Back… soon!

We leave you in the hands of the very capable Brad and Gavin for a couple of days, as work calls on us to visit London to attend events featuring free catering and plenty of drinks. First stop is tomorrow for something that starts at 12:45 with a champagne reception, with the last item on the schedule (after lunch) being drinks at 15h00.

It’s not easy, being in charge of the Pensky file and all that.


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Demand they serve you Steel Reserve! You gotta represent!!!


Gavin: yoo-hoo, ssssailor! The cat’s away…and I’ve got a merkin here with your name on it [wink*wink*]


the food is why they drink so much


Hey, I’d rather have typical English food than typical American food any day. Drinking just happens to be a result of what happens in a culture where people used to drink beer because it was more hygienic than water….


The Pensky file! Holy shit — you’re really moving up in the world!


Heyyyyy…where you goin’, meng? Who tol’ you you could leave here? We OWN you Ese…


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