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“Guys, like I’m feeling some definite bad vibes, okay?”

What if an anti-war protest in Washington, DC had an official attendance of 100-150,000 people, but Charles “Pass Da Coochie On De Right-Hand Side” Johnson kept sticking to his story that only 30 people were going to come? That would be silly, don’t you think?

Mama Moonbat’s Multitudes

Courtesy of EU Rota, photographs of the enormous crowds at the National Mall, taken from a vantage point near the Washington Monument:


Nice try, Chaz.

Global Cop From DC has photos from the counter-protest.
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This counter-protest?


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My goodness- if he wants to play this game, perhaps we should take some photos to prove that this year’s Ohio State-Michigan game only had 200 people in attendance, and the rest is liberal media BS.
It could be done… oh, yes.


The upcoming game this year, that is.


And I am of course, referring to the upcoming game- as it hasn’t been played (damn language and it’s “tenses” and “words”).


Going for the ignoble fourth post in a row- the second one didn’t show up, so I thought I hit the wrong button (forgive me people, I’m tired and, while not hungover anymore, I’ve still got a bit of a headache).


The hosts for a morning show on a local radio station said that they were going to “protest Cindy Sheehan’s protest,” and immediately went on to make fun of her last name.

Guess which radio station lost a listener?

I’ve replaced that preset with a station that plays opera-type religious songs. I’m not religious, but damn–how can I resist thiry-year-old audio that features baritones?


It really seems like more something Rick would do, not Neil. I mean, sure, he’s got the hair to pull of a Neil, but he’s also a complete bastard.


GG, self NAILED!!!!!!! That’s always the most painful.

General question for the gang…..Why in the heck does LGF even care about the crowd size? It’s not as if this is getting any signifiant play in the media. Short of violence (no I’m not advocating it) it seems that protests no longer have much impact on the national discourse.


I love how the focus is on the count, like that even matters. It could have been 30,000 it could have been 10X. Are some American troops trading war atrocity pics for amateur porn? Yep. Did a massive report on torture just come out? Yep. It’s like they are playing how many mouse turds can fit on the head of a pin.

I have some feelers out for the LGF font, I’ll get back to yous.


OI! You put that wanker in with us usin’ that PhotoShoppe whatsit. Boody ‘ell, that’s plain rude, that is!


Why in the heck does LGF even care about the crowd size?

Because it’s proportional to penis size?


The Young Ones drunk on the pure essence of the stupid berry* were smarter, more mature and certainly more rationale than the best of the lizardroids.

*Gracious to Pinko Punko


To them, anyway…


GG, self NAILED!!!!!!! That’s always the most painful.

Ain’t it though?


I hate the self NAIL. I totally did it like 50 times today. GC is gonna D-vorce moi.

Sweet Vyv, I love the random talking food on that show. Do you think Chazmo’s food talks to him?

Broccoli: “Chazmo, I am your broccoli of doom. Repent, or I will cause you to have broccoli farts.”

Chazmo: “Nice try broccoli, but I like to smell my own farts. BRING ‘EM ON!”

Broccoili: Wah wah.


Oh Man, I’m so glad you guys are gonaa give Charles shit. His…they call it “reptilian hoards” I think?…will really make this fun.


They don’t bite, because they have their GAZE and their troll koan and their strange religion. They just cluck cluck. You can’t do anything to get them going, oh yeah, except express your opinion and use verifiable facts about stuff.


I guess I can only hope Neil makes him some daft hippie soup and it explodes, all right.


Every episode of the young ones has a blip of two or three frames, a fraction of a second, of something completely random.

a waterfall, a mantis, something

I always liked that, subliminal absurdity.

that and the exploding soup.

what I didn’t like was the line-up of speakers I saw on C-span. ra to the dical.


Those anti war demonstrators are mostly communist and their sympathizers as well as paid people to show up. Many are anti Semitic as well as the regular crazies. I find these people pathetic. Most Americans really do understand who they are. However we also can write about them and expose them. The Tides organization as well as the wing-nuts are putting in the big bucks for these pre- paid anti rallies. What a gig!

Good Vs evil wins in the end. He is coming and His reward is with Him!
PS. I like most all types of food. When are you taking me out? I asked if you wanted to do lunch


LGFers are a bunch of really boring negative-vibe merchants.


