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All bets are off now!

Exclusive: Joseph Farah expresses great regret over voting for Bush

Fool me once, shame on, shame on…


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Jeepers H. Christmas Tree, please tell me there are not four separate links to hawk his freaking book in that post.


The fourth plug is a picture. The other plugs are for more scribblings from his mustache.


Is THAT where Blue Gal got her idea for prepping for the rapture? I owe you guys BIG TIME.


Bush Insufficiently Batshit


Peroutka ’08, baby!
My question is: Does Farah’s moustache get it’s own vote, being as it is a sentient being in it’s own right (it has equal brain power to it’s owner, anyway). Or does it get 3/5 of a vote?
Legal and Constitutional Scholers, anyone?


Technically the mustache has the vote, as it’s the one actually running the show.



I didn’t complain when he went to war for profit, I didn’t care when he lied and cheated and stole, I didn’t protest when he defied the Constitution, but dammit I will not stand for him not forcing my religious beliefs on all Americans.


Technically the mustache has the vote, as it’s the one actually running the show.

I see… that makes perfect sense.


I’m actually having nightmares about the *next* election. They revolve around the Democratic party heading their ticket up with Hillary Clinton.

In my nightmares, the Republican party realizes that she is unpopular enough with a small but vocal segment of America that the Republicans could run the rotting corpse of Richard Nixon against her and win.

They then proceed to run the most fanatically reactionary member of their party against her – say, Rick “man on dog” Santorum.

The nightmare usually ends with President Santorum signing legislation banning condoms as “agents of sperm genocide” and I wake up curled in a fetal position at the foot of my bed, crying.

I think I need a hobby. Perhaps drinking more, so I don’t think about these things so much. Just how bad *is* that Steel Reserve?


I’m am so fucking tired of all these people suddenly waking up and realizing what a piss-poor president Bush has been FOR SIX FUCKING YEARS, just because he nominates a justice that isn’t to the right of Ivan the terrible or whatever pet reason they have for why Bush pissed them off.
People like Farah can take their apologies and shove them so far up their self-righteous asses that they shit out platitudes until the 2008 election, when they’ll undoubtedly fuck up again when it’s go time.
/impotent anger


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