Filipino spy caught in White House. [link]

Internment camps for Filipinos — it would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Michelle Malkin: American traitor bitch?

We’re at war, you know.


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Hoisted by her own petard retarded comments.


The comment above would’ve been funnier if the strikeout html tags had worked.

Stupid internets.


Yikes! My natural reaction was to reach for my lazer blasters when I saw that hideous image. That’ll replace the Megatron in my nightmares.


But strikeout tags are never funny.


Nonsense. Strikethroughs are always funny. So are people who use the word hoisted. Do you also say something costed you money, Otto?


Oops–the spy-guy claims to have worked for Clinton. Watch for that to be the axis of the spin if this story gains traction: “How could Slick Willy allow this obvious foreign agent into the halls of power”, etc. etc. ad pukium.


The jab is grimly satisfying. But not ha-ha funny, when I think of my Filipino cousins. And when I think of my Japanese American friends — specifically, those several who are former guests of the Manzanar Hilton — I get the distinct feeling they wouldn’t wish such a fate on anyone.

Sorry, but I think I’ve temporarily lost my sense of humor. I should shut up now. More Kaye Grogan glue-sniffery, please!


Hoisted IS the correct past-tense for hoist, Toby. I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up.


Wow- it’s a good thing a Democrat isn’t in the White House, not only would we have spies working for their number two man, but he’d probably be having his friends over to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom while making fundraising calls after hours.

Did I mention that Michael Moore is fat?

Friggin’ Libs.


Need I point out that we were at war with The Phillipines as recently as 1902?


Link went to a blank page.
How did everybody post their comments tomorrow?


Look at those traitorous features! You’ve convinced me — lock the bitch up before it’s too late!


Link worked second time.
How did I post tomorrow?


Link worked second time.
How did I post tomorrow?


Canardly, Seb, the founder of Sadly, No! is (most of the time) in West Germany, hence the un-American time zone.


West Germany? That is like, sooo 15 years ago.


Worked for Gore and Cheney: Since that arrest, officials say Aragoncillo has started to cooperate. He has admitted to spying while working on the staff of Vice President Cheney’s office.

That’s what I like: a bipartisan spy!


I don’t know, guys, gals, as well as converted and ambiguous people.

Are we sure we want someone like Michelle in one of our nice, comfortable all-American detention camps? She is certain to raise the rate of mental illness, just as a matter of statistics, but also by driving others insane.

Can we really afford that kind of trouble?


An interesting story about the Philippines on CounterPunch today:

“Clubs in Olongapo, where scantily clad “fresh” young girls would dance for men to observe and choose for the evening, predominated in the city. At the time, HIV-AIDS was just making a visible presence. I was told that officers could take up to 6-7 women on the base at one time whereas enlisted men were allowed one woman. The Mayor of Olongapo was renowned for saying, “We don’t have prostitution in Olongapo, we have ‘entertainment with sex.'”

Women would flock to Olongapo in search of jobs to assist their families in the hinterlands – often being encouraged by their families to do so. As prostitution was often the only job available (albeit with small pay and most of it going to the club owner) women took what they could. More often then not they would not be able to return home because of being ostracized as a prostitute. Filipino women’s groups, such as the Garbriela Network (www.gabnet.org) named after the great Filipina revolutionary, also flocked to Olongapo to assist these women and guide them out of prostitution. But this work was dangerous in Olongapo and not appreciated by the local officials.

Some Filipinos I talked with were angry that, given laws that favored the U.S. military, they were not able to adequately prosecute abusive Americans. One of the Preda organizers asked me to “please tell American mothers what their sons are doing in the Philippines. Maybe then we will see some changes here.”

doubtless Marie Jon’ will tell us that this is all propaganda, but still:


doubtless Marie Jon’ will tell us that this is all propaganda, but still:


Coming from Marie Jon’, that would be “That’s all propagation!”


Curious how ABCNews has choosen to use a picture of this spy with him next to AL GORE! Sure he worked for the Clinton administration for two years before working for Bush for five, but just when did he start spying? Inquiring minds want to know?


So when people say the White House is more secretive than the Nixon White House, what they mean is they can keep *their own* secrets, not the *nation’s* secrets.



“Hoisted IS the correct past-tense for hoist, Toby. I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up.”

Yes, but you are misquoting “Hamlet” by using the correct tense.


I vote to make MM a ‘comfort woman’, thus providing relief to our more ‘unattractive’ military members (rimshot).

The Dark Avenger

I vote that we give MM a whip and she can make Adam Yoshida her ‘Comfort Boy’ when he finishes his nightly snack of Cheetos and Tab.


There’s nothing comforting about malkin. If i found her in my bunk, i’d unload my entire m-16 clip until it stopped moving. With a face like that it’s hard not to think some horrific government genetic experiment is loose.
I don’t know about you guys, but I say “friends don’t let friends sleep with overgrown racist phillipino ladyboys”.


The Filipino story is just meant to detract from the real spy story, which has Pentagon analysts pleading guilty to giving secrets to Israeli foreign agents to make a case for the War on Iraq…boring stuff like that.


I say case closed!

Let the internments begin, and let there be no DeLay.

Anything less would be irresponsible and unAmerican.

So I have written, so it shall be done.


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