The prestige of what now?

The Wall Street Journal writes:

Karen Hughes is back from her first trip to the Middle East as Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy, […] But there is also an opportunity, which Ms. Hughes exploited, to use the prestige of her office[.]

The prestige of the office of Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy? Is that like Yosef trying to use the prestige of being the hottest new conservative writer on the web to get a date with Sheri Valera, or, failing that, Ben Shapiro?


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“Heh, heh, see here Karen. I got this job. It’s really my it’s a good one. You get to go to Moslimist countries and bask in the good will and love my foreign policy brings us. Everyone loves Amuricuns, and Texicans expecially! What’d ya say? Huh? Huh?”


I assume Ben has a strict no-dating policy, so as to remove any temptation to lose his status as a professional virgin.
Sorry, Yosef.


If Bush can have a man-date, why can’t Ben?


The prestige of going around the world and talking to people like we know best and having them hate us worse than ever before.

Well done, Karen. There’s something to hang your c-cup on.


?You were given an opportunity to interview the leader of the free world and you blew it? [‘MC, a White House press officer whom I’ve decided not to identify’]
Ireland : I Wanted To Slap Him


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