Congrats, ChiSox

Good job, White Sox. Now, win it all. Let Shoeless Joe have some rest 🙂


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Damn, Brad – typing that had to hurt.


Steel Reserve, dial it up mutha****er!!!

At least Gavin has the Ashes.


Next year, Vic Wertz gets to rest.


The White Sox mustn’t win before the Cubs, not them too… :runs off crying hysterically:

Chance the Gardener

I follow the Simmons rule about not complaining about a particular team for five years after they win a title.

I am not sure what he cam up with in regards to multiple championships- it may be that I am not allowed to complain about the Pats for, ehhhh… twelve more years or so.


The worst thing about the Right Sox losing is that my wife is a Wrong Sox fan. Fortunately, I’ve managed to defuse the gloating by feigning relative indifference and maintaining an anybody-but-the-Yankees attitude.


The White Sox mustn’t win before the Cubs, not them too…

Eh, I’ll root for the South side.

It sucks to know that South side fans would never in a bazillion years return the favor because they don’t like the Sox so much as hate the Cubs.


I know you’re right… the bastards.


hey chance, nobody ever told Yankee fans about that rule because they’ve been bitching for four years straight.

PS the comments work now. Hooray!


The Yankees fans bitch even when they’re winning their division by five games- they can’t help it, it’s the same gene that makes them root for the Yankees and have small penises.


How about them Astro’s y’all!?

Came back from 5 runs under in the ninth to win 7-6 in 18(!) innings. Hell, even I was exhausted by the time that game ended, and I was sitting on the couch drinking beer. (BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever drank so many beers during a single baseball game.

Some interesting stats about that game:

– It was the longest game in playoff history. 18 innings innings in 5 hours 50 minutes.

– The only game in playoff history to feature 2 grand slams

– The Astros are the only team in history to come back from 15 games under during regular season to win a playoff series.

– The same guy (reportedly) in the crawford boxes caught both of Lance Berkman’s home run balls, one of which was a grand slam.

What a game! Sorry if you missed it.


What? Good-natured congratulations? Dude, that is totally not acceptable.


Cub fans worst nightmare:

ChiSox vs. Cardinals World Series.

Now to me, being both a dihard Sox fan and diehard Cards fan, that would be a dream come true!


Honestly, is there any team in baseball that doesn’t have a curse of some kind on it? Jeez. Enough with it, and get your damned scores out of my football scores!

p.s.- thanks to the pats for taking down the Falcons yesterday! Go Panthers!


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