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Although I think the terms “Orwellian” and “Fascist” are generally thrown around too loosely, this post by Assrocket unabashedly meets the criteria for both:

Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. George Casey, the top American commander in Iraq, gave a press conference at the Pentagon today. Compare this Associated Press report by Robert Burns, “U.S. Commander Doubts Iraq Troop Cutbacks,” with this story by Donna Miles of the American Forces Press Service: “Casey Cites Continued Progress in Iraq Despite Challenges.”

Were they in the same room? Presumably. But it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Burns’ only objective in being there was to look for ways to spin Casey’s comments to make them sound more negative than they really were, thereby giving American newspaper readers a false impression of what was said at the press conference.

Smart readers will note that the American Forces Press Service is essentially a propaganda arm of the United States Defense Department. Hindrocket is literally saying that Americans are better off getting their news straight from the government rather than a free, independent press.

You gotta admit, this makes life a lot less complicated. For instance, if you read MSM reports on Tibet, you’re probably under the impression that China has been brutally oppressing the Tibetan people for the last fifty-plus years. However, if you’d read reports about the situation in the Chinese People’s Daily, you’d know that “on May 23, 1951, the Central Government signed with Tibet’s local government a “17-Article Agreement” for the peaceful liberation of Tibet, which helped the region cast off imperialist fetters and laid a foundation for regional ethnic autonomy in Tibet.”



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Awsome post. Death to Goldstein!


Yeah, I’m about to turn on FOX for my daily two-minute’s hate.


I’m not the fascist. You’re the fascist, because by not focusing on the sunny side of Iraq, you betray that you’re objectively pro-terrorist, and in league with the Islamofascists (yeah, if that’s not what they are God would have name them something else). So there. Nyah, nyah and all that. Oh, and you’re probably a homo.

And Michael Moore is fat.


Probably? Bwahahahahahaha


Since Hindraucher did not vociferously condemn the pur?eing of puppies today, his objectivity and balance has been completed discredited. Irretrievably.

It is a sad day.


Jesus, can’t you lay off of China until we have the US smashed?


I wasn’t gonna post this but it’s so appropos.
This is my latest letter from (and to) Marie. Unedited and ready for consumption. Her ignorance is stunning in it’s beauty.(My letter back to her is at the top

Actually the media isn’t slanted left. If the media was truly democratic they would have questioned Bush’s false WMD claims about Iraq. I’ve seen the so-called memo about yellowcake uranium. The nigerian seal is so crudely faked that anyone who’s ever worked with the nigerian government would recognize it as fake immediately.

Anyway your basic argument is that the free press lies so we should welcome this type of government propaganda. You are aware that’s the same argument nazis used in their run-up to the “final solution”, right? Obviously that wonderful christian school didn’t teach history, or you would know what happens when a political party buys favor with the media. It means their policies are failing and they need it propped up by false info.

Your idea that I’ve somehow been indoctrinated by leftists during my public education is patently false. Not one of my teachers, in any of the schools i’ve ever been to have mentioned current day politics in a partisan way. Obviously your ignorant statements reveal someone who has never “dirtied” herself with common people in a public school. You don’t know the first thing about real education as evidenced by your spelling.

“Tim, if you want to be a truth seeker you have to learn to be a non party persons when you are seeking truth. I do that.”

I don’t know where you get the idea that your a journalist or a truth seeker, but it’s laughable, you’ve never investigated anything in your articles besides your own thoughts. Half the time you just copy and paste articles without even leaving a one sentence commentary. If you’re talking about critical thinking, that’s also laughable. No one with critical thinking would say, forget the real media, let’s have government funded propaganda.

“Tim, I’m going to explain to you a fact.”

What you explained after that wasn’t a fact, it was your damn opinion. You didn’t even provide a source. You just referenced some unknown pew poll.

“This article is totally biased and this writer most defiantly is doing a far left spin.”

Do you even know what your talking about anymore? First of all that sentence comes dangerously close to being incoherent, second, all the reporter did was recount the fact that the Government Accountability office called what bush was doing illegal. Bush himself even said he wouldn’t be paying commentators to push his agenda and he LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH to the American people. Why are you defending that?

Tom Delay indicted for conspiracy, Bill Frist under investigation for 6 million in stock fraud, and now the bush administration paying fake reporters to make fake headlines.

Bush hasn’t done anything right, he squandered the world’s support for his war on terror, he allowed his Iraq adventure to degenerate into a civil war, he lies via paid propagandists, funnels money to his corporate buddies, capitalizes on and politicizes tragedy and he chuckles to himself vaguely amused as he does it.

It’s enough to make you sick. Well it should. And people are getting sick. You think the public is on your side, but people are waking up. Bush will go down as one of the worst presidents ever.

P.S. Stop referring to Bill Clinton, I’m not in love with Bill clinton. Sure, he’s a damn sight better than Bush, but a box of tic-tacs or an old danish would be a better president than bush.

At least it would just sit there and not get in the way.

Subject: Fwd: Check out CBS News | President Bush Pardons 14 People | September 29, 20…
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 11:55:45 EDT


I’m going to explain to you a fact. We are living in such a time that the media have totally lost it’s way. There are no real unbiased newspapers or media period.
Clinton also had peopled pardoned Look at the number of which he did so. There was one who’s wife gave Clinton huge amounts of money so her drug cartel husband would not remain in person. I’d have to look that up. I’m just awakening and getting ready in a few moments to go to church. I don’t have the time.