How do you explain my roomate then? He and his little buddies went off to the protest (damn rich kids… Although I got to watch football all weekend).
Oh, yes, it must be that I’m a lying Papist anti-semite Stalinist.
That explains everything.

And the End of the world is not coming any time soon… the Rapture and the apocolyse crap espoused by Robertson and Falwell is bad theology- I of all people should know, being that theology is one of my main areas of study.


(Better clairify a bit)
By “apocolypse crap”, I refer to the specifics and timing of the event given by those individuals, not a denial that it will eventually happen.


“And the End of the world is not coming any time soon…”

Oh yes it is, if Marie & Co. get their way…


Good point- allow me rework my earlier statement to be more specific: There’s not going to be a Jesus-sanctioned end of the world for quite some time.


The Tides! Holy cow. And I thought *I* was capable of dredging up esoteric paranoia trivia. That’s pretty impressive.
Though Marie loses points for playing the Commie card, and the “most Americans understand” ploy, which is basically just “all the lurkers agree with me” writ large.
Good may eventually triumph over evil. I’d like to hope so. But I doubt it’s going to happen in the hands of a people who righteously countenance the torture and deaths of innocents in the name of avenging the deaths of innocents.
I suspect we may end ourselves before Jesus is ready for us, but if he can prevent that, I’m hoping we can have another century or so, which is the absolute minimum we’re going to need to try to atone for what we’re doing–and that’s assuming we start now.
I hope your deity is a lot more forgiving than any of mine, Marie. And that, if so, he too exists.


According to CNN almost 400 people showed up in favor of the war, to counter over 100,000 anti-war protesters.
Marie Jon’ I got a sausage for you if you want to ‘do’ lunch.


Saying that the anti-war crowd are ‘anti-semitic’ is real bollocks. Whether you believe that the state of Israel is actually pulling America’s strings (via AIPAC and umpteen congressmen and women totally dependent on organised Jewish campaign funding) or whether you believe America is pulling Israel’s strings (for economic and geopolitical reasons connected with goading the Muslim world into providing pretexts so that it can be attacked) – either way, zionist expansionism is doing Jews no favors whatever. It seems to be turning a lot of them (and a lot of Americans, who think that the Near East is something like the High Chaparral but with added oriental glamor) into psycho’s.


Am I too late for the Young Ones digression? Because if I’m not, I’d just like to put in my vote for Alexei Sayle, playing the various Balovskis, as my favorite part of that show.


Alexi was actually the best comedian in the bunch. His stand-up is brilliant.


Saying that the anti-war crowd are ‘anti-semitic’ is real bollocks.

Well obviously, considering that Jewish-American opposition to the war has consistently equalled or exceeded overall American opposition to the war. Are we seriously to believe that anti-Semitism is as common among Jews as non-Jews?

Whether you believe that the state of Israel is actually pulling America’s strings (via AIPAC and umpteen congressmen and women totally dependent on organised Jewish campaign funding)

Of course if you do believe that, you may not be anti-Semitic, but you’re certainly buying into anti-Semitic canards. (How many is “umpteen”, and assuming it’s more than zero, can you name him or her?)


Man, I love the Young Ones.


C’mon guys, that’s not Marie. The spelling and grammar are much too good.


Whether you believe that the state of Israel is actually pulling America’s strings (via AIPAC and umpteen congressmen and women totally dependent on organised Jewish campaign funding)

Of course if you do believe that, you may not be anti-Semitic, but you’re certainly buying into anti-Semitic canards. (How many is “umpteen”, and assuming it’s more than zero, can you name him or her?)

— yay, beth : linky twinky blinky etc etc etc


Good Vs evil wins in the end. He is coming and His reward is with Him!
And then me and all the other god fearing, white christians will get into his chocolate coverered chariot, and we’ll all throw down and give jesus the best hummer he’s ever had, all the while pissing and spitting on the arabs and other brown ones we leave behind.


still, that story is disgusting.

and yeah, maybe not MJ, all the apostophe’s were in the right places.


