Ha ha! They’re so nutzy! Hey wait…

When did LGF step over the line from being a mean-tempered rightist site to being an actual, by-the-book, calling-Hannah-Arendt locus of everything that America fought to defeat in World War II?

Future historians will quarrel, but progress was made today, with this entry (plus comments) on the new Abu Ghraib release. It’s not the boldest of items there, but it’s telling in its own way: The fact that torture, rape, and murder are shown in the photos and videos being released simply whizzes by them like it’s nothing. Nope, the real issue is that releasing these images to the American public might give Muslims (who are supposedly on a 100% worldwide death rampage) a ‘propaganda victory,’ and that the ACLU, who fought for their release, is a subversive organization sneakily working toward a Muslim hegemony.

Try to parse that. The Worldwide Muslim Conspiracy is out to destroy us all, and if the Federal Government admits to what it’s really doing to ‘the Muslims,’ it’ll look bad to decent people, and also to an extra 100 + n percent of Muslims who aren’t yet on a worldwide death rampage. Therefore, the Government should hide evidence of murder, rape, and torture (from us) in order to… And the ACLU should face legal penalties for… But on the other hand, this stuff is okay? It makes your eyeballs hurt thinking about it.

Please sample the delicious comments all the way down the chute — and as usual, if you’d like to play a fun game, substitute JEWS and BOLSHEVIKS for anything having to do with Muslims or ‘liberals.’

You know, it was quite an emergency in Germany in the late ’30s, with the JEW-BOLSHEVIKS subverting and sabotaging things, and orchestrating wars, and sapping the vitality of the German state. Then in the ’40s, it was like, “We had no idea about the…you know, camps and all that.”

Wait, what’s that? I hear military music…

“Ha! mein friend! Akkording to ‘Godwin’s Law,’ you looze der Arkument if you kall people ‘Nassis!'”

Wait a minute. You Nazis have a lot of nerve, running around and being Nazis, and then complaining when people call you that!

“Hi, I’m Mike Godwin, inventor of Godwin’s Law, and I’m a First Amendment activist and former Staff Counsel of the EFF. Those guys up there are actually Nazis.”

Wow, interesting. What I want to know is how these smelly, Phish-listening hippies like Jonah and Chazmo went so wrong. [perhaps a Photoshop Solution should appear here later…]

[PS below the fold]

#413 Bubble Girl 9/29/2005 04:53PM PDT


“It’s been at least a month since I pointed out that LGF threads have become blog laughingstocks. Thank you for reminding me that this fact is still as true, if not truer, than ever.”

Ok, time to back up your claim, Gordon… provide the links and names of the blogs that are laughing at LGF…

Do it.

footballs copy.jpg

“Hi. I’m, like, Charles, okay? And all this PICKING on people is, like, SO uncool…”


Comments: 105


Though I really did love the 90’s, I suprised that Cons do, what with all the peace and proserity. I’m not just talking about JoGo’s love of Phish.

Take that second comment “Thanks a lot, judge. Not.” This was passe and annoying by the time the second ‘Waynes World’ came out in ’94, yet wingers persist in using it.

Over at Freep headquarters, they post opinions they disagree with followed by “BARF!” and “SUPER MEGA BARF!” which must be from the mid 80’s.

I was reluctant to point this out since I’d hate for them to stop advertising how out of it they really are, but I had to say something.


Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Are they just pissed they have to stop saying “Nobody really got tortured, just teased a little bit?”
Or are they really that nuts? Never mind, rhetorical question. If they were at all posessed of humanity they’d be admitting they were wrong, and screaming for accountability.
This shit is so wrong. I’m finally to where I think we can actually use the word “Un-American”.
Torture, Mr President, and Mr Rumsfeld, is un-American.
We’re supposed to have stopped doing this shit a long time ago.


From Prester John, of LGF:
Here’s the a rebuttal to the moonbats when they go crazy over the pictures, “Well, if they had told us what we wanted to know about what they knew about future terrorist attacks, we wouldn’t have had to resort to treating them like this now, would we?”, or words to that effect. What do you think?

And if they didn’t know anything, well screw them, they’re Muslim.


Some would say that the revelations that U.S. soldiers are trading pictures of themselves mugging with the corpses of Iraqis they’ve killed for porn, and that the site with which they make that trade, thatsfuckedup.com, then posts those pictures on its website, might tend to inflame Muslims. The Department of Defense has already indicated, however, they don’t give a shit. I daresay the LGF-ers feel the same way.


I 100% double-trible super ****ing cannot handle these guys. They are insane. They are totally insane. In the membrane.


G, I’m worried about your mental state after reading all this LGF. I mean, I read Renew America, Pastor Swank and WorldNetDaily all the time, but even *I* can’t stand the nasty wingnuttery of Chaz and friends.


I went twice. it is total cyber porn.

(lgf is hsa in a hal sort of way)


Three Bulls! is totally laughin at lgf!!!

did we get cred???


I got a kick out of this one from the comments:

the fact that they (including the judge) are hiding behind freedom in order to get these pictures to be released makes me wretch

Can’t argue with that.


Highlights for those that don’t want to wade into the shit:

#212 pointed stick 9/29/2005 01:25PM PDT

>#190 Gordon
the real story would be if there were ACTUAL evidence of TORTURE…not the sophomoric b.s. that has been brought to light. have they found any of THAT yet?!

#234 pointed stick 9/29/2005 01:44PM PDT

>#228 adela
for the record, i personally have no problem at all with homosexuals. i DO have a problem with their activist members’ agenda to force homosexuality as a perfectly viable, non-emotionally problematic alternative, to the traditional judeo-christian nuclear family.
(ie. do what you want in your own bedroom, i don’t need to watch, or paticipate.)

(someone mentioned Sully the Pooh)

(check out this classic from Ann)
#344 Ann 9/29/2005 03:14PM PDT

#324 Gordon

It takes a pretty “unique” conservative to justify torture.
Oh, you just have to beat the poor, dead horse! Beating this horse is not torture, because that involves pain, not fear. The horse is already dead, so it felt no pain.

Humiliation is not torture. Nor is invoking fear.

Grow up.


