Play that funky music, white boy

ITUNES [Jonah Goldberg]
That could be a fun game if everyone was willing to play. On this computer, my #1 iTunes tune is Fee by Phish (181 plays), followed by Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, Into My Arms by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and then several songs by the Pietasters and then The Kinks and The Who. But I’ve only been using iTunes on this computer for a relatively short period of time. My laptop would probably have it slightly different.
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[sound of body hitting floor]


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Once, twice, three times a post…


How am I supposed to respond to news like this, Gavin?! You might as well just tell me that the heart transplant I received was from the corpse of Reagan, while you’re at it. (several deep breaths later) Okay, I just have to look at this logically. Jonah’s just throwing out some names here, trying to make himself look hip and cool, you know, like all the young kids. Yeah, that’s all. Nothing at all in common with me…God, I hope not.


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

The worst part about reading that post is that I’ll never be able to listen to Nick Cave again. I just hope I can still stomach The Birthday Party.


Phish?! What a loser.


What’s next? A comprehensive manual on pleasing your lover sexually, written by Ben Shapiro? I can’t take this.


if you scroll up, you can learn that k-lo is stuck in the 80s, u2’s ipod song is popular at the corner, and there is an alternative to country music television that doesn’t suffer from liberal bias.


How long before the Doughy Pantload discovers that Phish were all very liberal–they even did a pro-choice benefit and benefits for environmental causes. Fee is a good song, so thanks for ruining it for me Jonah, you dork.


Ain’t nothing going to make me stop listening to Nick Cave. If Jonah “got” Cave, he wouldn’t be who he is.


No Soul or Funk on there though. So Jonah’s music tastes suck.


“Solsbury Hill”?

Surely he means “Salisbury Hill”.


Tigris is right. If Jonah understood anything Nick Cave and the Seeds said, it would implode his world. I imagine his mom splicing out the naughty implications from “The Curse of Millhaven” so her precious Jonah wouldn’t have to know about women and the sins of Eve.

That said, the Phish factor definitely would speak to an idiot like Jonah. A bunch of random guitar wankery and extended musical filibusters . . . despite the fan base, Phish is the musical equivalent of a David Brooks column.


*Salisbury* Hill…


VV: A 27,500 word David Brooks column.

But something tells me that D. Pantload’s favorite wank-rock band is String Cheese Incident. Because he’s had a few of those over the years.


Ya gotta be kiddin me. Pietasters. Pietasters! Freudian?


Solsbury Hill. Wow, I was wondering if that song was officially played out as the schlock movie/tv director’s song of choice for nebulous pathos for almost any shot. It is a song that I absolutely cringe upon hearing now, and I am certain this suggests Jonah’s lightweight status (on the inside, at least). People may like that song, but his number 1 song has been played 183 times. This suggests that a) Jonah is too stupid to turn his iTunes off when he is away, he probably just hits the mute key, or worse he probably just leaves it on and walks away for the night 2) he is one of those douchewads that plays the same song over and over again at the office 3)he has 7 songs on his computer and he just listed 5 of them.


I can see Jonah types nodding their heads to 50Cent in clubs, then go on to say that rap is crap afterwards.


if you listen to phish, you are not hip and cool.

the meme is jonah is “the frat boy who never grew up”.

well, frat boys listen to phish.


Hey, Big Media Matt is plagerizing your schtick
As Yoda wuold say, shameless, he is.


Silbury Hill (it’s a prehistorical mound of awesome aspect, at least to people who are .. uh .. taking a day trip)


I enjoy the Erasure cover version of “Solsbury Hill.”


Kiche, as a former fratboy, I can tell you that there was a sharp decline in the Fraternity listening to Phish about 5-6 years ago. Of course even that was late considering Phish faded out in 1996.


Remember, he is a Simpsons conservative… Or is that a South Park conservative? Whatever.

I mean, what, you were expecting Prussian Blue?


Nick Cave is actually quite big among the same sort of audience that listens to Prussian Blue, sad to say.

The music geeks over at I Love Music are having a time with this as well.


A great pirate once said eveything that needs to be said about U2’s vertigo.
Click it, NOW! CLICK IT!
Ah maddox… Hmmm haven’t been here in awhile he does one on Bill O’rielly too
Bill O’Reilly is a big blubbering vagina.


A great pirate once said eveything that needs to be said about U2’s vertigo.
Click it, NOW! CLICK IT!
Ah maddox… Hmmm haven’t been here in awhile he does one on Bill O’rielly too
Bill O’Reilly is a big blubbering vagina.


yarrr! The dreaded double post. Hard to port me haearties!


I listen to phish, but only because I went to a few of their early early shows. It was a good scene once, but the band is a little noodly. damned Pastafarians everywhere. and I hate patchouli.


Nick Cave has nothing but respect for the American conservatives, just see how he depicts them in “And the Ass Saw the Angel”.


Here’s the best use of that Peter Gabriel song I’ve seen in a long time.


Sorry to all you haters out there, but I actually really like Phish. Although If I had to pick a song by Phish to listen to 183 times, it would most certainly not be Fee, or actually anything off of Junta. Probably would be Bouncing Around the Room, Geulah Papyrus, Farmhouse, Bathtub Gin or, most likely, Secret Smile. (Which is actually a very beautiful song). I like what they did. It’s fun.

This post reminds me of when I heard that Preznit Bush has James McMurty’s music on his Ipod. Can’t Make it Here Anymore is a very nice song, and very critical of this admin and their war.


U all talk so much shit about good songs and good people who still have souls and a spirit as well as feelings. If you think about it, The only reason so many of you make a joke out of other peoples lives is simply because none of you have one.


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