Let this be your mealtime warning

(Until now) distinguished Sadly, No! commentor Frederick manages to post not one but two comments that combine the words “cock” and “Amber,” in a sure sign that the end of the world is just around the corner. (You can see the comments here and there. Consider yourself warned.)

Proving however that one can cause bouts of vomiting and inform at the same time, he also points out that Amber has decided to devote her life to people of Iran. Amber writes:

It’s appropriate that this website, a college website, is being dedicated to freeing the Iranian people. The resistance to the thug Ayatollah government in Iran comes predominantly from the students in Iran, and we, as American college students, should support them in their desire for freedom and prosperity.

We could mock this enthusiasm of the Ayn Randian Princess, and yet we must concede that our first reaction was: good for you dear! It’s just like Andrew Sullivan said: “The Revolution will be blogged.” But then our eye caught this little nugget, in small print at the top of her site:

Well, it’s about time I took down my website. It will be taken down any week now anyway. I know many of you have enjoyed my articles. I’m taking them down, mostly, because I plan on using some of them to make money off of. [Emphasis added]

Make money off of? Taking them down? The first plan made us laugh, the second one us made us cry. (And click on our shortcut for HTTrack, but that’s another story.) So it was that we began to wonder, just what devious plans Amber has in order to make money, and which of her many articles will she use in order to do so? We don’t know — but we promise that we’re going to find out.


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I’m pretty sure TNR, townhall, WSJ, weaklystandard, FrontPage and others are salivating in anticipation of purchasing Amber’s piece. And don’t forget reason, cato, clubforgrowth and other Randian joke “think” places who will be paying retainers for her most excellent mental acuity.


We’re not sure which is more disgusting — combining Amber and cock or Amber and mental acuity.


if whe closes her site who are you going to get your laughs off of? who am I going to get my Amber info off of? Who can all of us learn bad grammar off of?


Aha, George Soros is paying her to stop writing. It was cheaper than paying for medical leave for his research staff who were suffering from repetitive motion disorder and head injuries from slapping their foreheads.


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