As you know…

…we’ve been trying to escape this bluey-white hell and get back to the starlessly black background for which we’re so widely known and celebrated, among several people.

And of course this is a good time for a new logo as well. We’re all throwing ideas at each other like they were confetti or bricks or something.


See, this one’s a proven results-getter in the political blog arena. I’m really feeling positive about this one.


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Nice choice. It’s very original.


sadnog? what the hell?


yeah, but then people will just call it “sebnogon”


Have you considered declaring yourselves the Sadly, No! Screedblog? Or Daily No? How about God Hates Sadly, No!

Whatever you do, please leave me the option of black-on-white. Seriously. You have no idea how hard white-on-black is on my migraines. I don’t mind barfing when I visit here, but I prefer it to be over the recipes and the freakcats and the LGF quotes.
I’m prepared to grovel or offer bribes or kiss Jonah Goldberg in front of everybody at lunchtime in the cafeteria or anything you like, so long as you leave me the option of dark type on a light page.


If you give him tongue I will give you my tater tots.


D. Sidhe: You would benefit greatly from using Firefox and custom user-side style sheets. Then you could use white on black for ALL your websites, and stop barfing.


I don’t know whether to be flattered or throw up.


Why can’t you do both?


Tater tots? The extra crispy kind?? hummmm…..


Thank you so much, aaron.
I do use Firefox, and have it set to custom font and font size, but the “colors” thing went right by me. A minute with the help menu, thirty seconds in the tools menu, and I have now bent Sadly, No! to my will! And no kissing of Jonah Goldberg was required!


aaron, we could have had soemthign there, and you had to ruin it. what am I gonna do with all these tater tots?


Speaking of which, did you hear about the potato who cut himself up into little cylindars and deep-fried himself? He was self-tot!
Feel free to use that one at work.


TG: my coworkers hate you now!!! LOL!!!


Now *I* have to throw up.


Is it wrong that the website I was reading immediately prior to reading this post was Pandagon?

Your panda-animal-think looks kinda evil. Pandagon’s just looks drunk.


OK, I haven’t piped up before, but I’ll say it now: I rather like the new scheme. That said, I think the design would benefit a lot from getting rid of the lighter blues and stinking to just the navy (or midnight, whatever it is) and white. Also, thanks for getting the sidebar up on the top right where I can see it — at last! Finally, that logo sucks ass. I hope you’re not serious…

Try this one on for size. (the reason for my suggestion is that we usually lower ourselves with graphics instead of sticking to text — these aren’t the Delphi FOX News Forums, biotches)

Modern Major-General

How about putting a monkey in your logo? It’s a well established scientific fact that people like monkeys. Especially monkeys wearing human clothing.


Amanda: feel free to toss your cookies at the proposed abomination.


You are SO hearing from my attorney for that.



I impatiently await the logos for “Word O’No,” “Sadly Furry Puppy No Time,” “??S,N!Bogg??” usw.


Hello everybody!

We will (or will try) to do both. The blue-ish theme is here to stay — to be complemented by an optional, more traditional version.

The logo is almost done too. I believe nipples (men’s) will be involved.


I prefer Three Nos! myself, and it is actually more accurate that its other use on interwebs, and you can keep the exclamation point.


“Sim-Sim likes to boogie.”


I’m still waiting for “DC Sadly No Girl”, “Bats Left, Throws No”, “Talking Sadly No” and the “Sadly Know Underground”

Am also still waiting for those tater tots! mmmm, tater tots….


The logo is almost done too. I believe nipples (men’s) will be involved.



I thought it was an ad for

sad no con


Huh. At first glance, I thought this was some sort of homage to the De La Soul classic, “Say No Go.”


Tater tots are only for frenching Jonah G. Who I am now called Jage a la Kage (K.G.) from that one Jack Black thing. You know, the band.


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