By the way, is there anybody who actually talks about ‘anti-Semitic canards’ except Honest Abe Foxman?
A wonderful polemic against Foxman by Lenni Brenner, Wayback Machine


In fact, “FlameMag” have moved, and I have found the current link for Lenni Brenner’s “The Anti-Defamation League’s National Director is Crazy like a Foxman”, here


I remember reading those ads for FLAME in the back of US News and World Report when I sat in clinic waiting rooms.
Still get a kick out of it- and that it’s usually followed up by Mort Zuckerman’s ramblings is only icing on the cake (the only way it could be better is if it were Crazy Dave Horowitz himself). That’s funny ass shit (especially if you know better from 2 1/2 years of studying Middle Eastern history and Abrahamic Theology).


Are you sure it’s the same “Flame Magazine”? This one looks far too obscure to be advertising in US News and World Report, or anywhere else.


Different, though the topic in this case was the same (although the folks at “Facts and Logic About the Middle East” are probably a tad less ‘crazy’ than those at the mag, it is kind of a toss up for zeal).
Just made me go nostalgic about crazy Zionist types.


I have a few words to share with my good buddies about Sheehan and the huge amount of anti war demonstrators.
1- Quality is better than quaintly any day. So much for the group that backs up Sheehan who herself is totally star struck and disingenuous.
She stopped crying about her son a long time ago! She now is basking in the bright light of far leftist biased media and the far leftist in this county who have not a clue about the war on terror it’s real threat to us all. Your silly talking points have been a continual nonsense. All of the talking points have pure BULL FIT! Yes, all!

Getting back to the anti war people. Some who showed up are good America citizens that feel the war was a mistake. However, with that said most that showed up are well organized professional protestors that are paid to be any given place at a moments notice.
I find the Democrats despicable for using all kinds of people for their gain in the so called American and world’s public eye! They bring in communists groups, and anti Semitic groups and just about any group that they can call to show up before the TV cameras. Add that to the misguided collage groupies that are the party goers period! Now you have more nitwits attending. I can trace the money right to the Tides Foundation and other left wing money gatherers that give it up for just this type of gathering to appear successful. Guess what? So can O’Reilly , and so can you also if so included to do so. You are not so incline to do so. Your wish to believe a lie about all things.
Quality more than quality is what counts in the scheme of things in life. Remember the poem by Frost and the two roads less traveled.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth Then took the other as just as fair And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads onto way doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost


Marie, you must be more talented than you let on. Not only can you see into Cindy Sheehan’s mind, you can read the minds of 100,000 other individuals too. And all without breaking a visible sweat!

Or, to quote the famous Robert Burns poem:

Conservatives are fucktards

— Robert Burns


Oh, Marie- you’re outdoing your oh so righteous heretical self!
Somehow, I don’t think Jesus would approve of you spreading scandal like this without any evidence as to the personal thoughts and motivations of these people you slander.
I give you, from Luke 17:

17:1. And He said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come. But woe to him through whom they come!

17:2. It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.


Well, I can prove my thoughts to as to who are those who engaged in these anti war marchers. Only but a few of those who are whole heartedly are moved by American patriotism to march against a war on terror. This was all documented about such groups during the past political campaigns. You are the fooled ones or you just wish desperately to believe a lie. You enjoy your Democratic far leftists ears tickled.

As for quoting the scripture that pertains to harming physically or hurting little children. I have not filled that conception of the scriptures. I teach Bible class and I know God’s word. It’s part of my life, not just a mere interest. “Judge not lest ye be judge” means I do not judge one’s personal salvation. God does that, not Marie. We all judge many things in life.

You do that with a man you don’t even know personally. President G. W. Bush. You judge others on this blog. What’s with that?


