Shorter David Frum

Um, Er:

Don’t quote what I write, quote what I mean!


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I like how he bleats about “200k of federal spending per person” as if that money won’t be hooevered up by corrupt pork spending anyway. Willfully ignorant: today’s GOP!


MY FUCKING GOD, is David frum a simpleton. Christ a bat fart has more brains then he does. Not only does he justify all of Bush’s weaknesses he then goes on to critizise the Governor General for being underwhelming and presenting a bland speech. CHRIST this guy has no idea about Canada, even though he claims to be Canadian ( I think Barbara found him rummaging through her garbage while on vacation and brought him home because he was cute). Whether she is a firebrand or a charismatic speaker is neither here nor there, THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA hasn’t really been important to Canada for like a 100 years, its a token position. Just like David’s position, he is the token IDIOT in a respected family.


My assignment was to defend President Bush at this hour when he seems under attack from all quarters.

um, is this really a proper journalism assignment?

is it just me?

and Aaron – you are so right. The way he throws around that $200k/person is sickening. Has he read this article? “Lobbies Line Up For Relief Riches”


um, is this really a proper journalism assignment?

That would be disconcerting, if The Frump were an actual journalist, instead of the two-bit hoor propagandist shilling for neo-cons that he is.

The Frump certainly has chutzpah, though. Calling Micha?lle Jean underwhelming. She, who espaped the Duvalier dictatorship as a child, has a string of awards for her journalistic work and speaks 5 languages. The Frump can’t even make a living in his native country and has to lower himself to spewing hard-right propaganda and writing little diarrhea entries for a noxious American rag, and whose greatest contribution to the world will be two-thirds of the phrase Axis of Evil.

Also, Micha?lle Jean is strikingly beautiful, whereas The Frump makes the Doughy Pantload seem sexy.


Let’s recap Frum’s argument.

Bush is “a good man who is not a weak man. He is impatient, quick to anger; sometimes glib, even dogmatic, often uncurious, and as a result ill-informed”.”

But he also has “decency, honesty, rectitude, courage, and tenacity”.

I would argue that impatience, quick anger and dogmatic thought cancel out rectitude and probably rules out decency. He is by pretty much by all accounts and indications an unrepentant liar – which effectively eliminates the “honesty” part. That leaves courage and tenacity. We can cross courage off the list when we take into account his draft and all around blame dodging; courageous people take responsibility for their short-comings.

That leaves exactly one “virtue” for Mr. Bush: tenacity. This isn?t much of a recommendation, since I?ve observed my dog spends hours tenaciously licking her ass and has nothing to show for it but bad breath.

Course, that?s just me.

Canadian Bystander

The G-G of Canada could be a hologram for all I care, but yes, escaping Duvalier’s Haiti to come to Canada, become a celebrated broadcaster, and made the (symbolic) head of the country – a wee bit better than Mr Frum, who writes for a paper (the Nat’l Post) which is the new definition of corporate welfare case – it would shut down in 30 seconds if it had to stand on its own.


Hey, it took a hell of a lot of courage to run away on 9/11!!


Me me me! I love Auguste!


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