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What If They Gave a Protest But Nobody Came?

Getty Images has some interesting photos from today?s ?anti-war? demonstration in Washington, DC, hosted by the peace-loving Stalinists of International ANSWER.

The interesting part: no overall crowd shots so we can gauge the size. The only crowd shot I?ve seen so far is at Yahoo, where it looks like the turnout was much less than 100,000 people. The biggest crowd seems to have been at the free concert.

UPDATE at 9/24/05 2:56:48 pm:

Jeff Goldstein has more on the media?s tendency to exaggerate: Anatomy of an anti-war puff piece.

UPDATE at 9/24/05 3:01:34 pm:

Still more about the mainstream media?s dishonest spin on the personalities involved in this protest, at Stop the Bleating.
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Sure, whatever.

And here’s what the DC Police Chief says about the crowds, according to the lefty-liberal, rabidly anti-war Washington Times (via AP).


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and crickets chirping over the “freedom march”


Looks like the anti-war movement is getting a little to big for a few little green rectums.


Anti-war Stalinists?…buh..MY BRAIN!


Anti-war Stalinists?…buh..MY BRAIN!

Y’know, it’s funny, but disconnects from reality like that no longer bother me. In fact, I hardly even notice anymore. Yes, I have spent far too much time soaking in wingnuttia….


Uh, I haven’t counted yet, and possibly some of those people are the same from picture to picture…
But it looks like more than thirty to me.


1…2…3…4…5…6… oh, shit, lost count. I’ll start over.

1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8… crap, lost count again.

Oh, fuck it, it can’t be more than thirty people out there anyway.


Man, that’s a shitload of anti-war Stalinists. Stalin may win in a write-in in ’08. Can they do that?


The police chief is saying 100,000. Is that more than 30?


To reiterate, the couple who “called the removal of Saddam Hussein ‘a noble mission'” are surely the least politically representative of all those attending this rally. That goes without saying — indeed, it is an assertion that requires absolutely no supporting evidence whatsoever. In point of fact, the onus is on you leftists to prove that this paltry demonstration was populated by anything other than diehard Stalinist vegan lesbian Islamofascist terrorists.

And it was so a Mooslem crescent.

Oh, and have I mentioned yet that I’m hung like a fruit fly?


Dig yer blog! Thanks for the wa-times link!


Anyone else think the LGF guy looks like Wendy Carlos?


Ooh, that’s evil. How about Rick Wakeman? I see some album-cover art being Photoshopped…


Is Wendy Carlos the P and the R chick? Dude, somebody PLEASE do a Yes bubble-letter style logo for LGF?

So what would the album be?


Wait, she’s that crazy punk lady, right?


Is Wendy Carlos the P and the R chick? Dude, somebody PLEASE do a Yes bubble-letter style logo for LGF?

So what would the album be?

Wow. Tormato? Yessongs? Where does one find a bubble-font like that?


I was thinking Fragile or maybe Relayer, but what would the bad pun be? Well, Fragile would work just fine without a pun.

Hmm Lush’s “Shake Baby Shake” just came on, can;t think right now.


PP: I think you’re thinking of Wendy O and the Plasmatics…Different skeez altogether.


“I wasn’t there, and I don’t believe in the premise- therefore, this is a pure fabrication of the evil, anti-semite-liberal-commie-pinko-poophead controlled media. I want a sucker, wahaa!”



We had one in London too, and the figure varies, Lancet style, between 10,000 and 100,000. It didn’t rain. For some reason Tom Hayden was there and spoke boringly for several minutes to scattered applause.


Didn’t the Freedom Walk on 11 Sept 2005 – while touted as a march to honour the victims of 11 Sept 2001 – turn into a thinly veiled pro-war march?

How many people showed up to that again? Roughly 10,000?

Huh. Interesting.


so…I just got back from this thing.

a) There were far less people at the free concert than in the march. A large percentage of the people left after the march itself. By the time Le Tigre played (about midnight), most of the people had left.

b) There were so many people in the march that by the time the front end had made it’s circle, the back end still hadn’t started yet.

c) I met Matthew Lesko. It ruled.


Also, last time I went to an anti-war march in DC, about two years ago, there was a large counter protest of hundreds of people (in which Bob Dornan seriously argued that we needed to invade Iraq so that they would make us better cars. Seriously.)

This time: maybe ten guys.


Didn’t the Freedom Walk on 11 Sept 2005 – while touted as a march to honour the victims of 11 Sept 2001 – turn into a thinly veiled pro-war march?

As far as I could tell, it started out that way. The victims of Sept 11 would hopefully not be memorialized by a march sponsored by the Department of Defense. Honestly, I’m not sure who would be in charge of that, but I’m guessing not Rumsfeld.
The fake dog tags and the Clint Black concert were also something of a giveaway.