Scandals are scandals, Marie, be they physical or political. You take only the direct context of the statement but forget the larger message.
Not that I would expect such comprehension from a woefully misguided Protestant fundamentalist, who by definition lacks the ability to find nuance in any sort of work, be it Scriptural or otherwise.
I do feel terribly sorry for those unfortunates who you are infecting with your false teachings, however, though I find it interesting that you are allowed to teach others given your horrid command of the written word (theology being already covered under things you don’t properly understand) and apparent inability to register an original thought. Perhaps that’s what those responsible for your pupils like- God-forbid that anyone think!
However, one point that bothers me greatly is that you are still apparently incapable of understanding that we don’t care as to your thoughts of the protesters, we question your ability to read their minds and judge their intentions.
Since you are incapable of reading Cindy Sheehan’s mind (If you were, that would make you a witch, and as you know, we shall not suffer one of those to live), you are also totally incapable of making intellectually honest statements as to her and others’ intentions behind the war.
If you had some documented evidence as to intent-as, for example, we do for the Administration’s intentions toward Iraq- then you’re interpretation would be far more viable as a theory (meanspirited and paranoid such as it is).
I don’t judge the salvation of others in a serious manner (when I do ‘judge’ at all, it’s usually a joke or a comment on the person’s avowed view toward the tenents of Christianity- nothing the Fathers and Doctors never did).
Besides, I’ve never claimed at any point in my life to be a pious and observant Catholic, just one that knows a hell of a lot more about the evolution of teaching and interpretation than most fundamentalists after years of study from various perspectives.
So, continue to ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?” when considering Iraq and America’s economic policy. If you find yourself agreeing with Bush, then you may be much farther gone from the Path than you ever considered possible.


Dang it, she’s got me channelling my great-grandmother (the one that said “I say we should have burned Calvin and Luther at the stake when we had the chance”- not that I agree, at least with the latter).

I need a drink… but I’ve got class tomarrow.

(And as an aside, I don’t have any inclination as to the eternal destination of Mr. Bush, Marie. While I know what dogma and Church Law say about his actions and politics, I also know that they say everyone has a chance at salvation if they are sincere in their beliefs and do good works- and not knowing the man personally, I couldn’t judge as to whether or not that is the case. The same goes for you, if you exist in real life).


Marie, where do you get this rent-a-mob theory? Where is your evidence that anti-war demonstrators are PAID by Moonbat Central?


I notice your constant personal, attracts on my person. You do not wish to converse without the barbs.
I’ll have the proof that you wish in a few days. These facts were brought out by reputable research. The media will not say a word because they have their agenda. Fox had a full list complied and they exposed these groups. Then it was just a matter of to follow the money and the differing groups involved.
As a nurse in training I see loss on a constant basses. I also know what loss from my own family. People who are healthy of mind get past the deep mourning by one year. You never ever forget the loss. It stays with parents forever. However the memories become sweeter. A gentle claim sets in. Each day gets better. One also does not stay forever angry and blame the world and say outlandish words. Look at the dignified ways other families conduct themselves with the loss of their our troop. They do not reflect the same behavior as Cindy Sheehan.

You need not feel sorry for those who learn God’s word by me. All student teachers have the pastor by their side. We are in every sense of the word becoming disciples. It is not just the pastor’s job to spread the gospel. I’m very active in our church young adult and youth group. What do you do besides being a pacifist and mock other’s Christian beliefs? You have a very un pleasant personality. Rude is more like it. I came here because of Gavin. I’ll not bother anymore. You can read about it on the Website when troop and other men who been active in the FBI write their articles.


Well, I can prove my thoughts to as to who are those who engaged in these anti war marchers. Only but a few of those who are whole heartedly are moved by American patriotism to march against a war on terror.

To quote Rocky the Rooster (Mel Gibson) in Chicken Run: “Was that English?”


Pacifist? Hardly, in general- I am perfectly comfortable with Aquinas’ Just War criterion.
The First Gulf War qualified, Somalia qualified, and Afganistan qualified; Iraq did not and does not- the late Pope said so himself. Thusly I am inclined to oppose it, as I was previously when the attempted run up there were significant questions about the claims of Al Qaeda’s organizational ties to Hussein.
Furthermore- Afganistan being at least worthy enough to over look this- I don’t like the new precedent (set down from Vietnam) where are government is too pathetic to even declare war.
If you call it a war, just declare war- if he was so confident in his mandate, and he probably even had the votes to do so.
As for unpleasent, that’s only around people I find wholly unsavory and wildly dishonest- like you, Marie. You could draw some sort significance from that, as I like most people- even those I disagree with, just fine.
You however, are one of those special few that really anger me- you’re in that group with guys like Hannity, O’Reilly, Hindraker, Reynolds and Johnson. Congrats, although I still have serious doubts as to your actual existance (it’s the internet, nothing personal at least on that account).
I still feel terribly sorry for those kids who are getting their minds warped (as I do for all children who are by any and every single nutty part of every single religious group in the world- my own church included).
Just a few bits of info about your pals. Articles will be up on People Political in a week.
Cindy meets with Sen. John McCain and calls him a war monger, Yep , meet with Cindy! Charlie Wrangle a black racist


Col. Robert L. Pappas, Retired, Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu – Just a few that will give the skinny about the anti war groups that show up and founded by Tides – George and other “Left” organizations. Then one can surmise they are paid people who allow themselves to be whores for the Democratic Party. Quaintly Vs Quality. I’ll take the Quality people any day.

