Did you get the news?

When it comes to Andrew Sullivan, the answer is: sadly, no! The always excellent SullyWatch commented yesterday on the latest findings dealing with the looting of the Iraqi National Museum. Sullivan had argued that the reports of the lootings had been greatly exaggerated. So when the NYT reported in May that little was missing from the museum, a happy time was had by all. Not so fast…

The news now is that:

the list of items missing from storage rooms of Baghdad’s museum alone now stands at 13,000. In addition, 47,000 pieces are missing from the museum’s exhibition hall, several of them major masterpieces.

Staffers had so far only checked half the items in the storage rooms. “We expect the number of missing items to rise,” al-Mutawalli said.

So what does the Daily Dish serve up today?

NYT ERROR PAGE: Worth a look – if only for a chuckle.” Chuckle at items such as:

Some papers require 170 thousand antiquities to be sacked from museums. Click the Fisk menu and then click Anti-American bias to determine what level of museum looting your paper will broadcast.

Whenever I think of the looting of tens of thousands of artifacts, I really can’t help laughing. You?



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