#396 Iron Fist 9/29/2005 04:30PM PDT

>#393 not neo just conservative,

Ya know, the only thing me and the new Girlfriend 20.0 (she gets a kick out of that, BTW 🙂 argue about is when I’m allowed to kill the enemy. She thinks I’m a bit too enthusiastic about it, and now here you are coming down on me to.



“Quick … Someone petition A Higher Court for a Stay … this might get to the Roberts Court. ”

Shit This guy should work for Rove, He’s got this culture of corruption thing down!
“I don’t agree that this is necessarily bad.
If the photos can be rightly played, it can be a perfect psyops… if you get what I mean. ”

This guy understands the muslim world about as well as Bush and co. (pre-invasion)
“We all know that things happened at Abu Ghraib that shound have, but people were arrested and investigations done.What else does the ACLU want?”
—Yeah Case fucking closed genius.
“What I want to see is some pictures and video of ACLU members being tortured (and none of that high school hazing stuff either.) ”
—This guy’s snuff film collection has fared well during operation iraqi freedom
“An utter travesty of justice. I hope conservatives destroy the ACLU with this blatant example of their willingness to venture into the anti-American to smear a Republican.
— This one is beautiful on its own
Shit 29 comments and allready there’s five keepers. This is a gold mine!


Hey, don’t make fun of the LGF commenters. I post stuff there occasionally, and when they don’t like it, they make fun of my name! What an effective counter-argument that turns out to be! It’s like debating the dons at Oxford, but with obscenity and death threats.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

Check out the flags, and the architecture of the background: these are danish nazis. Kind, gentle, social-democratic – like their grandfathers, who joined the Wermacht more to stop the russian hordes than to murder the jews.

Ingen Nazier i Vores Gade!


Guys, just back from Americablog and came across this in the comments regarding Gov. Schwantz vetoeing the gay marriage bill. Does “Marie” sound a bit familiar? Could it be?

“It is really sad to hear how people are concerned about gay marriage. I believe that it is selfish because among the two couple no one has asked to live, but they do not want to give what they got freely(Life).”
Marie | 09.29.05 – 9:39 pm | #


They’re just jealous because they’ve too much junk in the trunk to convincingly hide behind freedom.


Check out the flags, and the architecture of the background: these are danish nazis.

Danish Nazis!

“No Danish for you…for ONE YEAR!”


Oh, for God’s sake these morons are such second-rate Facists. “Oh, oh, the ACLU is killllling usssss!!!! wahhhhh!! They filed a lawsuit!!!”

Jesus, grow a spine you dumbfucks. Would Hitler have whined like your do? How much terror are you going to inspire with your pitiless mewing?

They’re not scary, they’re just sad.


You know, I’d be concerned about stuff like LGF. Until I remember that they’re a bunch of doughy, overweight shut-ins who just need a place to blow off some rhetorical steam between bouts of spanking it to internet porn featuring Ann Coulter’s head photoshopped on pictures of naked chicks. (Hopefully better fed than Ann).

I mean, it’s not like these guys could be Stormtroopers or anything. They’d get winded in minutes.


I read in the big city paper today (Phoenix) that the military investigators could prove no crime in this case.
When my husband was in the Marine Corps, it was a quasi crime and promotion suicide when an officer did not join and pay dues to the O'”club”. My, my how times and politics and society and morality, and ethics have changed. Military members used to be under command and ethical control. Now it appears that those in charge are as bankrupt as those who perpetuate this behavior. Violent photos in exchange for porn? Well that just about sums up our society of conservative war mongers, which has now been exported to Iraq. God help the Muslims.
Support the troops, yes, but maybe those many posting military individuals in this case should face the music for their lack of empathy and pure depravity. God is watching and so is the lucid citizenry of the USA.


“Ann Coulter’s head photoshopped on pictures of naked chicks.”I keep hearing about these photos but I never seem to see any. WHERE ARE THEY?


“Iron Fist” is a laughable punk. His real name is Steve Johnson from Knoxville, TN. He’s an exposed liar and fool. He claims to be a convicted felon and also brags about his gun collection. He brown-noses the ex-military blowhards on LGF and “talks tough” about what he’d like to do to the “leftists”. He’s a short pudgy bald guy who is also a fake-biker (he bought a Harley and then got too scared to ride it). A very smart guy called “evariste” on a blog called “discarded lies” exposed “Iron Fist” for the pathetic fool he is.


Fuckin’ LGF. If liberals didn’t have it, we’d have to invent it.


“I keep hearing about these photos but I never seem to see any. WHERE ARE THEY?

*Doughy Pantload and vBen whistle innocently*


Re “calling-Hannah-Arendt locus of everything that America fought to defeat in World War II”, my associates in the extreme america-hating left faction assure me that Arendt was not a liberal, but a conservative.

Myself, I haven’t read her yet, but a little bird on the interwebs told me she was a kantian.


She had an affair with Heidegger, but it would be quite a stretch to call her a conservative…


18 U.S.C. ? 2441. War crimes

(a) Offense.–Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, in any of the circumstances described in subsection (b), shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.

(b) Circumstances.–The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the person committing such breach or the victim of such war crime is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a national of the United States (as defined in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act).

(c) Definition.–As used in this section the term ‘war crime’ means any conduct–

(1) defined as a grave breach in any of the international conventions signed at Geneva 12 August 1949, or any protocol to such convention to which the United States is a party;

(2) prohibited by Article 23, 25, 27, or 28 of the Annex to the Hague Convention IV, Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land, signed 18 October 1907;

(3) which constitutes a violation of common Article 3 of the international conventions signed at Geneva, 12 August 1949, or any protocol to such convention to which the United States is a party and which deals with non- international armed conflict; or

(4) of a person who, in relation to an armed conflict and contrary to the provisions of the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices as amended at Geneva on 3 May 1996 (Protocol II as amended on 3 May 1996), when the United States is a party to such Protocol, willfully kills or causes serious injury to civilians.

Exactly who do you have to petition to get those charges moving up the chain of command?


Exactly who do you have to petition to get those charges moving up the chain of command?
Whatever god you believe in. Bush’s America doesen’t take body counts and it doesen’t do accountibility.


“I mean, it’s not like these guys could be Stormtroopers or anything. They’d get winded in minutes.”

