This Is What Cognitive Dissonance Looks Like

And now, an encore performance from the Power Tools (emphasis mine):

Here in New York, on the other hand, the threat to the subway system seems to have been real, but nipped in the bud. Three men have been arrested in Iraq, but a fourth may already have made his way to New York, and others are believed to have been involved.

Good thing we’re fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don’t have to fight them here at home, eh?


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Yeah, if we had 150,000 troops in afghanistan, where would these people be operating from? NOWHERE.


Hey Pinko, what’s yr e-mail? Drop me a line @ my S,N! address 🙂


gotcha. Is the Steel Reserve out yet? I don’t feel anything. You just could feel the deflation after the 6th-


No, I was drinkin’ Harpoon IPA tonight- classy 🙂

But yeah, after they didn’t score with the bases loaded and no outs, I knew it was over. Good season, overall though. Can’t win it every year.


Did I read this wrong? I mean, I’m sorry, but how does an insurgent get from occupied Iraq into New York City? Did he get a “Get Out of Abu Ghraib Free” card? And who in immigration and customs checked his documentation, Jeff Healy?


yeah, maybe he stowed away on a KBR jet, straight from Baghdad amidst the piles of cash and blow.


Shit. Now I’m going to have to peel off my favorite bumper sticker:

“We’re fighting the terroists in Iraq because they don’t know how to get over here.”


See, you should be using those magnetic car things instead, like those other smart guys.
That way, when the recruiters start trying to talk your kids into joining up and you realize you really *don’t* support the troops, you can just take it off and put up some sort of Calvin Praying thing.


We’ll just have to change the slogan to “Fight them over there… and in the blue states.” Howzzat sound?


How about, ‘were losing the war in Iraq, so we brought it home!’


How about “The Iraqi Insurgency – we liked it so much, we bought the company!”


Iraq: Training people to blow shit up in Iraq, so they don’t do it wrong when it’s America’s turn.


Iraq-where we’re spending the Social Security trust fund to blow-up brown people so you can retire in squalor.


Iraq – you’re soaking in it!


“Fight them over there… and in the blue states.”

Fighting them over there has ALWAYS meant the blue states.

suburban refugee

Iraq – You’ll love our new franchises!


So they caught some Iraqis plotting to bomb the New York subway.

Well, alert the fucking media.

Here’s a concept for ya: when you invade someone’s homeland to steal their stuff they tend to take it personally and attempt to strike back.


Oh, OT but I love how Steel Reserve is billed on the can as high “Gravity”. I know that high gravity refers to extra hops but when you put that next to the “8.1% alc/vol” label I bet the connection they’re trying to make has nothing to do with the hoppyness of the brew..nod nod wink wink say no more.


“No, I was drinkin’ Harpoon IPA tonight- classy :-)”

How is Harpoon doing, I haven’t had any since I moved back to Seattle in 1994.


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