Guess Jane doesn’t like Schweddy Wieners

Jane Jimenez has a message: behold the Clenis!

Oral sex is a leading story this week. The Centers for Disease Control announced last Thursday that oral sex is a common practice among U.S. teens. […]

One decade earlier, oral sex was a term largely confined to medical journals and sex-friendly publications.

Medical Journals? Like The Colonel Angus Journal of Medicine?

It was a term limited to descriptions of private adult relationships.

“Hey Retardo, how’s your relationship with Marie Jon’ going?”
“I’d say it’s very oral sex-y!”

Never did people link this behavior to adolescents. Today Professor of Pediatrics Claire Brindis tells The Washington Post, ??we?re talking about a social norm. It?s part of kids? lives.?

Only today? Sadly, No!

At ages 15-19, about 12 percent of males and 10 percent of females had had heterosexual oral sex but not vaginal intercourse. […] There are no trend data for females. Trend data for males suggest that no large changes in these behaviors have occurred since 1995.


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Hysterical Woman

One decade earlier, oral sex was a term largely confined to medical journals and sex-friendly publications.

Everyone else just called it “giving head”.


Jane, see Dick.
Jane, lick Dick.
Lick, Jane, lick!


Ha, ha, jokes on U, c0b4gz!1!! I was USING pee-pol to slyly advance my pro-anal-barebacking agenda — DOWN WITH BLOW-JOBS! UP WITH GREEK!


I guess it’s true, everything old is new again!


I guess back in the late 70s when my high school girlfriend and I were doing the sucky-sucky we were trailblazers, ahead of our time.



Ahh, to be young again…

And not all fat and pimply this time.


Funny, I recall reading that Lenny Bruce had a routine where he talked about the word “cocksucker” and pondered why it was used as an insult when he would not consider marrying a woman unless she would provide that service for him. Perhaps the Clenis travelled back in time, corrupting a basically decent Jewish stand-up comedian?


In the fifties as well, a pretty ditty called ‘Cocksucker’s Ball,’ by the Clovers (of ‘Love Potion #9’ fame,) covered occasionally in concert by Frank Zappa.
Clinton being a sax player prolly copped the idea there.


I read about a recent sex study a couple of weeks ago in medical journal/sex-friendly publication the Chicago Sun-Times. It reported that 92% of married persons had engaged in oral sex. I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture to say that a goodly number of those people were doing so even way back in 1995.


uh, Linda Lovelace, duh


New studies show that nearly all teenagers in America today have had a dirty thought. Normal adolescent behavior, or alarming trend? Next on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly discusses his dirty thoughts.


…prompty an entire nation to yell, “Shut up! Shut up!” at their tv sets.


um…”prompting”. Shoulda hit “preview” first. Way to screw up an almost-funny punchline.


Did Jane not see “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”(1982)? There’s a memorable scene in which teens Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates have a pretty frank discussion about oral sex. Phoebe then offers a demonstration with a carrot. I’m thinking this is the reason Kevin Kline married her. (And the extremely revealing jogging shorts Kevin wore in “The Big Chill” are probably the reason she married him.)


Oh lordy, Phoebe Cates in “Fast Times….” I was so going to marry her after that. Or at least go swimming with her.

Then she hooked up with that Kline guy and stopped returning my calls. Which was especially depressing because the calls were all in my imagination.


“One decade earlier, oral sex was a term largely confined to medical journals and sex-friendly publications…Never did people link this behavior to adolescents. ”

What high school did she go to?


I think this can all be explained if we assume she wrote it in 1405.


What high school did she go to?

Why assume she even went to high school?


I only just noticed that phrase, “sex-friendly publications”. That’s so vague that it robs her argument of all content. If anything that has talk about oral sex in it is going to be dismissed as “sex-friendly” then how could one prove her wrong?


Aren’t you sorry you don’t live in Germany?

If you did, you could have seen The Bloodhound Gang’s Jared Hasselhoff show his penis on live TV, in what The Bild “newspaper” is calling: Penis-Attacke im TV! Good thing Jane wasn’t watching….


I like the idea that somehow clinton is indirectly responsible for all this cocksucking going on. Little jhonny and little mary going home after school and playing president and intern.

Personally I’m a big advocate of Oral sex, the risks aren’t as great and it’s a damn good time. (and has been for a long time, despite some people having just discovered it apperently.)

I feel damn sorry for her husband. Also i hate to be the one that *goes there* but her picture looks like she may have an extra chomosone or two.


So I suppose all the references to oral sex in the Kama Sutra, ancient Greek texts, ancient Roman plays, etc., were just a myth?


Sounds to me like Jane went to Charlotte Hays High School, where everyone, but particularly women, preserved the “mystery of sex” by never talking about it.

So you’ll have to excuse her if she thinks oral began with Clinton….


“Oh, yes, Colonel Angus is exciting at first, but after 30 minutes he becomes rather tiresome.”

If it wasn’t for the Saturday Night Live special compilation of the best performances of Christopher Walken, I’d have missed that gem.


What high school did she go to?

Why assume she even went to high school?

Ah, it all makes sense to me now: homeschooling! ‘Cos Mom just doesn’t offer, knowwhatImean?


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