I invoke the “Standard Fark Response”:

You owe me a new keyboard for that one.


Posted by Timmah420
Hey, don’t make fun of the LGF commenters. I post stuff there occasionally, and when they don’t like it, they make fun of my name! What an effective counter-argument that turns out to be! It’s like debating the dons at Oxford, but with obscenity and death threats.

The only thing that makes LGF tolerable is reading the hilarious reactions of actual smart people who hold their noses and wade right in.
I wish I was that funny. But I also wish mavens of moil like Timmah420 had some alternative, less mind-bendingly tragic source from which comedic gold could be mined…like maybe Danish Nazis.


Um, did I say Timmah420? I meant Bob Munck.

At least I didn’t actually mis-spell anything…I think. I guess it’s because I’m such an LLL…you know, black is white, up is down…but Bob is funny, no doubt about that, although I’m sure he’s wishing I didn’t open my big yap right about now.
Sorry gang.

Dendragapus Obscurus

I think most people around the world can understand the torture-interrogation methods at Abu-Gharib without condoning them. (Up to a point at least…!)

What most people DONT understand from the abu-gharib photos however, and what LGFers fail to grasp no matter how many time they view the pictures, is why were Lindie England and all the other degenerates obviously enjoying it so much?

For me, thats the most disturbing outrage.


Dendragapus, you don’t understand psychological warfare. I’ll go further, and say, you don’t WANT to understand psychological warfare. Nobody who isn’t already so fucked up that they think Ann Coulter is sexy should want to understand psychological warfare.



I saw an old interview with Charles Johnson the other day. He was on some obscure website promoting his pajamarama media scam.

just one question.

what the FUCK is going on with his eyes?! theyre like some independently rotating freaky poolballs. he behaves like some kind of tripped-out gecko or chameleon or something.

is that why he calls himself a lizard?

just askin.


Examples please you foul-mouthed moonbat.


So I guess is the “moderate” progressive type of blog? Where all the moderates? Muslims moderates I mean. Where are they:

Are they on TV?
Are they in paper?
Are they on the web?
Are they helping in the wrongly name GWoT?
Are they here?

Where are they? Oh that’s right, if the “moderate Muslim speaks up the jihadi’s are cutting them down. Than what are we to do? Inquiring minds want to know? Do we help the moderates? Is that before the jihadi custs them down or after?

Grow up and wake up you fkn dumbass progressive psycho fks.


Oh look, a nick-jacker! How utterly clever.

You kids might just be bright enough to win an election when you grow up. Maybe…


In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “There you go again.”

The “N” word is so overused by “you people” that it has apparently come to mean “anyone whose opinion differs from mine”. Really, how can you toss around the Nazi term so lightly? Are you that ignorant of history or do you think that everyone else is?

If you actually read earlier comments from District Judge Alvin Hellerstein regarding this case you might have seen that he said..

?How can I ignore the expert opinion of General Myers, who is concerned with the safety of his troops?? the judge asked. ?I can?t substitute my opinion for the opinion of General Myers.?

He said troops in Iraq ?face danger every day and don?t deserve to have that danger enlarged.?

I agree that AG was a disgrace and that the US was correct to punish all of those involved. But the point of continuing to publish more and more photos seems to be just to embarrass the administration and the hell with all the American servicemen whose lives will be endangered. This quest has nothing to do with protecting the first ammendment. Like everything else the Libs pursue, its all politics.


Grow up and wake up you fkn dumbass progressive psycho fks.

Hee hee! Didn’t this chap read the post above his? We’re foul-mouthed moonbats here! It’s OK–go ahead and type “fuck” all the way out. Really, we do it all the time. Sometimes, even in article titles!


The retards on lgc-colloquium.blogspot (the LGF short bus) have lathered themselves into a panic of imaginary “nic-jacking” and are now deleting each other’s posts! Comedy Gold!!!

the Shock of the Same

Darwinism. The newer-world-order has already been established and the routine of everyday life returns slowly and surely.

The debate is over, things are as they are. Just as the fever pitch of elections from last year have quelled so subsides the shock of the new. The jihadis seemlessly replaced the missile crisis cold warriors. Remember the USSR collapsed, that’s a power vaccum.

The diversions in the world theater are heavily habituated now which means they are no longer diversions. In other words; if you had an off day yesterday it hurts more than it did a year ago only because your focus had shifted. This happens unconciously.

Generally this decline in struggle means alot less input from authority. That is a huge psychological shift in the everyday thought process from just a year ago.

Now here’s the catch; most of us who aren’t celebrities or affluent will be reminded of such in a million ways. The mundanity of everyday life will bear down on people in classic Darwinian fashion. There will be more opportunites to f**kup.

What passed for normal just a few months ago will not pass as the world is less focused on war. Right or wrong if your argument has no stage then you’ll be condemned by society as insane. That will make one’s life difficult.

Those of us who had the greatest emotional stake in geopolitical machinations will be left in a vaccum as complacency returns. If we were all celebs then we could just say or do something outrageous and later get a book deal. But from where I’m sitting if I screw up it’s gonna cost me.

It may seem contradictory but when the panic of war subsides the panic of no longer having a specific focus can be overwhelming. This is the same for all regardless of political allegiance.

Better to think of a year from now and five years from now and adjust accordingly.

When enraged, walk away. When in doubt, do nothing. You can always return to the argument in the future.


“18 U.S.C. ? 2441. War crimes”

The distinction is lost on some: America’s government, TODAY, as a matter of policy holds these acts as War Crimes, and forbids armed forces to perform these acts.

Posters here and at LGF can see the difference between individual uniformed people taking it on themselves to engage in this (illegal/immoral) conduct AND a government policy (e.g.: Saddam’s) to engage in this as a matter of course.


I got a good laugh out of these comments. Among the diverse commentary LGF has some cutting thought going on. Explain Jewish Nazi’s to me? yah sure maybe one or two. but not lizards.

Do you ever go to those liberals parties where liberals can only laugh a party line jokes? Animal Farm is your next stop. But thanks for the laughs.


Sad to say it but you’re the Nazis not LGF.

