This Is Shaping Up to Be a Bad Week for Wingnuttery

Tom DeLay indicted on a new charge of money laundering.


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nu-skewl black on black action?


It’s all nu-skewl this week!


you put the right back in righteous!


Pundits: This is a travesty, there’s no evidence! Partisan attack! Nothing illegal!
Wha… Whazzat? Hmmm indicted again eh? Erm… Michael Moore is such a fatso…


Michael Moore is such a fatso…

And ugly!


YES!!!! Need Mal de Mer needs to do his happy dance!!!

(BTW, Site looks nice but need to add the posted by tag to the bottom)

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste


I love you like my bastard son in Buenos Aires, but Black Letter belongs in Reformation Bibles not on slightly-less-than-black backgrounds.



Seriously, there’s still time for late gift buying for Schadenfreude Week.

(GoatBoy could use a fresh fifth of pretty much any single malt as bending an elbow at each instance of goodbad news the past few days has severely depleted stock.)


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