Help, help, I’m being repressed!

The Bush twins think they have it pretty tough:

The book recalls the twins’ run-ins with the law in underage drinking incidents. The girls regard their Secret Service agents as “their chauffeurs, bellhops and valets,” the book says. It says “they persist in seeing themselves as victims of daddy’s job.”

In related news, Jenna and Barbara cry themselves to sleep every night, muttering “It’s not easy being me” over and over.

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“Their parents have taken a hands-off approach toward the young women, the author says.”

And it shows!


“Victims of Daddy’s job”? Yeah, you and all 280 million of us, not to mention the dead Iraqis.


WTF?! You haven’t said jack about Amber since January 6! She’s now decided she loves the Iranian people as much as she loves cock, maybe more! And do you have anything to say about this development? Sadly, No!

Amber link:


Doesn’t that line about misusing Secret Service agents sound — well — a little familiar?


“Doesn’t that line about misusing Secret Service agents sound — well — a little familiar?”

The Barney connection!



We don?t know why everyone makes so much fun of us. We?ve never killed any of our boyfriends, unlike mom, , or driven drunk, like Dad and Uncle Dick, . Nor are we muff divers like Dick?s daughter, or lipstick lesbians like Aunt Lynne, . And you don?t see us going to Vegas, getting married, then calling it off two days later like Dad?s #1 fan, Britney Spears,


Secret Service agents have said, very off-the-record, that the only two personalities to have treated them with respect & dignity were Fritz Mondale and Patti Davis.

Doesn’t sound like Jeena & Barb will make that list.


Bayard, Do I know you?
Have you ever been to St Louis?
If yes, hit me up on ICQ: 136547585.
If not – sorry you just remind me of someone.


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