Go, Sox! (A Steel Reserve mini-post)

[Update: I wrote this when the ‘posted by’ function was down, imitating a Brad post to see if anyone would notice… And now it’s fixed (curses.) -G]

Because the Sox made the playoffs and I hate you all, here’s a bit o’ the latest from the leprechaun-haunted Michael Gaynor.


Despicable demagogue Democrats deem it politic to insinuate or even insist that President Bush is a racist. They did it during the 2000 and 2004 elections and after Hurricane Katrina. And they pretend that people like Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, blacks whom President Bush chose as his Secretaries of State, somehow are not really black or self-respecting persons.

“Nice alliteration there, Mista Gaynor. I feel pretty self-respectin’; how ’bout you, Seamus?”

“I’d certainly like to be respectin’ Michael Gaynor’s liver served with a nice pint o’ black ‘n’ tan, wouldn’t you, King Sham-Rock?”

“Black ‘n’ tan — ha ha ha! Good one, Seamus. Catch ya later, Mista Gaynor, if you know’m’sayin’…”


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the hell happened to SadNo!?


Dear Mr. Gaynor,

please dig up your disused dictionary and look up the word “token.” Then hit yourself over the head with it and try to write like a normal person.

Hugs and kisses,


To borrow Carlos Mencia’s catchphase, and to apply it to that entire column:


Ah, the self-parodying wingnut: “Bennett is an ardently pro-life Catholic who would save the life of every aborted baby, even though aborted babies are disproportionately black and blacks are disproportionately Democrat,”

How he got from charges of racism in the handling of Katrina to Bennett’s views on aborting black democratic fetuses, I don’t know. Possibly because it wasn’t strictly in English.


Personally, I’ve had enough of the Sox. They’re no longer lovable losers, and I’ve heard enough “Red Sox nation” horseshit. Go Padres!


Personally, I’ve had enough of the Sox. They’re no longer lovable losers, and I’ve heard enough “Red Sox nation” horseshit.

Tee hee. Now everyone knows how a South Side Chicagoan feels!


(Proud South Sider)


Sincerely hoping you guys are able to dig up an old Steel Reserve poster of the classic ‘Research Says Sex sells Beer’ vintage of 1996. If not, 411 the company name ‘Odiorne’ in San Francisco and call whatever ad agency they give you, and they’ll know what you’re talking about and ship you one so that you can get your daily dosage of rhino porn. Much as I did every day I went past the pub Grumpy’s in ‘ad gulch’ in North Beach SF where the rhino sex poster was proudly displayed for four years, that being the watering hole of its creator, Jeff Odiorne.


*They’re no longer lovable losers, and I’ve heard enough “Red Sox nation” horseshit.*

my my, how quickly they turn.
you don’t have to love them, but you do have to bow before them and kiss the ring. go ahead, kiss it…kiss it. it won’t hurt. there, don’t you feel better?


The most recent Perry Bible Fellowship is sure to warm the cockles of Sox fans’ heart. [Homer]Mmmm, cockles…[/Homer]


Just to set the record straight, I’m not turning. I’ve actually always liked the Red Sox, and I still do, but I’m a Twins fan. I just find it a little pathetic for Sox executives to whine about the Yankee payroll when they’re the second highest. How does Theo make do with that measly $120,000,000. Meanwhile I have to make do with Jusin Morneau (who? casual baseball fans might ask, exactly! I reply) as our power threat. So, while I can see a scenario where I will wind up rooting for them, I’d like to see a team the media has less interest in hyping go all the way.


Have Sox executives really said that much about it? I thought it was more their fans, and they have a point, only because you could fit the entire payrolls of the Twins, A’s and Devil Rays in the gap between the Sox payroll and the Yankee’s payroll. (I also agree that a fan of the Twins would have more of a legitmate complaint, obviously)

As a Yankee hater, and a Pedro fan, I have always been a Sox sympathizer, and I know that nothing makes Yankee fans more upset than reminding them that they are second fiddle to a team that they assumed it was their cosmic destiny to always beat.


Yes, the Sox made the playoffs! And Boston did, too.


I’ve always sympathized with the BoSox (the White Sox… well, some camraderie there as well), because, as a Cubs fan, I felt your pain for all those years.
Now that you’ve won a Series, my sympathy is gone, but my dislike, nay, hatred of the Yankees (and Mets, and Cards, and Astros, and Braves…) still lives, meaning I at least hope you guys do well in your division and beat the God-damned Yankees.


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