I’ll get something to you. Gordon, Will do. My next article will be entitled “The Decline of the Antiwar Movement.”Steve Beren, I am already on it. The 82nds hurricane mission ended yesterday. So I am back. Should have an article for you this weekend. God Bless,Tony



I’ll gladly agree with you that the Anarchists, Communists and ANSWER are crazies- and crazies attempting to co-opt the protests for their own agenda. It’s kind of like if Fred Phelps showed up with his posse all equipped in their “God Hates Fags” gear for a Pro-Life protest.
Crazies, who are but the fringe of the movement (not unlike Phelps on your team).

However, every source can be countersourced- the Capital Research Center has been cited as an avowed part of the “defund the left” movement, and thus has just as much credibility to us as MediaMatters has to you.
Furthermore, the author of that report, a Mr. John J. Tierney Jr., has in the past claimed that various parts of the anti-war and progressive movement in general are part of a huge communist conspiricy to take over America, which sounds just a titch paranoid and, dare I say, crazy.
Your sources have little credibility- though I admit I was pleasantly surprised at the effort you put in and that you at least cited sources. Good for you.


Okay… that second one of yours, Marie, made zero sense whatsoever.


This is just too damn funny. Before I say anything, guinessguy, Ouch! You just burned Marie so bad I think my eyebrows are singed.
Next up, Marie’s argument (now that she’s in the minority as far as the war goes) suddenly comes up with the idea that the supposed quality of the people protesting the war is inherently less than the quality of the few that support it. Awesome. I can’t wait to see the GOP start working on that talking point. “Uhhh your all wrong, Just wrong ok? It’s hard work. Did we mention there’s s new missing white girl in aruba?”
Lastly wtf does this mean? “leftist in this county who have not a clue about the war on terror it’s real threat to us all. Your silly talking points have been a continual nonsense. All of the talking points have pure BULL FIT! Yes, all!
Ever since Marie called me meatball in an email, I’ve been wondering if this is some weirdo redneck slang or if she’s really pulling this kind of stuff right out of her ass. Does anyone know?


I don’t agree that the groups and individuals cited in the ‘Capital Research’ document (18 months old) are ‘crazies’, though I can see that if ‘GuinnessGuy’ is trying to appeal to Marie from a ‘fellow-christians’ point of view he might rather unthinkingly say so (the ‘usual suspects’ in the document actually include a Catholic assistant Bishop). Basically, everything in the document is not only well known but quite banal – though some of the interpretations are wrong, for instance the claim that the exclusion of Rabbi Michael Lerner from an anti-war speakers’ list is ‘anti-Semitic’. He was not excluded because he was jewish – many of the speakers were Jewish – but because of ideological disputes about Israel. Similarly calling Rangel a racist is simply peddling a bigoted conclusion from an unexplained dispute.


I don’t think Capital Research is crazy, nor did I say they were. They are, however, decidedly partisan in their activities and are not credible or objective enough to be an end-all source for such accusations. A similar claim could be made for MediaMatters (at least from an objectivity standpoint), hence my comparison, which should give you all you need to know about my feelings vis a vis the sanity of the organization itself (I greatly respect MediaMatters, even if I think they try too hard sometimes). I can see how you could read it that way though. No worries, man.
Tierney, on the other hand, has in the past made very serious and unfounded accusations regarding a large conspiricy of liberals, which as we know, doesn’t exist. Thus, he is also uncredible as a reliable source, in addition to the total lack of original information and banal
analysis he provides.
I don’t imagine Marie would lose sleep over Catholic participation in the event… Mrs. Sheehan, the Plowshares and the Pope’s position on the war means nothing to her anyway.



“A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.”

— Robert Frost.


Hee hee- I had totally forgotten about that on, mdhatter, and its sitting taped to my workspace wall.
Nice catch!


Aha, this is where you all are. Thanks for letting me know!


