Jane H. busts a move

A SadNo Select column:

Daniel Schorr and the Depends Media: Once More Into the (Judith Miller) Breech


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Maybe a good high colonic will flush some of these geritolian brains.
Martinis with valium, prunes and exlax seem to be keeping these old farts happy.
We need to do colostomies on them all to get rid of the assholes!
I’m surprised there isn’t a toilet paper shortage in D.C.


ACLU: In the Plame case, we have a relatively unusual circumstance where the source is essentially using the press in an effort to commit a federal crime…no version of a reporter-source privilege in my view or my judgment would cover the particulars of this situation.
Holy shit, you know you don’t have a leg to stand on when the ACLU tells you to shut up and take your medicine! They defended Rush Limbaugh. Jesus tapdancing christ, LIMBAUGH!


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