Dendragapus Obscurus

Lol. Is there a corollary to Godwins law that predicts in certain threads the probability of all posts invoking the nazis apporaches unity?

This could be it.


There are still enough Nazis around here in Germany to do the litmus test… and guess what: They HATE Bush and LOVE the United Dictators.

Get a history lesson, moonbat: Islamic anti-semitism and its Nazi roots


Sad to say it but you’re the Nazis not LGF

Is that the right-wing nutjob way of saying “I know you are, but what am I?”


Thing is people calling LGF nazis are the same people calling Bush nazis, and it might seem well to highlight the discomfort of LGFers at the hype surrounding the Abu Ghraib scandal, but that hype is holding Abu Ghraib up as an example that Bush is a nazi and that Americans are nazis. It makes sense to object to this coverage, and not by way of impeding proper investigation. There may be posters who suggest Abu Ghraib was called for, which is too far gone, but only if you recognise it’s a scandal about treatment of those captured in war without adding any suggestion that it defines America’s attitude can you expect the support of patriots. Abu Ghraib is a scandal on the part of those officers, but it has been widely used as a partisan slur such that it does indeed promote the jihadi cause. If you’re in doubt check out the al Qaeda media. If you aren’t aware of any al Qaeda media you aren’t fit to cover the subject.


Hey, Iron Fists’s diarrhetic cat! You see the nimrod with the post at 6:37 PM, 10/1? It isn’t me.

So, that would be genuine, honest to goodness nick-jacking, and I’ve got you pegged as the perp. How do you like them apples, ya nazi?


I got a good laugh out of these comments. Among the diverse commentary LGF has some cutting thought going on. Explain Jewish Nazi’s to me? yah sure maybe one or two. but not lizards.

Do you ever go to those liberals parties where liberals can only laugh a party line jokes? Animal Farm is your next stop. But thanks for the laughs.
Posted by holt

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I go to those liberal parties where we drink ourselves into a mindless stupor in order to forget about stuff like lgf and people like Holt.


How creative! You compared him to a Nazi! I can see how free speech can be confused with the extermination of the Jewish race. It’s all adding up now.


Hey, LGF nimrods! You see the other nimrod calling everyone nimrods with the post at 01:50 10/2? It isn’t me.

So, that would be genuine, honest to goodness nick-jacking, and I’ve got LGFs Pablo pegged as the perp. How do you like them apples, ya LGF nazi?


Like ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’ is so over- and inappropriately-used that it’s lost its impact. Why don’t you try calling conservatives ‘homos’? I hear it really enrages us, because we’re all closeted gays.


I hope the irrational, pissed off Islamofacsist lights up all of you stupid liberals. God what a bunch of asshats


I hope the irrational, pissed off Islamofacsist lights up all of you stupid liberals.

Hey, sounds like *someone* is hoping that terrorists kill some of his fellow countrymen! That sounds a lot like America hatin’ to me!


If it quacks like a duck, douchebags. Hmm, you guys don’t play victim very well, oh wait, yes you do. THAT’S ALL YOU DO.

“I hate it when people call us Nazis. They keep doing that. Why do they keep doing that I hate that. Oh, everything we say and do fits perfectly into a limited hate-filled propaganda template. But besides that I see no comparison. Because I am a total and complete cobag. COBAG.”


“Yeah, just ’cause we support torturing people because of their religion doesn’t make us Nazis. We’re like the Inquisition, fools, get it right!”


Dudes, how about “proto-Fascists” would that work for LGF? I mean they are getting ultra-technical now- the ol’ Jewish Nazi argument.

Also, they are talkign about their free speech, and their free discussions at LGF.

So, hey douchebags, what is GAZE all about, what about when someone on your boards says “I think Abu Ghraib was torture” and a million people show them down with “You KKKKossack, you DU fuck, get out of hear. GAZE. Also, it wasn’t torture they were fraternity pranks.”

Well guess the fuck what, maybe these new pics/videos will convince those kids that it WASN’T just fraternity pranks and that people are getting the shit beat out of them. Is that torture?

You argue that the pics shouldn’t be released, yet out of the other side of your mouth you say “give me examples of REAL torture.” Well dude, were trying to figure out the truth, not whitewash the fuck out of everything. You like to just put us into a complete box, we can’t even talk to you guys. Notice how anyone can post here? How about at LGF? Nope. How about any other Right site? Nope. Hmm, that sounds like freedom of expression to me. Chazmo has the right to restrict access, but you guys can’t call it a free discussion.

I hope you don’t hate yourselves when you realize you’ve been working for the clampdown, teaching your twisted speech.


Ah.. “Iron Fist” is mentioned, the fake-biker, ex-Red Lobster line cook who has mentioned his felony conviction for “killing my best friend Sam” and his current gun collection. When challenged about this appearance of current law-breaking (felons are NOT allowed to own guns), “Iron Fist”, who claims his real name is Steve Johnson of Knoxville, TN (as he posted on LGF) says his record was “wiped clean” from the NCIC.

Yeah, right. Fist bleats pitifully that he’s being “stalked”, despite the fact that everything known about him he has posted himself (often while drunk), and he has vowed to wreak violence on his “stalker”.

What a pathetic pussy.


Ah.. Pablo. The spammer from LGFwatch. He claims it wasn’t him, but he slipped up one day and left his default name in Haloscan. And yes, we checked the IP and it was the same proxy as the spammer who posted claimed CHILD PORN LINKS (we didn’t check, thank you).

That’s Pablo for you. Good buddy of Steve (killed my best friend Sam) Johnson.

They make a nice couple.


Pablo has his own blog now. Along with a bunch of other crackpot weirdos from LGF. Looks like hes in good company and theres quite a lot of them.


There may be an excess of contributors there, but sadly a dearth of brainpower. Furthermore, the cheap bastards couldnt even club together $50 for the hosting bill and are running it using the default blogger templates. Ugh.

The useless morons didnt even bother changing the background image.

Bleh. and Lol.

Fucking hobos. I give them 3 weeks.


Pablo has his own blog now. Along with a bunch of other crackpot weirdos from LGF.

Gawd, LGF is spawning spin-off sites? It’s like the ALL IN THE FAMILY of the blogosphere.