I didn’t say you said ‘capital research’ were ‘crazies’, GuinnessGuy, I said you agreed with Marie that the people they called ‘crazies’ were crazies’: “I’ll gladly agree with you that the Anarchists, Communists and ANSWER are crazies- and crazies attempting to co-opt the protests for their own agenda … Crazies, who are but the fringe of the movement.”Marie may be as cute as a button, but if you want to lick her ass I suggest you ask her for permission to do it physically, rather than trying to do it ideologically.


Ohhh… I misread your deal, sorry, my bad.
Still- I stand by the “ANSWER are crazies” thing. I agree with Kos on this point- if people are going to protest the War, stay on topic, and don’t make the rest of us look bad.
One shouldn’t let partisanship prevent one from agreeing on something you agree about.
If Marie said “Hitler was a bastard”, I wouldn’t disagree out of partisanship! That would be utterly foolish.
I offered that some of the people at the protest were nuts- it would be intellectually dishonest of me to say otherwise, since in my opinion a very small number of those gathered fall into that catagory.
Marie thinks almost all of them were- which is utter idiocy. I hold myself to the same standard of intellectual honesty regardless of politics (not saying you don’t- if you find ANSWER and whatnot to be ideologically acceptable, then you’re being totally honest), and try to call bullshit when I see it on both sides, which sometimes involves playing Devil’s Advocate on certain liberal blogs (usually when it invovles undue Catholic bashing or being unnecessarily cruel to some brainwashed kids).

I still am convinced, however, that Marie is at least a partial fabrication.
Think about it:
It’s all too perfect- a nursing student from a loving family, pretty, a bible studies teacher, born-again Christian, uber-patriotic (to the border of idol worship) Republican, blah de blah. It’s like Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher’s lovechild.
Plus, we’ve only seen the one photo, which could easily have been scanned from an obscure catalogue or somesuch. And, her writing is consistantly shoddy, as is the editing and setup of her website.
I’d like to see some corroboration, really.


GG, I really admire the way you handled that.

Regarding MJ being real or not, I’ve got to admit that I have my doubts that she’s real. Although, short of an elaborate hoax I don’t really see what the point would be. Also there is some history of MJ’ on the web starting circa 2003. Do some googling of her names and e-mail addresses and you’ll find a pretty consistent path leading to where she’s at today. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if she is not entirely as she represents herself (i.e., the pretty young nursing student).

BTW, read the poll of the week at her site for a good chuckle.


Googling of her name only results (at least as far as I could tell- but I have been known to overlook things, as we just noticed with Rowan’s earlier comment) come from various lefty bloggers and from the columns she’s written on various right-wing websites- and she’s had what seems to be a progessively higher output since she started in ’03.
One of these days I’ll have to do a little more in depth researching and actually plot this on a graph or something (perhaps one day when I have time for a blog of my own :sigh:).
But I’ve yet to find another picture of her, or evidence as to her existance prior to 2003.
Googleing my name, for example, brings up newspaper reports of my academic awsomeness as well as stuff on the NAQT site for my Academic Bowl prowess from high school. I’ve also got a few mentions on various bios of my dad (from his various gigs coaching college football), going back to 1997 at least, but there’s nothing available for Marie that doesn’t involve politics.
I mean, it’s probable it’s a pseudonym, given the oddness of the last name, but I find it hard to believe that her bio is accurate.
She’s like the Mithras of the right wing media (the Roman god, not the blog)- she’s a paragon of what her followers believe to be good and true, and like Mithras, I think she only exists to her followers as a philosophical example.


And it’s this bit that bothers me the most about her biography and is the set off- I can accept that there is some little Ms. Perfect out there who overachieves and whatnot, but this:

“Her writing style is down to earth. Marie’s family comes from a long line of Democrats. Most all have joined Marie in changing their Party hats to the Republican Party.”

