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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, all I gotta say is…



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Oh that’s good! This made my month. Time for that smarmy, lying, cheating fuckwit to take his medicine.
Let’s hope they put the squeeze play on him and he starts ratting out the other criminals.
Party at my house , B.Y.O.Booze cuz i’m getting drunk tonight.
Cheers, to comeuppance!


First they find the giant seafood appetizer, now this happens?! What a great day! Timmah, I’ll being the P.B. Slices!


BTW, Brad. I think it’s time for a well coordinated hit on The Editors.


Why’s that, Yo’? (Can I call ya “Yo'”?)


This made my whole day. I think I’ll go home and kneel in front of my shrine to Patrick Fitzgerald and hope he indicts some people soon, too…


Maybe this isn’t the time for celebration. Maybe this is the time for solemn reflection … maybe it’s time we took a long, hard look at ourselves as a nation, and asked how we got to this point. Maybe it’s a time to address and eliminate the devisiveness that’s threatening to tear this country apart. Maybe we should take this opportunity to offer an olive branch and forgiveness to the wayward Republican-Americans who have fallen to the siren call of corruption.

Maybe the sun will set in the east tonight.


Wow, peanut butter slices. It’s the end of the world.
Did anyone ever see that Mister show where they were coming up with different mustard and mayonaise combos “try millers Musturdaoynaise… Warning — Mayostard will expire before Mustardayonnaise”
And then Mayostard/Mustardayonnaise wasn’t enough so they made mayomusturdaionnaisesturd or something. Man that was awesome.


Let’s remember Napoleons’ advice:

“When your enemy is making a mistake, do not interfer!”


Brad, I give you:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

and for good measure Xzibit


My bandmate was over so I could show him a new number and we turned on the TV.

I ran did not walk to the liquor cabinet and poured us each a belt of single malt and toasted to sweet juicy justice.


(Caught FOX sNews cutting to some bomb goes off in Fallujah blah blah. Funny how neither of the other two networks thoght the indictment story needed to be interrupted for an identical NEWS ALERT!)

Did I mention WHEEEEEEE?


Brad, they stole Yosef’s cat pics and now he’s fit to be tied!


Of course, I’m not too upset because they weren’t MY cat pics. But it seems The Editors may be getting ideas from 3B! in addition to S,N! Next thing you know, he’s going to change the name of his site again to TPM!


Should I bring Amber’s pizza? I think I’ve got some cream cheese in the fridge.


has anyone noticed our favorite little green blog hasn’t picked up this story yet? Hmmmm… Wonder why…


Dammit! Now your comments thing has been degrading one of my comments that I tried to post a while earlier! What a STAGMC!!!


But, but… He *swears* he’s innocent! Surely a man who has been so trusted by his constituents would not *lie* to us. Are you suggesting that the good people of Texas don’t know how to spot a corrupt politician and prevent his rise to higher office and re-election?

Um, sorry. That was lame, even for me. Sorry.


Wait a minute… Did you say that FOX News cut away from a DeLay indictment story to report a new bombing in Fallujah? What does it say when the best diversion from bad news in Washington that they can come up with is bad news in Iraq?



Hence the multiple WHEEEEs.
And the good stuff’s just started…

*Hugs cable box that brings CSPAN into the house*


I’m honestly surprised that the Rs didn’t weasel out of the “If he’s indicted, he must resign from any leadership post”-thing. Their ability to flip-flop and spin has certainly suffered of late. This could be great going into the ’06 election season with DeLay, and potentially Frist and Turdblossom all facing charges. And who knows–maybe even Cheney. Sweet.


BTW, Brad, the text you used for the link made me think it was to a story about the Red Sox. I was so surprised when I discovered that the comments weren’t about $port$.


*starts singing “Another One Bites the Dust”*


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