You really got to wonder about “Bubble Girl” who is on both blogs. In just over a year she has posted 20,000+ comments. She claims to be an “ER Doc” working 4 12 hour shifts a week. Somehow, she does that and manages to post a comment (usually banal beyond belief) EVERY 12 minutes, every waking hour, every fucking day.


Funny funny stuff about Fisty on Discarded Lies the last few days! They’ll never stop poking fun at the loon!


I’m struck by this one:Comment #26

The Drizzle 10/2/2005 12:42AM PDT

I went to the website charles linked to, and did you know all of those guys are smarter then us? It says so right there on their site. Also, Bob munck was there crying because somebody made fun of his name. I ‘ll bet he feels better now that a bunch of liberal fags have kissed his ass. Explain to me how WE’RE nazis, but we generally support Israel, and they do not. Hating jews is what made a nazi a nazi. Yet, we are the stupid ones. Whatever. Also, Bob Munck: you suck. And your name sucks. source I got news for you, Drizzle ; Hating jews is NOT what made a nazi a nazi. Any race will do.


How creative! You compared him to a Nazi! I can see how free speech can be confused with the extermination of the Jewish race. It’s all adding up now.

Good for you! I love to see people gush unoriginally in faux-naivety.

Another trait of nazis…they don’t understand nuance (…hell, they can barely spell it).


Mal de mer,

It’s the juice of the stupid-juice berry. They distill it into a powerful elixir of retardation. It kind of tastes like a Passion Fruit Bartles and Jaymes, so I’m told. They just suck it down. They are addicted to the light-headed freedom it gives them, as they are excused from logic.


All the LGFr’s here complaining about being called “facist” and “Nazi” made me think I needed to perhaps moderate my comments. Because really, I was pretty harsh. So I went back to have a second look.

LGF Comment #792 (!!)

“Before you criticize America as if it had abused or violated Geneva Conventions, you would look MUCH LESS IGNORANT if you studied them yourself, because then you might learn that the people being held in Abu Ghraib NOW are not legally subject to or deserving of the protections of the Geneva Conventions, primarily because THEY have chosen to violate and abrogate -in practice, in the field!- the very Conventions Americans hold important!

Do I think the thugs should be violently persuaded to talk? Whatever works!”

Nope, I was right the first time. It’s facism.

In your honor I gave an extra $20 to the ACLU in my monthly pledge Mr. #792.

See you at Nuremberg!


thanks, Jimbo!


Well, isn’t this just lovely.

Apparently, some bioweapon sensors went off during the big DC antiwar protest — and a week later, the CDC has finally gotten it together to mention it. If anyone who was there feels like they have a cold, they’re supposed…


I just had to share this nugget of derangement from Ann, my new fave in response to Geepers.

#752 Ann 9/29/2005 09:38PM PDT

#740 Geepers

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen her say “Oops my bad,
thanks for the fact check.” Which is the very essence of a
Lizardoid; gaining knowledge.

Bleaters. I agree. LGF dilution is wrong and fact-checking must always remain the highest priority.



“#790 jimgoism 9/30/2005 08:36AM PDT

Since this is about the ACLU’s attorneys wanting to help the Islamic enemies by enraging them and Encouraging them to kill americans i have a proposal…

For each American Killed after the release of these photos we Kill one ACLU Attorney..

The Democrats and the ACLU dont care about Americans and how they are endangering our soldiers lives…


We dont CARE about ANY ACLU attorneys life..”


Charles Johnson At LGF; Champion Of Human Rights
May 11, 2004

Charles Johnson at: http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com (I am not going to bother with an anchor tag, as Charles redirects people who link to his site to crazy places like; “The Israeli Defense Forces,” etc. If you want to go to LGF, just manually enter it in your browser and GO!) recently said that torture is too strong of a word to use to describe what happened to the Iraqi POW’s who were electricuted and sodomized by faggot soldiers; (with their penises and broomsticks alike….) Too strong a word…. I suppose torture is too stong a word to describe being dragged by your neck on a leash; being forced to stand on a roof for seven days without sleep; for being handcuffed and thrown on a rockpile and left there for days and only being given a small bottle of water a day, to drink AND wash with…. I suppose having corrosive liquids from high powered lights dumped on you isn’t torture, or to be kicked in the chest until your ribs are broken and you die of cardaic arrest in your own shit, nope, that is not torture either! How about being handcuffed with 20 other guys, and suffucating in a pile of bodies, or being an Iraqi female detainee who is getting force-fucked in the ass, while another soldier forces her to felate him by jamming her mouth onto his dick. No, I suppose this is not torture either…. It is so good that Charles Johnson at “Little Green Footballs” can enlighten us on this fact, he sees it as “reprehensible behavoir,” but says it all falls short of torture. Based on this logic, I suppose we could apply this to Israel and Jews as well: The Holocaust was just a big “oven accident,” Mengele’s gruesome experiments were just a “medical mishap,” Hitler was not evil, he was just “over-exited about his ideas.” Treblinka was just a “work site for overweight Jews,” Julius Stricher was a “satirist,” suicide bombings in Tel Aviv are ” an Arab performance art.” This is getting easier by the second….. How would Charles feel if his mother or sisters got brutally raped like those Iraqi women? Well, these women were the mothers and sisters of somebody. But I suppose this does not matter because these people are “Amalekites;” “evil Arabs.” It is hard to know whether to despise Charles Johnson, or just pity him…. What an ignorant, ignorant, man!


