Lazy Sunday Foodblogging

Because there’s nothing much going on in politics today that hasn’t been amply covered elsewhere, here’s a…

powerline three.jpg
“In all my dreams, (my dreams), Your fair face beams, (buh-beems), You’re the flower of my heart, (oopy-doopy) — Sweet Ad-e-line!”

And it’s… Because the…

powerline three.jpg
“I can see your smiling face as when we wandered, Down by the brookside just you and I…”

Alright, jeez! Quiet, you Powerline dorkwads!


Here’s a recipe for cardamom coffee. To do it authentically (meaning: to make it extremely strong), you have to prepare it in a pot on the stove, and there’s a technique to…


Cripes. Never mind; I quit for tonight.

Wait, that’s kind of a piquant, melancholy song to be singing, isn’t it?


“In case you’re wondering; after Miers, the only thing keeping us from attacking each other with bricks and pool cues is the President’s leadership in the war on terror.”

You know, a person could almost start worrying about you guys these days.


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My God… Power Tools, Marie, Kaye AND Chaz… all it needs is Pastor Swank… that’s quite a wingnut montage…


It looks like Gav was making it look like a prom pic or something- the triple date from hell!

Gav, I don’t care what the Capt. says, I’m all for your veritable poems of posts- the seemingly mescaline influenced ones- I just stole the prom pic, what’s hsi name (is that big trunk?) looks pretty excited, while I think he thinks MJ’s gonna put out, the only thing she’s taking out is the trash, BT!!!!!!!


I think Marie looks particularly lovely in that group photo.

I think I love her.

Her creamy complexion. Her dark, sultry, accusing eyes. Her ’60s brunette flip. Her slut-red lipstick. Her tight Mohair turtleneck sweater.

Do you think she has a boyfriend?

Do you think she’d discipline me?


jexter goes for the kill when GregH leaves the scene for 10 days. WOW. jex, you’d be BLINDED by the whiteness of her skin. Only Dear Leader, having been used to frolicking in thigh high mounds of Colombian snow, can handle that much white.


Jeff’s giving *someone* at Powerline a happy goose, and Marie is not p’leased!!!


No more photo-shop threads! This is lazy journamalizm and or sloppy bloggeration.


No more photo-shop threads! This is lazy journamalizm and or sloppy bloggeration.

Hey man, the title says ‘lazy.’

Now look at how the light seems to hit all the figures from more-or-less the same direction. Check the color value corrections and the composition.

Compared to what you get other places, it’s Caravaggio. And I’m just now teaching myself this Photoshop thing properly, a’ight?

Send evil death kittens after you, man, word up.


“No more photo-shop threads! This is lazy journamalizm and or sloppy bloggeration.”

I’m sorry, optimus prime, but what exactly does your comment have to do with my love for Marie?

Let’s all try to stay focused, O.K?


Next Gavin will be trying out for SA’s PhotoShop Phridays…


I’m sorry, but outrageous partisan editing of this nature only exacerbates the Malkinization of the American political landscape. I pity you combative liberals!


Hey! Look over there! It’s a…

A reported plot to bomb city subways with remote-controlled explosives has not been corroborated after days of investigation, law-enforcement officials said Sunday

Er, I mean, never mind.


Has Justin Darr spit up his KoolAid?

Just like master magicians, our elected leaders use these crises over nothing as a distraction so they can do whatever they want and avoid the scrutiny of the voters.

That’s classified information you’re spilling there boy, off to Gitmo with ya now!


Gavin, see if you can fit Dr. BLT in there. I think he feels left out.


Am I losi’ng it or did this post change quite a bit from when I looked at it like 12 hours ag’o? I thought it started with another’ picture before the powertools ‘lads’. And is th’at supposed to be the LBFM, aka M. Mal- ken, in the last pi’c? That’s that ‘good le’ft side of crazy Mich’l’ (as opposed to ‘evil right side of crazy Mich’l) pic you posted before! Man, you photoshopped ‘a p’hotoshopped image! Rad du’de!


What gets me is how samey they all dress. Except of course for Chuck’s ex-session muso turned petty drug dealer look – and the vibrant veldt energy that is Kaye “big cat” Grogan.


No lie. Chaz is just freakin’…disturbing, for lack of better word.


Christ! Things sure get ugly when the Ecstasy wears off. What the fuck happened?


OT, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put this.

It’s fascinating what you come across using Blogger’s “Next Blog” button. I jumped from one of my usual reads to this little bastion of religious wingnuttery. Most of the postings are reprints of newspaper articles, but I love his “about me” text.

Dendragapus Obscurus

Holy shit its a critical mass of wingnutium.

Its obviously a faked photo right?
-Theres no way Chuckie Johnsons ego would fit into a room that small.


Dude, Chazmo’s eyes follow you around the room. He’s a real freakatron, yo.

Dendragapus Obscurus

Lol. From the ‘666’ paranoid guys profile:

“The Feds will have no lasting record of me.”

Please God make it true.


Criminy. That guy in the blue shirt in the middle is almost agressively unattractive. I’m not sure what he’s doing with his arm but it suggests that he’d somehow actually be better looking if he were a hideously disfigured hunchback.


I’ll bet i could beat anyone of them with a pool cue.

But a brick? afraid I don’t know that game.


It would be great if they were all trapped in that rectangle floating out in space like General Zod and his evil homies from Superman II.


Eeeuuucchhh! It’s like the Sadly, No! rogue’s gallery, a reprehensible bunch if ever there was one. The Powerwankers, Apostrikaye, God?, Little Green Foosball, Imelda “Relocation Camps,” and a few in the back I can’t really make out (though is that Pastor WombBabiesGlobal! I spy?). Ugh.


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