Maybe they’re brothers or something…

Last year, we wrote about an eBay user who had a habit of leaving interesting feedback:

  • I like to have sex with farm animals. This has nothing to do with this auction.
  • Sadly, he doesn’t leave interesting feedback anymore:

  • A am leaving nice and unsarcastic feedback, as required by Ebay. A+++.
  • Fortunately, thanks to reader dbeach, we have an Amazon reviewer who is just as interesting:

    HOOAH! Energy Bar, Apple Cinnamon, 15 Pack
    Price: $20.99

    HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!, September 20, 2005
    Just ate one of these mean mothers and word of God can’t stop typing or doing anything it’s worse than when I thought my youngest kid’s Adderol was the Advil took three of those couldn’t stop talking called everyone did you just hear that pigeon across the street cause I sure did oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap I think I’m starting to crash and now sleepy gonna go sle

    Fortunately, plenty more where those came from:

    Celestron Dissecting Microscope

    25 things I looked at underneath the microscope last night:

    1. Flake of my scalp
    2. Drop of blood
    3. Stomach lint
    4. Grain of salt
    5. Grain of sugar
    6. Dollop of ketchup
    7. Salt w/kethcup
    8. Mustard
    9. Ranch
    10-17. Most of the condiments on the second level of the fridge. […]

    Things I didn’t look at underneath the microscope last night:

    1. My crushing loneliness.


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    Thee Bulls recently linked to a guy (via blue girl) who does this sort of thing. His reviews are hilarious. The review of Orrin Hatch’s CD is my personaly favorite.

    My Bible Coloring Book

    Ampco Monkey Wrench


    Hey, what’s up with this “holding your post” thing? I ain’t not first time poster, dammit!


    Floyd Alvis Cooper strikes again!


    OK, figured it out. Too many hyperlinks. Anyway, depending on if the other post ever shows up, just go here and read what Pinko had to say on a similar subject. Then follow his links. You’ll be glad you did.

    And please read the Amazon review of Orin Hatch’s CD. Pretty please.


    This is perfect for stalking prey in the forest, but perhaps a few more colors would be great, for other enviroments. I think a taupe would be great for blending in with vinyl siding, a deep red for pressing up against brick walls, or a pale blue and white combo, for remaining undetected while peering in through a window as the pale flickerings of a family (used to be your family but now just a family, any family, no more connection to you than to any of the other thousands of faces you pass by everyday and oh Jesus) watching television.

    This one had me laughing so hard everyone in the office heard, and asked me what the hell I was doing, then they found links to santorum style man on dog sites in my IE history. Long story short I’m unemployed and homeless since my girlfriend locked me out for looking at beastiality at work. Thanks alot sadly, no!


    Or better yet, just go here and read them.


    These shoes are working out great for our youngest son, Branathyn, but I found, after he was wearing them for a while, that I had to make some changes. First of all, we put some new laces in, because the old ones we’re a little “raggedy.” Secondly I cut the tongue out to keep the shoes from whispering lies in the dark of the night and poisoning my son against me.

    That’s top-shelf humor right there.


    Back in the day, people used to do something similar, writing reviews for Bil Keane’s “Family Circus” books as if they were, well, actual books or something. Then Amazon took them all down and ruined all our fun.

    Pity – I spent a lot of time crafting some of those reviews . . .


    Yes, too many hyperlinks. But it’s fixed now, so it looks like you complained over nothing! Ha ha!


    Hey, what’s up with this “holding your post” thing? I ain’t not first time poster, dammit!

    It’s so automatic that it happens to us some days.


    It’s so automatic that it happens to us some days.

    On most days we even manage to block Brad.


    Back in the day, people used to do something similar, writing reviews for Bil Keane’s “Family Circus” books as if they were, well, actual books or something.

    There also used to be a “Dysfunctional Family Circus” site (I think legal action was taken), on which readers could submit their own captions to FC panels. There was some genuinely sick stuff posted. I still have a binder of hardcopies around somewhere.


    Shockingly, Bil Keane has a sense of humor. If you go to his official site, he links to some raw parodies….

    Go to ‘files’ and ‘take-offs’


    From the Ted Rall takeoff:

    My husband and I met Bil at a swinger’s party in Fort Wayne. He’s a sexual dynamo for a man in his 90s!

    I guess Bil does have a sense of humor, though I don’t see the recent “Pearls Before Swine” strips in which Osama was hiding in Family Circus-land.


    I had my attention drawn to a really dead-pan parody of a right-wing blog. I THINK it’s a parody … Where’s Your Brain?


    there is a ‘poster’ over at crooks and liars witha similar style, “MP”. He annoys me, but who am I to yah?


    “to yak”, as in talk, speak, complain.



    The Care Bears book review was the most awesomest thing I’ve ever read in my life!


    aw, spencer, BIG fan here re: Family Circus reviews. I’m quite certain I read one of those.


    I’ve done some fake reviews for Family Circus books. Probably all deleted by now, though.


    I highly recommend this gentleman’s stellar Amazon reviews:

    They’re lovely.


    The General’s reviews are hilarious. The most funny was the Santorum book, and the Freepers called him out on it, but a bunch of the Freeper’s were like “that dude’s pretty funny.”


    That Orrin Hatch CD cover could seriously be a lost Talk Talk album. I’m not joking. So Gavin, which totally underrated Talk Talk album is like way cool and only totally tasteful Euro dudes own?


    And make sure you check out Henry Raddick’s stylings at Amazon reviews too.


    yes, dad, but let’s start at page one, with the auto fellation routine.


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