“Little Green Footballs” Nimrods: Numbskulls Of The Net!
May 26, 2004

A friend of mine was surfing at “Little Green Footballs;” (Heretofore LGF: http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com) and managed to post some dissenting opinions and not get banned. Maybe Charles is being more easygoing with posts, or maybe he was drunk, I don’t know…. Charles Johnson for sure is a screw-wad, but the most that you can say is that he is just a pro-Zionist conservative with a lot of stupid ideas. His flock of numbskulls however, are another story. An incredibly moronic and obnoxious bunch! But if you enjoy debating stupid people, you will love it! They have such cute words for things….. They call “suicide bombers:” “splodydopes.” Isn’t that cute? Some of them are not so cute, however. My e-buddy told me that he got threatened with violence by some idiot for merely posting a mildly dissenting opinion that deviated from the “gestalt” of the collective ZioNazi “groupthink.” I am convinced these people are fucking crazy, literally rabid fanatics, out of their minds. I find Zionists obnoxious, but I have never threatened them with violence. On the contrary, even though I hate rich and powerful Likudniks like Sharon and Rothschild, I do not hate them any more than the rich “goyim” that go along with all of their shit. The average Zionist is just a sucker being hoodwinked by their Rabbis and the Neo-Con Artists. I not only do not hate them, but assert that they have the right to their views, and right of free expression. I also have the right to disagree with them…. I find them to be more stupid than anything else. But the LGF nimrods only believe in free expression for themselves. They think anyone who disagrees with them deserves to be nuked, killed, decimated, or at the very least; have their faces smashed in. This is what makes these people dangerous. They are too stupid to understand that once they argue for censorship against people they do not agree with, that the next step may be that *they* will be censored. If you do not believe in freedom of speech for those people and ideas that you find loathesome; then you do not believe in it at all….. As for me, the last thing I would want would be for LGF and its resident idiots to be censored. This group is disturbing, but they are unintentionally hilarious! Free entertainment like this does not come easily these days! But Chucky Johnson does not have this idea; he complains to the ISP’s of everyone that in any way criticises him…… Charles should get a bit more “thick-skinned,” if he is going to dish out all of the venom that he does. When you look at sites like LGF and the whole Middle East thing, it does not make Jews look very appealing. BTW, some people on LGF are pretty loose with their lips: They were talking about Project’s: “Samson,” and “Broken Arrow,” where if Israel goes down economically, then Israel will nuke America, Europe, China, and Russia. If Israel goes down so does everyone in the world, in a hail of nuclear fire! These projects I suppose could be called the “Sharon Doctrine.” Israel is beginning to look more and more like Fleming’s “James Bond” villians every day. Like “Goldfinger,” with his friends Goldman and Goldblum. And the LGF’ers are the chorus of crooning lunatics, serving as Sharon’s toliet paper along with the stupid fundamentalASSed X-tians. I am sure Sharon is laughing at all these fools. Well Charles, study up for the Noahide laws because that will be your new religion, serving us Jews! And as a Jew myself, my first command to you Charles Johnson will be to kiss my ass!

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Charles is an evil fuck. He now plans to make money out of his hate-mongering with his “Pajamas Media” scam. His advertisers, if he gets any, need to be deluged with examples of the hate-speech he sells.


Nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi nazi! Oh, and nazi! And, um…fascist!

There. I’m so fucking clever!

/obsessed leftist freakshow

What’s it like, being completely irrelevant? Heh.


Freakshow? Here’s “Freakshow” Pablo-the-comment-Spammer:

“#790 jimgoism 9/30/2005 08:36AM PDT

Since this is about the ACLU’s attorneys wanting to help the Islamic enemies by enraging them and Encouraging them to kill americans i have a proposal…

For each American Killed after the release of these photos we Kill one ACLU Attorney..

The Democrats and the ACLU dont care about Americans and how they are endangering our soldiers lives…


We dont CARE about ANY ACLU attorneys life..”

(Hat tip: http://www.lgfwatch.blogspot.com)


Muslims are not, as you imply, the Jews and Bolsheviks of today. They are the Nazis of today.
There is a JIHAD and it is being waged by millions of Muslims worldwide. Muslims are instructed by their bible to torture, kill or enslave all non-Muslims. This has been going on since the founding of Islam. No, it’s not all the Muslims in the world who are actively involved in the jihad. Let’s say it’s 10 million (1% of the 1 billion or so Muslims in the world). Some of those jihadists are in your country and they want to destroy everything you hold dear.
I thought 9/11 would be enough to make liberals realize there is an enemy other than the USA. I thought 9/11 would make us all realize that we are in a struggle for the survival of our way of life. What will it take to make you WAKE UP?


“Get a history lesson, moonbat: Islamic anti-semitism and its Nazi roots”

As opposed to your political antecedents wanting America to leave Hitler alone whilst hoisting steins at Bund rallies?


“What’s it like, being completely irrelevant? Heh.”

You should know. I assume you were alive during the Clinton years.

Jones the Dolphin

Uh, Jon, er?
The boring german upthread said the Muslims learned it from Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I think one of you must be wrong, unless there is a pretty large part of the story yet untold?


Muslims and Nazis are natural ideological brothers. Both Muslims and Nazis hate Jews. Both Muslims and Nazis are totalitarians who believe they are far superior to everyone else and that it is their manifest destiny to rule the world. The Koran was simply Muhammad’s Mein Kampf.
There is a large part of the story yet untold. For 13 centuries Islam has sought to destroy us. The history of Islam’s aggression against Europe and Christianity is well summarized in the book Jihad by Paul Fregosi. For anyone who doubts the true totalitarian nature of Islam, I highly recommend the above book and Robert Spencer’s excellent The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.
Also check out http://www.jihadwatch.com


Republicans and Nazis are natural ideological brothers. Both Republicans and Nazis hate Muslims. Both Republicans and Nazis are totalitarians who believe they are far superior to everyone else and that it is their manifest destiny to rule the world. Straussian literature is simply George W. Bush’s Mein Kampf.


Even if what you say is true, I would much prefer to be ruled by Republicans rather than Muslims. Republicans will at least pay lip service to our constitution. Muslims will use it for toilet paper.
BTW, I am a Democrat. I voted for Mondale and Kerry rather than Bush. This is not about Democats and Republicans. This is about people who realize what we are up against and those who don’t.
We have met the enemy and he is NOT us (for a change).


Even if what you say is true, I would much prefer to be ruled by Reptilian alien illuminati rather than Republicans. Reptilian alien illuminati will at least pay lip service to our constitution. Republicans will use it for toilet paper.

We have met the enemy and he is NOT us (he’s a ten foot lizard called Boris).


We finally agree on something.


Jon, regardless of whether you are a Dem or Rep, we’re not arguing that Islamic Fundies are good, they are evil, what we are arguing against are specious arguments for torture. Why can’t you guys get that through your skull. The argument that “they’re bad, so we are excused to do bad things oursleves because they would do it to us”- that’s the two wrongs make a right, and we’re still right even when we do exactly what they do when they’re wrong because we have good intentions. That’s completely ridiculous and it should be obvious. That the LGFers act, talk and think like ultra-nationalists is very much akin to the heart of Fascism.

