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John Derbyshire thinks we need not look at the specifics — and no wonder:

I would not make too much of the Japan example I raised. Tamar Jacoby asserted that you can’t have any growth without a growing labor force. I provided a clear counterexample to refute that particular point. …

I am aware of all the bad news about Japan these past few years. I have not been there myself for some time, but acquaintances who know the country tell me things are fine, and people have plenty of money in their pockets. …

You can’t get analysis like that anywhere on the internet — anywhere, that is, besides in the corner. It reminds us of Neal Cavuto’s forecast for stupendous consumer spending this past holiday season based on his friend’s Tom’s need to make it up to his wife for sleeping with his secretary. (Or something like that — and yes, we stole that joke from s.z. at World O’Crap.)

So how are things in Japan? According to the World Bank, from 1998 to 2002 Japan’s economy “grew” by -1.10, 0.67, 2.36, -0.58, and -0.70 percent. People may very well have money in their pockets but the Japanese economy has been stuck in neutral for a long time now. Things improved in 2003 — but not after a dozen years of stagnation. Singling out Japan’s economic performance to support your case is akin to arguing that there are no more desirable men out there because Amber Pawlik is having problems getting a date. (Even though she loves cock — Frederick, this one’s for you.) And whether Derb has been to Japan recently or not is so besides the point — as though one can get an accurate sense of a country’s economic performance by walking around.

Why do we get the impression this is the sign posted on the door that leads to The Corner?



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Hmm. Not sure what sort of reputation I’m getting in the blogosphere. Atrios linked to me for having apprised him that Neil Bush had herpes, now you’re linking to me for having twice mentioned Amber and her favorite appendage. I fear that the only comments I make that others value may be those relating to penises (which, I hasten to add, are actually only a minuscule proportion of my total comments).


“Hmm. Not sure what sort of reputation I’m getting in the blogosphere.”

That of a penis-loving, herpes-news-addict?

Just a theory that we have. 😉


That’s what I was afraid of. 🙁


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