An annoying thing

…Is when you write a smart, funny post like you haven’t done for awhile, and when you’re about 80% done, you make a quick bathroom run and come striding back with great aplomb and lightness of heart, to find that your racking, fracking, fritz-fracka-jab, hacking frack, shick-a-fratz, shag flack of a rass-frazzing, kappa-frap flap-jabber hack-a-shack-rassing tomcat has turned the computer off.

“It’s really not my fault that you’ve accustomed me to roaming freely atop the furniture.”

I know, Bobby, but sometimes I wish you were a dachshund.


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Gavin, I have reason to believe that your cat is not a real cat but instead a cartoon cat, doubtless prone to Krazy Hi-Jinks!


Actually, it sounds like what Terry Pratchett would classify as a *very* Real Cat.

Gavin, it’s also not his fault that you don’t save stuff.
Just so you know.


First rule of using a computer when you own a cat: Teach him/her to step on the control-s (or command-S) keys first.


It’s also possible he was just trying to do a little editing. Headline: “Undangling participles prior to post, pussy’s paws prevent faux-paux!”


It’s amazing just how fragile all those little zeros and ones really are, isn’t it?

For anything longer than a paragraph or two, I save constantly – every few sentences. I’ve even composed posts in Notepad and then cut-and-pasted them into Blogger. A bit of a pain in the ass, but nothing compared to losing something you just spent an hour tweaking to get just right.


Wow. I usually just throw whatever crap is in my head onto the screen, and if I have to take a break, I post it, regardless of whether it’s “finished” or not. I was under the impression that that’s how the Internet works.


Yeah, I just type in the stream-of-consciousness mode. If a thought pops int I wonder if it’s too early for a beer? It’s Satu shit, I forgot to take the garbage out yest hey, I need to go pick up that Doughty CD.


Maybe your cat has turned on you, Gavin. You never know, The Editors might have gotten to him.


Blogger used to eat one of my posts at least once a week until I started using Notepad whenever the post is going to take a long time or if I need to flip Firefox tabs excessively…I got tired of opening the blogger tab again and seeing a blank screen.

You plutocrats with your Moveable Type don’t know how good you have it.


In the face of such an awful tragedy, one thing I’d recommend doing is getting a job. It will boost your morale, help you feel productive!


Heh, it’s happened to me. And I’m sure it will again since I have kittens now and they have no sense of propriety or boundaries.


And I’m stealing that graphic.


I don’t know what it is about cats and laptops. If my cat wasn’t fixed, I’d think she had amorous intentions toward my computer. Fortunately, my Dell latitude is pretty cat-tolerant. I used to have a Toshiba Satellite A70, however (WORST. COMPUTER. EVER), and one of its many MANY design flaws was the metal speaker grills, which were whimsically ungrounded, so if anything bearning even a slight electrical charge (like, oh, your sleeve – they were right below the keyboard) touched them, your computer crashed and had to be hard-rebooted. Obviously, pretty much any cat in a carpeted house is going to be a little static monster all the time. So Lucky could just come prancing by and like just barely brush her tail on the laptop and presto! All my work, gone! Which was superfun, because I used that computer for my day job and my consulting business, as well as blogging. I have never been happy to see a computer die before, but when Ms. Toshiba died, I had a little party (a sit-down dinner party featuring roasted cat!)


[…]but when Ms. Toshiba died, I had a little party (a sit-down dinner party featuring roasted cat!)

So it was Korean food then?
See, I’m feeling guilty about that scurrilous slur already, and I’m still within the same post. That’s what truly sucks about being a liberal.


“you make a quick bathroom run”

ok, I am going to stop you right there. You can’t take breaks! you have to bring us the funny NOW. I hope you have learned your lesson. You do NOT want to see what your remote-controlled cat will do next time.


“you’ve accustomed me to roaming freely atop the furniture”

Yeah, as if you were ever going to be able to STOP a cat from roaming wherever she darn well pleased. Clearly your cat has failed to indoctrinate…er, train you properly.

A fully trained cat owner would be grafteful that his cat had erased his post, realizing it either did not meet lofty feline intellectual standards or that walking over the “delete” key provided the cat with vital physical activity.


or that walking over the “delete” key provided the cat with vital physical activity.

I heard that. I’d start putting my keyboard on the floor if it’d get my twenty pound cat to move once in a while.


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