Shorter Jesse Lee Peterson

Truth: Solution to black America’s moral poverty:

Jesse Jackson, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and the NAACP are the devil. Also Bill Clinton.


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Brought to you by Weapons of Negro Destruction DOT com.


Uncle Tom is a pejorative term for a black person who is perceived by other blacks to be obsequiously servile to white authority, eager to win the approval of white people, or who rubber stamps white supremacist notions about the inherent superority of whites and its corollary, the inherent inferiority of blacks. “Uncle Toms” are perceived to take the side of whites when there is an injustice against blacks.


Of course, most blacks can’t debate the merits of black conservatives like Peterson or Elder, so when the going gets tough these same blacks scream “racist” or “Uncle Tom” or “white supremacist” or whatever. Seriously, what is untrue about the fact that most blacks hate whites? I have encountered that many, MANY times from blacks, when I was doing nothing but minding my own business. What is untrue about saying that there is a huge problem with out of wedlock birth rates in the black community? Read your statistics. Besides, isn’t that “racist” to assert that because of one’s race they’re supposed to only have a certain set of views?


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