Given the latest from The Nation, I’m kinda nostalgic for the America Supports You Freedom Walk, when I only felt *embarrassed* to be American.


and now you feel rankly mortified, I can imagine


For my part, I’m on the one hand proud that we’re able to have such a wide range of political beliefs, and on the other hand terrified that our government is whoring itself so impressively shamelessly.
At least it can’t last forever…


Apparently it CAN last forever, if you understand the wonders of conservative economics!


For some reason Tom Hayden was there and spoke boringly for several minutes to scattered applause.

Maybe he knew better than to show his stupid ass over here?


I was down there for the book fest, and there were more than thirty people for the March. I saw some people who came for both the book fair and the march with shirts that said “Peace and Neil [Gaiman]”


Keep in mind that among certain less-developed peoples, counting proceeds “One, two, many” or some equivalent. Not only do these peoples not have language for numbers higher than two (or sometimes up to five), their minds are not even wired to be able to comprehend such large numbers as anything other than “many.”

So when the LGF crowd rants about “30 people” at the protest, or complains about the librul meeja exaggerating numbers, I think we have to remember that for them, “30” and “100,000” are essentially the same number: “many.”


I was there at the D.C. march, and can state categorically that there were more than thirty people marching against the war. There were fifty people on our bus alone, confirmed 7 times by head counts.

Our contingent stood for two hours waiting for our chance to merge with the marchers, so I’m guessing that we were also preceded by more than thirty people. Maybe it was more like 99,950 people ahead of us.

When I (toward the back of the march) got to the counter-protest in front of the FBI building I only saw about fifty counter-protestors. Perhaps by that time (about five o’clock) some of them had gotten discouraged and left.

The counterprotestors looked the way I remember us looking back in March of 2003. Very emotional, and worried that no one is listening. Upset because they’re outnumbered.

Too bad our political parties, the American appetite for entertainment and TV-shortened attention spans have reduced our public conversation about matters of war and peace to a question of who can get the most marchers in the street. Too bad the current administration tried to run the U.S. like a cadre of dictators and the Democrats responded by exposing their bellies to signify submission. Too bad it took the devastation of the Gulf Coast, and pictures of Americans suffering, to get people to start wondering about the fairy tales about Iraq that this administration has been feeding us through the uncritical MSM. To get them to think about how the rich keep get richer and the poor, powerless and people of color keep making the sacrifices in the neocon world.

But if marching is the only way we can get rational Republicans to think about their own political futures, and get Democrats to start looking for their balls, then I’ll be there.


This is the last comment of the LGF post – can anybody tell me what it means?

I tried to get Chief Ramsey to comment on the guy with the burst scrotum but, he could only say it was the “worst case of scrotal explosion” he had seen in his entire career. But, they are still looking for the missing testicle. He appealed to the public to turn in any missing testicles…

Maybe it’s for the best if we don’t try to figure this out; it could be more of that “conservative” humor, the kind known to twist psyches and create nervous tics.


I heard, the actualnumber was more like, um, 600.,6903,1577750,00.html

Oh wait; that’s how much the Little Green Snotball crowd has donated so far to the Alcoholic-in-Chief’s Iraq charity fund.


the could only say it was the “worst case of scrotal explosion” he had seen in his entire career

Wait… he’s seen multiple (makes it sound like at least 10) burst scrotums? That’s fucked up!


they must only be counting the pirates.


I will suggest that President Bush understands money better than any President we have ever had. He understands it better than most economists. He understands it better than our illustrious pundits. President Bush understands money the way a financier understands money. He sees it as a force or a power that one squirts at the world to make the world change. He sees it as a weapon.

This is not how accountants view money, and it is not how most economists view money. And it is certainly not how any ordinary citizen could view money. But in the mind of a President of the United States, such thinking has the potential to lead to some rather revolutionary results.
Look out Iraq, here comes georgie boy to squirt freedom juice all over ya!Cut to Bush (furiously masturbating, pounding his little crimson hard-on all over the sunni triangle.)


Ugh- could have done without ever hearing that.

Curse you, Timmah, curse you to Hell!

An Angry Old Broad

The number 30,as in 30 anti war protestors,came from Rush today.The LGFers at least got talking point of the day right.Not much else.


Once again, GG, let’s hope you don’t read The Rude Pundit.


At least at the Rude Pundit you expect it:
Here I was just scrolling down, minding my own business and BOOM: Bush furiously masturbating.
It’s the surprise factor you know.


sorry the image of bush squirting his change all over the world was too humorous for me not to say it


anyway blame rowan, he linked to the article i got the quote from 🙂


:shudder: Fair enough.
It was funny (if terrifyingly demented).


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