Dendragapus Obscurus

Archonis @ October 3, 2005 01:33 AM

Lol. Awesome posts. thanks for that.


Torture is bad but we are in a war. It worries me that liberals appear to be more concerned over soggy korans than they are over the welfare of our troops. I’m sure you would counter by saying liberals are so concerned for the troops they want them all to come home. That would be great if we lived in a perfect world where the only enemy was Republicans (the liberal delusion). But we don’t live in a perfect world. It’s just a matter of time until one of these madmen or mad governments get a hold of a nuke and use it on us.
The rules change during wartime. During WWII how would our citizenry have responded to knowledge of torture of Nazis war criminals? Whatever the response was hopefully it was discreet, effective in stopping the torture and did not give aid and comfort to the enemy.


Thats fine Jon. I get it. They had to do it. They were ordered or something. Or not. But why where Lyndie England and all the other degenerates enjoying so much?


Just wondering. Is there 100% agreement at LGF that torture is okay, or is that overstating the case based on a few comments. Were there NO comments there condemning torture, condemning Lyndie England, calling for the prosecution of those engaged in torture or did everyone give them a pass and tacitly approve it?


Until they allow free commentary on their website, I have one thing to say to LGF.
Fuck off.
Seriously, if you’re too closeminded to accept discussion, then don’t shit all over boards that do. Just go back to your steaming circle jerk and keep on rubbing each others cocks. Noones gonna do it for ya here.


Why did Lyndie England and all the other degenerates appear to be enjoying themselves so much? Because they took sadistic pleasure in seeing their enemies powerless and suffering. The same sadistic pleasure that some liberals, conservatives, christians, jews, muslims, atheists etc. would take at seeing a mortal enemy powerless and suffering. It’s human nature. When such behavior comes to light during wartime the official response should be effective in stopping the torture and discreet (so as not to give aid and comfort to the enemy).
I don’t pay much attention to LGF but from what I read here it would seem that the LGF position is that the USA is justified by military might to do whatever it wants. On the other hand, the position on this board seems to be that when there is a Republican in the White House who employs the military option, the USA is always wrong.
I think some middle ground is needed here.


Charles would do well to go here:


Since he condones torture and violence so much, he should be forced to look at it. Here there are thousands of gore pics he can jerk-off to. Methinks he would shudder and look away… The problem is a mindset: American imperialist and Zionist fanaticism is no less odious than the Islamic type. It is all culturally relative. Israeli and American foreign policy has far more to do with inspiring hate in the Islamic world than the Islamic religion…..Pat Robertson and his fundy nutcrew have their own kind of Jihad on the USA. Thank him next time you have a relative that died who needed a cure from more stem-cell research. Check out the Dominionist movement and these X-tian nutballs that want to bring back Calvinist law to the USA and burn people at the stake. Or the Lubavitch lunatics that want to force all Gentiles to practice the Noahide laws. Do not think that the USA is not sliding into a kind of creeping totalitarianism that will make an Islamic Caliphate look benign in comparison. We are being led by legions of morons and the American “Ship of State” is a “Ship Of Fools.” I am a monarchist because even the worst kings were not this bad.


Not only is LGF “closed” but the shrill “lizards” viciously attack even those who are registered there if they deviate from the party line. Charles also scours even the comments sections of other blogs for anything slightly disparaging about LGF and then whines like a baby on LGF how people are saying mean things about him.

What a fucking pussy he is.


Jon, given the automatic anti-American sentiment in some circles of the world, why are you hanging your hat on the old “give comfort to the enemy”- they are already prepared to die for their cause, you cannot be more motivated than that. You should be arguing that not torturing, and not standing up for torture is a way to give comfort to everyone that IS on our side, all you are doing is alienating people that are on the fence. How are they supposed to tell the difference between us and the bad guys if they think we are bad, and we do nothing to prove we aren’t? The insurgents are NOT 12 year old girls with self-esteem issues, we are not giving them a warm glass of milk and hugs. We send a message to the REST OF THE GODDAMNED WORLD when we have top-down policies against torture. There is no evidence to the contrary that the current administration cares about this issue, and that is EXACTLY the message the whole world is getting. So I would say the shoe is on the other foot. Who is sending worse messages of comfort to our enemies? I would say the pro-torture crowd. All the insurgents have to do is say “look, Americans want you to be tortured whether it happens or not, and they can use your words.” When they try to convince people that there is a war between Islam and the rest of the world, whose words “support and comfort” them. Yours, brother, yours.


Pinko Punko,
In war the first casualty is the truth. Once you concede that point it becomes clear that everyone on all sides during a war (or during peacetime for that matter) is using “facts” to support their point. It’s called propaganda. I will say again…When such behavior (torture) comes to light during wartime the official response should be effective in stopping the torture and discreet (so as not to give aid and comfort to the enemy).


Archonis,You need to make up your mind. Which is it?”American imperialist and Zionist fanaticism is no less odious than the Islamic type. It is all culturally relative.”or . . .”Do not think that the USA is not sliding into a kind of creeping totalitarianism that will make an Islamic Caliphate look benign in comparison.”
How can one be worse than the other if it’s all, as you say, “culturally relative”?



Why not make lemonade out of lemons and send a message to the world that we are serious? Instead of sending the message that we are not serious. Discreet has no meaning. Your argument is hollow. Given the current situation (Abu Ghraib photos all over the world) a strong approach is needed. Your argument (I’m guessing): “that is why the photos shouldn’t have gotten out in the first place”. My argument: that is a contrary to fact statement and does not address the current situation. You claim we are at war, and it is clearly a war of ideas more so than actual territory. Notwithstanding the absolute incompetence in which all aspects of this war has been waged, and the insincere way it was begun, the best way to sell a democcracy vs. totalitarianism is by showing its transparency and the fact that citizens have rights, and the government is not all powerful, and that governemnt can be responsible and admit mistakes. Since we are broadcasting the opposite, you explain to me who is aiding the enemy more?