Tim, if you want to be a truth seeker you have to learn to be a non party persons when you are seeking truth. I do that. I do not go into a subject – investigating -looking to find the Republicans blameless and all shining innocent heroes. I look for the truth.

This article is totally biased and this writer most defiantly is doing a far left spin.
When you can learn to despiser this from the media , you’ll have learned much. Its a darn sham that today in America we can’t pick up a newspaper and trust it’s message.
The Pew polls showed that all media are biased to the left. It just that way. When we see the new at night ob CNN, ABC etc, and they spin. I know Fox does the same also.
Why do you think there are al these commentary news Websites up such as People Political, and so many others? We are Americas that understand what a horrible mess this country is in. My Website came about because I saw what was going on after becoming interested about the war on terror. Before that I did not think about politics that such. I was doing my finger nails.

I saw President Bush do all the right things and I head nothing that seemed correct to me coming out of the media . I heard statements made by Democrats that seemed strange. As time progressed I saw things further deteriorate. I head my own Democratic mother and father begin to say “what the heck is going on?”

I began to keep track. I sadly began to put the ugly pieces together. We are all being inundated by a very far left. They have become insidious attackers. These attackers are working in our own government. Many to most are almost rotten to the core. We are hearing a country coming undone with an agenda that is truly not in your good interest or mine.

Guess why I hang my hat politically with the conservatives? They are what is left that has any good in them. I also scrutinize the right. However I see the worst offenders coming from the left.

Unlike yourself I went all of my school years to Christian schools. Adventist Christian schools. There was no mention of politics coming out of my teacher’s mouth. Our denomination is known for not being political. I see why I am much more intuitive looking for truth than those who have been literally brain washed by liberal , almost socialistic teachers and professors.

PS. I receive no money from my Website. Any money donated goes to my Webmaster to update our Website. I have no pony in the race, except to present the real truth over the Internet. This really is the new media.
Media Research Center
WMD’S Watch this Movie Click Here
Adventist Church Official Web Site

From: “Tim Balaski”
Subject: RE: Check out CBS News | President Bush Pardons 14 People | September 29, 2005 14
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 07:31:37 -0700

“Paging Joseph Goebbels, to the white house courtesy phone please.”

One wonders where else this corrupted administration has bought favour.

Buying of News by Bush’s Aides Is Ruled Illegal

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 – Federal auditors said on Friday that the Bush administration violated the law by buying favorable news coverage of President Bush’s education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party.

In a blistering report, the investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, said the administration had disseminated “covert propaganda” in the United States, in violation of a statutory ban.


First, whenever someone says that the term fascist is thrown around too loosely, they are usually doing some fascist shite.

Also, the most disturbing thing that the wingnuts have done is to convince people like Marie that there is no such thing as ‘unbiased media.’ They’ve managed to sell the idea that there are two versions of truth, so if the media reports something that doesn’t fit with your world view, it must just be liberal bias. If that’s not Orwellian…


I was under the impression that Marie came from a Catholic background, then converted to 7th day adventism of her own accord, but if she went to adventist schools, then this impression is wrong. I would be interested to know, therefore, if it was her parents who converted, possibly when they immigrated to the US.


In fact, I distinctly recall her saying something – in an email that was posted here – about converting from what she referred to as ‘cafeteria catholicism’. I don’t know how one could possibly find the post, though.


Could the rumors that marie john isn’t real have something to them? That picture does look a little suspect…


I think Powerline is a joke. That being said, I’d love to be at Hinderaker’s office X-mas party. I mean “holiday” party.


BRad, sorry about the game today. It was terrible.

I just posted on somethign that would be funnier if you guys posted on it. The US just unleashed operation “Iron Fist”- but the LGF response is not up yet. What next Operation “Atlas Shrugged”? “Lizardoid Raining Black Death From the Sky on Dhimmi Assholes”?

I just know it’s gonna be a gold mine.


PP- this is indeed a disturbing universe.


Libby’s launching “Operation: Queen of All Fucking Iraq”!


Yeah, the US government should totally invade Tibet and reinstall the oppressive theocracy that ruled there before the Chinese invaded.

Jones the Dolphin

Apropos of nothing, a little trivia:the above

wife gave Clinton huge amounts of money so her drug cartel husband?

The guy’s lawyer, who evidently didn’t do a good enough job or a pardon wouldn’t be necessary, was one very familiar I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.


this whole thing is so undergrad, so ‘room’ 101,


I want marie’s car too.


Why is Marie’s car’ such hot shit?


Hmmm… I Googled it, and the only referances from Marie converting are your referances to it in three differant comment threads, Rowan, my man…
Doesn’t mean she didn’t say she did (which may at least partially explain why she went crazy after her teens), I just can’t find the damn thing.


Hey didn’t Judith Miller NYT ah like warn the jihadis that the FBI was on to them?


Ray, don’t you fucking KNOW WHO I AM!?!?!?


Jesus, does google crawl these comments???


The only results for “Marie Jon’, cafeteria catholicism” (and everything is spelled right in the actual search) show up in Sadly, No! comment sections.
Three to be precise, all the terms are found highlighted in the same post in your comments in all three cases. Again- it might be somewhere, but perhaps the terms she used were slightly different.


Assuming Marie spelled any of that properly is quite a touching act of faith, btw.


operation “Iron Fist”

So they’re naming operations after second-tier comic book characters now?

When does “Operation Power Man” start?


Yeah, the US government should totally invade Tibet and reinstall the oppressive theocracy that ruled there before the Chinese invaded.

And red and black is totally an apologist for wars of aggression carried out by totalitarian regimes.




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