Where can we get a copy of the Wingnut Joke Book?

It is full of ripping good yarns!

Joseph Farrah, Oct. 12, 2005:

Bush has encouraged the Republican Congress to spend like drunken sailors. Actually, that is an insult to drunken sailors, who only spend their own money ? not their grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s money.

Some fellow, August 3, 2005:

That characterization is an insult to drunken sailors everywyere. Drunken sailors stop spending when we run out of money.

Judson Cox, October 6, 2004:

I would say he has spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor, but that would be an insult to drunken sailors, who at least spend their own money.

Nick Gillepsie, April 2004:

TO SAY THAT President George W. Bush has been spending money like a drunken sailor is an insult to drunken sailors. After all, when land-starved seamen go on their binges, they spend only their own money, not yours and mine.

Well, it’s good enough for any wingnut when they’re just stealing The Dime President‘s material.


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I have nearly a hundred dollars’ worth of dimes in jars. I’m keeping them safe from Grover Norquist. If Reagan ever ends up on the new ones, I’ll keep using mine. And if Norquist dies first, I’m going to brighten the day of some poor bank teller.


As far as I know W was in the Navy for about 6 hours, mission accomplished.

was he drunk?


I get the same thing. I was using “Bush is like a drippy, festering cobag” and then some troll totally called me on it. He said “Averell Harriman, 1941”. It’s true, look it up.


Land’s sakes! Did Nick Gillespie just say he’s starved for semen?

Oh. Never mind.


My grandfather was a drunken sailor, and he was always hitting me up for money.

It’s also an appropriate expression because Bush is intent on making us his pegboys.


This is genius.


It may seem as if they all stole the same lame assed joke, but in reality they all just accessed the central brain they have at the same time. Ever wonder why all the right wing pundits say essentially the same thing? It all goes back to the bionic brain buried in mexico under the ET cartridges for the Atari that never sold.


Pinko, how is the (doubtless loathsome) Averell Harriman in 1941 related to your desription of Bush as being “like a drippy, festering cobag”? My search engine can’t quite make the connection.


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