And please don’t get started on relativism. Conservatives denounce it all the time, then use the “two wrongs make a right” argument followed by the “a super bad is worse than a pretty bad, so it is OK if we do bad stuff, we have a good heart.”

In addition, propaganda will be used against the US no matter what, so wouldn’t countering torture and the inevitable bad message it sends with a strong anti-torture message (meaning a meaningful one, not the lack of response of this admin), wouldn’t that be worhtwhile? Wouldn’t that possibly help?

People on LGF claim, the bad people did bad stuff to put them there. How the hell do we know that? For all the people in Gitmo? We don’t. Seriously, has the US Army ever ****ed up before? Sure thing, so why do we take away all the checks and balances? And why do we absolutely shit on the enlisted men and women, when these policies came from the top. You are ignoring the elephant in the room, what you admit is wrong and wish to be dealt with discreetly came from the top, how can you be discreet about that? Shall we jsut ignore it? Shall we hang our Armed Forces out to dry? How can they have confidence in the chain of command when everything they have ever been taught about what is right and what makes America America no longer holds. That America treats its prisoners like garbage. That America treats people like garbage. Have any of the people in Abu Ghraib done worse things that Ted Bundy? Jeffrey Dahmer? They had certain rights. The minimum we can afford people are the Geneva Conventions, and we couldn’t even do that. Absolutely despicable. But of course, we’re not allowed to claim we love our country, you guys have the copyright on that. All that happens on LGF are people role-playing some power-trip on their keyboard and trying to make themselves out to be better than everyone else, while a lot of people on the left merely say all people are people and they have certain rights. What is more American? Can I even use that term as something to be proud of anymore? Was it only an ideal? See that is what is different between me and some of these horrible people, I treat “American” as kind of an ideal, and I put standards to it, and don’t allow it to mean whatever fits the bill.

Serious Punko out.

Capt. Trollypants says EAT IT COBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!11!



I see your point….now that the horses are out of the stable. Rumsfeld stepping down would be a good start.


Umm…i think the point LGF is trying to make is that the Pentagon attempted to suppress release of all of the rest of the Abu Ghraib photos because that will cause additional deaths. Nick Berg’s orange jumpsuit was directly attributed to the initial Abu Ghraib photos. All the information about Abu Ghraib was released in print and available to the media two months before the photos surfaced. The photos were sensationalist and sold well, boosted viewership and circulation. it is all about the cash.

During WWII did the press post photos and information that would benefit the enemy? The Pentagon’s position is that we are are at war, and the MSM might want to exercise judgement in their slavish pursuit of sensationalism, ie, if it bleeeds, it leads.


But the torture itself is benefiting the enemy, how about not compromizing our principles due to the so called self-esteem of the insurgents argument? It really doesn’t hold water.

Duncan Idahos Ghola

I Cant agree with you Odrade. When the pentagon wants the MSM to publish a story they fall over themselves to help out. Think back to the presentations during the early days of the Iraq invasion when the senior spinmeisters of the pentagon used Hollywood producers to design their ‘sets’. Think of the Jessica Lynch rescue swindle.

They cant have it both ways. Either print the truth or dont.

Anyway the uproar felt in Muslim countries over the photo evidence is no less fierce than the uproar felt at home in the west.


I suppose you are right… American Fascism and an Islamic Caliphate would be equally bad… The question is however the wisdom of kicking around the Arab world to steal their oil and fulfil Israel’s geopolitical objectives. How does that benefit the average American? I would guess it does not, it just makes us more hated by everyone in the world… It is a strategy to benefit rich elites and nobody else… The world could kick our ass easily with trade sanctions, disinvestment, and currency devaluation. America is already bankrupt. Seen the deficit lately? We are well on our way to becoming a “banana republic” that will be turned over to the IMF and World Bank like Honduras… Will the USA play nuclear blackmail to get what it wants like Israel? I really doubt it. The country is run by a bunch of bourgoise limp-dicks. They are not as tough as the Jews. Americans are not as tough as Arabs either, which is what we are finding out… They are fanatics fighting for their religion and their land. What inspires Americans? Britney Spears? Puff Daddy? The military is mostly working class kids driven into the service by a lack of economic opportunity at home. Conscripts of poverty… There is a strategy here that the USA is buying into. It is called: “Overreach.” Osama and all our enemies want us to get so bogged down in wars we cannot afford and the expenses of imperialism that our economy will just collapse. That with economic sabatoge described above will more than do it. China is screwing us by floating their currency on ours so when theirs devalues it stablizes by resting on the dollar and sinking it. Also there are massive unfair trade policies that favor China to our detriment. Outsourcing and unemployment and depressed wages are worsening. America is headed for a total breakdown and civil and race wars as well. Byzantean population and immigration policies combined with imperial reach becoming too costly has been the formula of ruin for millenia. Rome did this and was so spread out they got picked clean by the Vandals. The Byzantine and British Empire lost their territories, and Byzantium collapsed and the UK became a joke. Americans learn nothing from history… We will have a short-lived totalitarianism and then it will all end in chaos.


1) America’s geopolitical objectives in the region involve quite a bit more than kicking Arabs and stealing oil.2) What are these Israeli geopolitical objectives that you find to be so sinister? And how is Israel playing nuclear blackmail?3) We are indeed headed for at least a major recession due to our massive debt and trade imbalance. For example, a large percentage of American home equity will disappear in the next few years. But a banana republic? Our greatest export is arms and military might (some would call it “security” (ie. the world’s policeman). That counts for alot around the world.4) I find it ironic that you say “Americans learn nothing from history” and then you go on to cite the Byzantine empire as a vicitm of “Overreach.” First of all I disagree that Byzantium fell due to “overreach.” Broadly speaking, Byzantium fell because Christendom was disunited. It was in fact severely weakened when Western crusaders (who should have been staunch allies) sacked Constantinople in the early 13th century. The end came when the Western Roman Empire failed to provide aid to Constantinople and the city was overrun by those peace loving Moslems (who just wanted land that was never their’s).America needs to learn a lesson from this history:
A house divided against itself cannot stand.As for being hated by everyone in the world: the jihad existed long before America. Let’s just hope it doesn’t outlive us.


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