Shorter Wall Street Journal Editorial

The Flanigan Sideswipe

Democrats are forcing President Bush to nominate incompetent cronies.


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That’s so lame I’m surprised they didn’t take a swipe at Bill Clinton for good measure.


They got Louis Freeh, douchebag extraordinaire doing that this week.


Pathetic. What a wormy, weaselly little cop-out.


Off topic, but have you seen the results of Marie Jon’s latest poll? It’s “Do you agree with Michael Moore, there’s no terrorist threat”, and 61 percent say yes! It seems that most of her readers were sent there by your site.


Tee hee- I bet that makes the crazies shit themselves.
“Wait- what are we supposed to think again?”

As to the articles- we are so totally mindcontrolling Bush’s appointments.
It’s part of an attempt to make his look like an incompetant jackass who can’t run his own government- but damn, our stealth wasn’t enough, he’s seen through our charade!


Hey, can someone fair use some key parts of the article, for those of us who refuse to register?


that sputtering sound is the wrong, choking on it’s own dissonance.


OT: but look at the latest Lizards quotes on the earthquake horror:

They seem to be fine with Charles “Squeaky” Johnson.


Well, what can I say, we all already know that anything that goes wrong in this country is the Dems/Libs fault. For example, if Bush farts at a formal dinner, it is the fault of some Dem who earlier that day secretly fed him bean burritos and beer……


The Blue Dress made him do it!


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