Time for a little friendly fire!

Over at Tapped, Garance Franke-Ruta (Franke-Ruta, soon to be the new fragrance for men from Calvin Klein) writes:

This morning the conservative site NewsMax “reported” that activist rock star Bono would be hosting an exclusive $1,000-per-head fundraiser for Senator Rick Santorum.

The NewsMax story linked to states:

At a concert of the legendary rock group U2, Senator Rick Santorum will hold a fund-raising event for one night only.

The thousand-dollar-a-seat fund-raiser has been put together by Sean and Ana Wolfington, and it will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in support of Santorum’s reelection.

That NewsMax story is, granted, written to give the impression Bono is personally involved. But if you’re going to “quote” something, shouldn’t you be trying to quote it just a little bit accurately? Instead of, say, having to rely on K-Lo to fact check your ass, as does Garance? [Added: We let tigrismus fact check our ass!]

Irony free moment, from K-Lo:

That Newsmax item was misleading.

That one only, K-Lo?


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Quotes from another blog lead me to wonder if the NewsMax item were altered ex post facto.


Surely There Is An Explanation…

…..for this… in some alternate universe. I can undestand that they may both be religious people but that does not have to lead to supporting one of the stalwarts of the american taliban. Via Balko. Update: Via Santorum Exposed via Sadly No Via Ball…


Fortunately for U2 fans across America, NewsMax is always full of shit

NewsMax: Bono to host concert in support of PA Senator Rick Santorum:

At a concert of the legendary rock group U2, Senator Rick Santorum will hold a fund-raising event for one night only.

The thousand-dollar-a-seat fund-raiser has been put togeth…


Newsmax, like 500 tinfoil Les Nessmans rocking that newsroom.


Looks like newsers totally changed their blah blah


Wow, I haven’t been to newsmax since Marie sent me to it to look at one of the stilted, useless articles she likes so much.
Christ if there were any more advertising, they’d be giving shout-outs to various products in the stories.


Read the stuff on this Bono NewsMax stuff (both sides!) and see if you don’t come away with the impression that the left (who will accept Dan Rather and his shenanigans, but will not accept an article basically factual) is just amazed that one of their own can have truck with the other side. But that is what real thought is all about! But not for what passes as political thought on the left nowadays.
The American Taliban! Hah! What button does that click inside of you that gives you a warm sense of superiority (I guess that is your replacement for the fundamentalists religious tagging—but I thought you were “superiorâ€? to them?—obviously not) (and never mind the lack of real thoughtful argument—that’s where you feel challenged, you can’t hold up in a real debate, so you come up with these sophomoric silly tags). Perform the Turing Test on some of these left-wing clones (the left used to be intellectual) and they will fare worse than so-called “thinking” machines.
Bono is a great man, as is George Bush. What do they have in common besides the obvious “religious” connection? They both are willing to listen to both sides (which is why Bush is not really THAT popular with the right; the most liberal president we have ever had–why doesn’t he veto anything? The left doesn’t know that, but, humorously, the right doesn’t either. But the left, in general–though I consider myself on the left– is spoon fed mush by the Moores and the Frankens, and don’t listen to the voices of reason, like Hitchens and Bono).
You’ve replaced the Reagan Right as the leaders of the Self-righteous Fools!


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