It’s like an hommage

Dilbert, last April:



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The sincerest form of flattery.


Or like a frottage on a urine-redolant subway car.

But seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s “homage.”


I think that’s the French spelling.


I think “hommage” would have something to do with manliness, wouldn’t it?


Face it gregh, you be PWN3D!!1! Better Dan and me than Jeff Goldstein, IMHO. Now fix it, slaveboy!


I believe the word is “frommage.”


As soon as Seb gives me the keys to his bog I’ll fix it. In the meantime, teh, NAILEDORONI!!!!!!!


Er Jeff, do you mean “fromage”?


Oh, sh…I meant “frottage”


teh is going to get my footaroni up his asserooski, suckaz!

You guyz are CWA. Cobaggaz Wit’ Attitude.

If you excuse me, I’ve got to roll in my six-four.


Oh teh! redolant? Methinks not!

You may also want to consider this!


entourage montage espionage visage massage assemblage


I think this comment was eaten the first time. I’m going to scream if it double posts.

Oh teh btw, redolant? Methinks not!

You may also want to consider this!


Oops. My bad. I was about to fix it when I hit post. Really!



I believe you teh but you’re still nailed!


for the recordses, i didn’t think it was weird.

nice graphic!


I’ll get you yet, my pretty!


You say potatoe, I say WTF….

So, let us go to our hate email bage and find us some good old fashioned down-home misspellin’s

Hey, the fact is we can mispel all we want here. Becase we are still more lucid than Marie Jon’ could ever hope to be


Don’t worry Jeff. We’re just funnin.



Couldn’t help myself.




Timmy, you are a cunt-cunt — you are a cunt-cunt-continuing source of inspiration to me. Want to hear a f-f-fantastic joke?


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