Sets off the bullshit alarm.
First, if by “down to earth” she means “Incapable of publish-quality writing”, then she’s on the money. That paragraph looks like the work of a fifth grader (actually…).
Second, “family… a long line of Democrats…most all have changed… to the Republican Party” strikes me as utterly implausible. I have a cousin- Mr. UberCatholic. He’s a choir teacher at one of the big Catholic schools in Iowa- a great one at that. He’s also a diehard Republican, coming from a long line of Democrat voting Catholic Workers and their predecessors. He’s a great guy, and I love him to death, but he’s never made an impact on any one of his family members even a little, as far as politics are concerned.
Families just don’t change political beliefs radically based on one person becoming born-again or somesuch.
That only happens at political paradigm shifts- Reagan Democrats, for example. I find it highly unlikely that a family who were “strong Democrats” (and presumably at least moderate left on some issues) would follow one member to the batshit-far right when they could have followed through on any long held beliefs during Reagan’s run or even First Bush if they converted too late for ’84. Second Bush didn’t inspire that kind of political exodus, even during the second election, where he actually won. 9/11 doesn’t jibe well either, since Marie doesn’t indicate that she was a so-called “mugged leftist”, which is a feather in the cap of any tinfoil sporting pundit (Thanks Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Johnson!), and thus since her family “followed her”, it would seem to imply she was the first, no?
If the family followed to a man almost after 9/11, then why doesn’t she mention it? Again, these kinds of things are what we see being bragged about on every other far right blog (except for those who were “born and bred” as it were).
She doesn’t mention her state, either, which I find somewhat suspicious as well. She’s got the basic outline of a bio, but suspiciously leaves stuff absent.
I don’t know… my gut tells me she’s a young lady who invented the persona of a perfect Republican woman, perhaps hoping to gain credibility given her average writing and rhetorical skills. I believe that the photo is a fake, and will continue to do so until I see a differant photo of that woman- the look screams to me “catalogue model”, and the “photographer’s background” could easily be placed in with Photoshop.
Still… there’s no obvious motive- other than to provide someone who doesn’t want their identity known with credibilty. That she overdid it seems to indicate no experiance with this sort of thing as well.
I’m sure it’s just an innocent pseudonym with attatched phony bio, but it’s just… odd.

I need bed- I’m starting to talk all paranoid, heheh.


Well, there is one right-wing columnist whom S,N! invented (the columns are published in authentic wingnut sites, and this is definitely a running gag that hasn’t seen its end), but Marie is 100% real.

Jon’ isn’t actually her real surname. She might be mad if I said what it was, but you can find it by Googling her pen name and seeing what turns up from a couple of years ago.


“there is one right-wing columnist whom S,N! invented” it’s SWANK!GuinnessGuy, when you start using the argument of ‘these wingers are losing us credibility with our adversaries’ argument then you are playing into their hands. Never explain,, never apologise : communists and fascists in the respective wings are PART OF THE NORMAL DEAL – and not only that but the linear scheme of politics is wrong : rather than a left/right spectrum is is a circle where the ultra-left and ultra-right meet at a mysterious omega point of para-politics – and in fact I will go further, it is not a circle but a PRETZEL – they CROSS OVER EACH OTHER at the omega point and then proceed into one another’s territory in the form of false flag operators.


I haven’t really made up my mind about the various sorts of protestors. I’m sure the various chants from end violence in palestine to free tibet confused some of the middle-right types that the marches are trying to convert.
That being said, I think the diversity of opinion and the breadth of ideas is the main thing that keeps the democratic party the real “big tent” party. Does anyone think that the protest warriors allowed any chants or signs that weren’t lockstep with the party line? Doubt it. They would have been silenced and removed so fast they wouldn’t have had time to count the laughably miniscule number of pro-war brain deads that showed up.


Protest Warriors are too dumb even to teach their placard carriers that the placards are satirical, to be used at left wing demonstrations.

The idea that demonstrations of any sort are supposed to convert the opposition is in my view incorrect. They are supposed to scare the opposition, not convert it.


I hope I’m not being too arcane there with Protest Warrior, but it’s true, they make satirical posters for right wingers to display at left wing demonstrations. That’s why it was so funny when some people turned up with their placards at a right wing rally and got beaten up.


No, your not being arcane about the Protest Warriors- they’re stupid, however:

“Never explain, never apologise ”

I find that to be totally absurd in my view, wrongheaded. You’re entitled to your political paradigm, as am I- which is why I refuse to give credence to the views of ANSWER or the Communists when they go too far off of the mainstream into tinfoil land. By legitimising what they do, we’re doing some of the wingnut’s work for them (so really, it’s a push then- they’ll try to burn us no matter what we do).
I cannot and will not sacrifice sanity for the sake of a united politcal front- I respect these persons’ right to have their beliefs, and their right to express them, but not when they try to hijack our mutual work for their own fringe purposes.
You are, of course, welcome to a differing opinion, but I stand by my beliefs.


well our periwinkle wearing friend has been true to her word and stopped reading, so it’s academic.


