you think Brad R.’s denial of that thread suggests he is an abortion mongering homo, or just that he hates the president. Also, is the President free for Risk tonight? I’ve drawn Iraq onto the board, I know he is embarrassed about railing against Irkutsk in his last speech to the UN.”


“Morning Scott. According to the Internets, several radical far-left liberal hate sites nickname you “The Sucka MC.” Can you please prove that nickname by getting down on your knees and giving me a hummer? And I don’t mean the SUV.”


“Scott, does the President have any comment concerning what the queers are doing to the soil? And on a related note, will he buy me a burrow owl?”


Please. The nation’s homosexual organizations is a topic Scotty ought to know plenty about. He gets to the bottom of most of them, if you know what I mean. That made him perfectly capable of answering that question.


Jillian…you owe me a new keyboard.




The good ol’ Dead Milkmen, and “Stuart”.

“I like you, Stuart. You’re not like the other people here in the trailer park…”


Ah yes the Bitchin’ Camaro boys…

You’ll dance to anything…


“Hey, Scott–thanks for taking my question. Is it true that next week, the White House staff will sculpt a 900-ft tall statue of the Preznit carved entirely out of the creamy, creamy poo of his most loyal followers using only their erect wieners? And that that’s the real reason that Medicare is going to start covering Viagra? And that upstanding citizens can contribute some of the basic material for the sculpture? On a related note, I’d like to mention that I just made my sculptural contribution in my pants while I was asking you these questions.”


Scott: “Les, you know full well the president only supports the appealing humor of scatology in private, not public. Remember his remonstrances of Ms. Harriet”


Why certainly, Les. In fact last evening at the Anvil, I noticed someone has written “I heart Oprah” on the stall wall.


Jillian, you have to submit the burrowing owl thing here.
That just rocked.


Some people have no shame

From the transcript of White House spokesman Scott McClellan’s October 13 press briefing: QUESTION: Presuming that the President is grateful that Oprah Winfrey is giving $100,000 rewards for assisting in the capture of child molesters, could you …


Q: Presuming that the President ate the nine trays of pimento loaf that I left out for the leprechaun family that lives under the tarp covering my 1977 El Camino, why doesn’t he address the ongoing concerns of the nation regarding that fat bitch at the Starbucks that keeps refusing to dip her pert nipples in my low-fat mocha AS I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED?

MR. McCLELLAN: (crickets)


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