Keep Playing That Free Jazz, Brave Troubador

“Hey boss, how come I don’t get to be on the Supreme Court?”

“You’re too politically controversial, Elian…I mean Alberto. …’Speedy.’ Too centrist-looking. Sorry, Speedy.”

“¡Ya chingue!”

sr bush megaphone.JPG
“Announcing… (announcing…) Harriet Miers… (harriet miers…) as the nominee (…ominee) for Supreme Court Justice (…ustice).”

WorldNetDaily: Aaaaah!
Powerline: Oy-yoy-yoy-yoy! Bubbity-bubbity-bubbity-bubbity…

Not that Miers is anything but a hack (see the illuminating link above on her name), but are we about to see old George’s polls plummet past 38%? There’s a fresh bag of Pop Secret in the pantry calling one’s name with buttery alacrity…


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Now we know: cronyism officially takes precedent over ideology. I’m unsure if this is a good or bad thing.


It was a total wha? moment for myself as well. Looks like the maid is cleaning up! Just a little duplicated comments linky to take care of. NICE, though.


I’m unsure if this is a good or bad thing.

Little bit of both?


Just a little duplicated comments linky to take care of.



Um, shouldn’t one have some experience as a judge before being appointed to the Supreme Court?

Oh…never mind, I got lucid for a moment. My bad.


Well, it would certainly be a bad thing in the long term if she’s confirmed, but in the short and medium terms, it drives the Republican coalition apart. The wingnuts twiddled their fingers through the Roberts confirmation expecting Bush to nominate Jesus or Pat Robertson for the next seat. And now they’re busted hard, forced to see what Bush’s real priorities are.


Either that or they’re bluffing with her, and the next nominee after she’s rejected is the REAL one.


After reading her answers at Ask the White House I look forward to her written decisions when she is on the SCOTUS. It should make for many hours of entertainment.


There is no requirement that a Supreme Court justice have experience on the bench. There have been plenty of justices without such experience in the past.

What’s interesting — and to me, surprising — about this nomination is the role-reversal among the partisans over the selection of Miers. Harry Reid reportedly pushed Bush to pick her, several Dems are said to support her nomination, and the rightwing (pundits and bloggers alike) are in a tizzy. If I were in the tinfoil hat brigade, I might wonder if the Dem reaction is a ploy to get the right up in arms against what seems to be, ultimately, yet another example of GWB’s cronyism.


There’s no alacrity like buttery alacrity.

Miers is just gonna be a corporate crack ho. She’ll be easily bought and sold.

I am not looking forward to confirmation hearings . . . the Dems are going to pry some juicy Roe v Wade info for her, which is not what the Republicans really care about. She’s just gonna make it easier for big business to gut the third world, exploit workers stateside and further destroy the environment.


The man hired her over a white house dinner. I have a feeling roberts got in the same way.
Don’t think for a second that when he had her alone at the table, feeding her expensive champagne that she didn’t vow to vote any which way he and the Rove machine wants. It’s all backroom deals these days. She’ll lick GOP balls when the time comes i’ll bet.


They can’t nominate anyone with experience, lest the Congress and the American people get a good idea of who they’re getting.


i think i smell a bait-&-switch.


Aw, c’mon. The man could nominate a ham sandwich.
(Sorry, my apologies.)

As a non-Christian, I totally support the nomination of Jesus for the Supreme Court.
The man was a damned hippie.
It would completely rock to watch him say “Fuck Roe v Wade, we’re not revisiting that. It’s time to discuss this clearly racist capital punishment bullshit.”
Ah, exploding wingnut head.


Hey, I’m more qualified to be on the Supreme Court than Harriet Miers is. Seriously! She obviously sucks!


the townhall link dont work (bubbity bubbity)- it should say:
rather than
(/me makes nerdy snarking noise)


This getting linked at Blue Gal today. xoxoxo


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