Indeed- **offers metaphorical hand**


**pulls GG into slough of despond**


**Looks around Slough of Despond and, thinking it looks rather familiar, shrugs**


Attention: This is a health warning to all those who attended the anti war rally . Those gosh darn Islamic are at it again. Keep these symptoms in mind if you get sick.
God bless ,
Health authorities in the Washington area were notified yesterday that the bacteria were found in and near the area between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, where crowds gathered Saturday for an antiwar rally and a book festival.

Biohazard sensors showed the presence of small amounts of potentially dangerous tularemia bacteria in the Mall area last weekend as huge crowds assembled there, but health officials said they believed the levels were too low to be a threat.’

The notification, which came from federal health officials, said that after the initial detection, subsequent tests “supported the presence of low levels” of the bacteria. However, officials also said they did not believe the findings posed a health problem.

“We pretty much feel there is no public health threat here,” said Von Roebuck, a spokesman for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noting that there have been no reports of tularemia, the disease that is caused by the bacteria. “We just wanted to alert the medical community to watch out for cases.”

Health officials said the usual incubation period for tularemia is less than a week.

Roebuck said people who were on the Mall but who do not have symptoms need not be concerned.

Symptoms include fever, chills, headache, muscle ache, joint pain, dry cough and conjunctivitis.

Officials said the quantities detected were too small to have been an attack.

In nature, the bacteria are found in rodents and small animals, and “the working hypothesis” is that something in the environment got stirred up, D.C. Public Health Director Gregg A. Pane said.

But he said it was puzzling that the finding was from a day when the Mall was packed with people.

“Why that day? That’s what is not explained,” Pane said. “It was just this 24-hour period and none since.”

At least one official suggested that so many people on the Mall might have triggered the alert, since dry conditions would have made it easier to raise dust.

Tularemia is not spread from person to person. It can be contracted by direct contact with the bacteria that cause it — by swallowing them or, if they have been suspended in air, through inhalation.

The germ that causes tularemia is considered a biohazard because it is highly infectious and was tested in the 1960s by the United States as a biological weapon. The disease is treatable with antibiotics but, if left untreated, can be fatal.

Sensors showed the presence of small amounts of potentially dangerous tularemia bacteria in the Mall area last weekend as huge crowds assembled there, but health officials said they believed the levels were too low to be a threat.

Samples from sensors are collected daily to check for pathogens such as those that cause anthrax, smallpox or plague.

More than a half-dozen sensors operating from 10 a.m. Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday — at sites including the Lincoln Memorial, Fort McNair and Judiciary Square — detected the bacteria, Pane said he was told.

He said the CDC expected to notify hospitals nationwide as a precaution because so many people came from out of town to the Mall last weekend.

Similarly, he said, he expected area health officials to watch for symptoms into next week.

Authorities recommend that people who visited the Mall between 10 a.m. Sept. 24 and 10 a.m. Sept. 25 should see a physician if they experience symptoms.


Why the hell would the “Islamic” (sic) attack a bunch of protestors if those individuals are, as you claim, helping “the terrorists” (which presumably are the same as the “Islamic”), especially if we go with the tinfoil Horowitz theory in combination with yours, which would indicate that “the terrorists” are actually paying these people to come!?
Al Qaeda may be many things, but they aren’t stupid- they wouldn’t attack their political allies (which if you are correct, these people are)?
What possible purpose would it serve for their agenda, especially if your theory is correct?

No, more likely if, and I mean in the miniscule possibilty that it was an attack of some kind, it was some nutzoid McVeigh-type who hates “dem commies and hippies” decided to pull an Anthrax letter trick and unleash an amateurish biological attack in order to scare the shit of out them and to “prove” that the ‘terrists’ can strike anywhere or something equally crazy. This is way too bush league for Al Qaeda.
Chances are it was just a random occurance, one of many that happen over the year.

Oh, and Welcome Back, Marie- we knew that even Retardo’s considerable masculine charms couldn’t keep you away from us.


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