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Mama Moonbat, 30 Supporters Descend on Capitol

Chazmo Johnson hears a Blue Meanie behind him. Baksheesh, effendi! Hassan chop! Although…no. The hair? Better check this source photo again. [Update: Hippity-do-dah!]

The Washington Post continues hyping Cindy Sheehan with another ridiculous article titled: Sheehan, Supporters Descend on The Capital [sic].

Gotta love it. ?Descend on the Capitol.? All 30 of them.

And also a few other people.

Still dumb as sphagnum. Regarding that “sic,” Washington DC is the ‘capital city’ of the United States of America, while that white, rotundinated building with the Thomas Crawford statue of Freedom on the top and Congress conspiring inside, is the ‘Capitol.’

Since it’s LGF, there must be comments. Are there? Let’s see!

#1 ibmkeyboard 9/22/2005 08:29AM PDT

glad they were not flying a plane.

#2 Ringo the Gringo 9/22/2005 08:29AM PDT

My moonbat sister is one of the 30.

#3 Americain 9/22/2005 08:29AM PDT

Better get the crowd control folks out.

#4 Austin Conservative 9/22/2005 08:29AM PDT


#5 The Other Elizabeth 9/22/2005 08:29AM PDT

These people are really pathetic. If you want to go help, start driving to Texas, you tool.

The Other Elizabeth
Imperial Keeper

#6 Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus 9/22/2005 08:30AM PDT

We laugh, but that’s only 11 more than Mohammed Atta had with him. And Mama Moonbat’s hardly less dangerous than he was, in the long run.

#7 RebTex 9/22/2005 08:31AM PDT

?Not one more!? they chanted
I was hopin’ they meant “how many days they had left”.

#8 freedomplow 9/22/2005 08:31AM PDT

Proof the media and Cindy have a coordinated effort for this weekend.

#9 rayparish 9/22/2005 08:32AM PDT

Can we “pool our resources and buy [them] an island to get [them] away from our country”? How about an iceberg?

#10 Vercingetorix 9/22/2005 08:32AM PDT

To be fair, this is an unusual gathering, as the number of demonstrators is actually greater than the number of brain cells among them. That might be a first.

#11 David Simon 9/22/2005 08:32AM PDT

I had skin in the game,? Sheehan said.

She really does love to mix her metaphors, doesn’t she?

#12 Missy The Cat 9/22/2005 08:33AM PDT

Did anyone catch the Bush bashing comercial on Fox this morning? I was half dozing on the couch with the kittens so all I remember is some women saying something (in an indignant tone) about Bush’s “mistake”.

#13 shatterglass 9/22/2005 08:33AM PDT

My question: “Bring Them Home Now” … for what, exactly? Let’s bring all troops home from all over the globe, and they can, um, pass out lunches to the homeless and, um, plant flowers.

#14 Carl in Jerusalem 9/22/2005 08:33AM PDT

Crawford is too far inland to be affected by the storm, right? Otherwise, maybe we could send Cindy on a return trip….

#15 Free Speech Is Only For ?ber-Libs 9/22/2005 08:33AM PDT

If we didn?t love our country, we could pool our resources and buy an island and get away from our country.?

Great Idea. Take most of Hollywad with you.

If you wish to be merry, here are a few hundred more.


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I remember when it was just Donkeys and Elephants.

Now we have Kip Winger riding moonbats.

are you SURE they’re not fucking with the water supply?


The Little Gooey Fucktards are gonna diarrhea in their panties when they see the Sept. 24th antiwar turnout. Hint: it’ll be a tad more than 30 people showing up today.

I predict they’ll pretend not to notice hundreds of thousands rallying nationwide (again) against their heroic-war-that-others-fight-for-them.

Why does America hate America?


I’ve had just about enough of your moss-bashing, young man!


I heart you guys with the biggest heart ever.

Chaz seems like he needs some punctuation maybe Chazmo!.

Kind of like when he pops into the room the live studio audience all goes Chazmo! I kind of picture him as the Michael Richards of hatred.

Or maybe the Magnificent Chazmo!


Oh Jeezus. That one did not just make the brain cell joke. I didn’t just read that.


funny story. I’m sitting around with the original three bulls! myself, the nutter and the randroid. so we go to Wendy’s and the nutter is kind of a cheap bastard, and the randroid who also happens to be a rich rich bastard (a rich, libertarian randian, shocker!) and the nutter had ordered, what arguably was the smallest kiddie order of fries I have ever seen. seriously, it was like two fries. great value, dude. you saved 17 cents. anyway, the randroid just wouldn’t let it go (he’s a joke repeater BTW, no such thing as original material, and won’t let any sublimity lie, has got to ruin any good joke by killing it). and he keeps asking the nutter “so could there possibly be a smaller size fry than that. seriously, nutter, could there physically be a smaller size. I don’t think that’s possible. and the nutter finally just loses it and says “jon (the randroid), there IS a smaller size, it’s called Jon’s penis size.”

and that joke has only once been equaled in the history of comedy or even language, and it happened tonight, on LGF, and I bow my head in reverence.


#13 is my favorite. I mean, is he/she a plant? a mole? a fraud? a liberal?


This has to be parody as well:

Did anyone catch the Bush bashing comercial on Fox this morning? I was half dozing on the couch with the kittens so all I remember is some women saying something (in an indignant tone) about Bush’s “mistake”.

I think it’s The Editors in disguise, personally.


I think 13 sees the soldiers as killing machines. That’s what “support the troops” means.


The LGF post was from Thursday?!! Damn, now I can’t troll. Their legendarily short attention spans have moved on already.


Ha ha, you misspelled “sphagnum.”


For a group that’s generally homophobic, conservatives sure do love their circle jerks.


LGF is one “glory hole” of a site, eh?


My question: “Bring Them Home Now” … for what, exactly? Let’s bring all troops home from all over the globe, and they can, um, pass out lunches to the homeless and, um, plant flowers. Well first of all, feeding the homeless isn’t exactly less constructive than inciting a civil war in Iraq, second, with the weather the way it has been, wouldn’t new orleans had fared a little better if the army corps of engeneers were there?
Lets see. The Swift Boat Vets, despite every effort of the MSM & you liberal *spit* traitors to discredit them, showed Kerry to be the fraud he is and helped sink his pathetic campaign.

The desperate for attention sociopath Sheehan, despite the mighty efforts of the MSM & you liberal *spit* traitors, has failed to accomplish anything except tie up traffic in Crawford.
One wonders what the digital equivilent of spitting on people is
oh good… i’m glad we’ve been pushing NO to get back on its feet…

in the french quarter, a strip club opened up…

and it made news by doing so.
First of all what kind of tightass really has a problem with peeler bars? Plus, I read that story, the girls were entertaining firemen and rescue workers who (I would think) would need a little of that sort of entertainment after days of slogging in crap with a bunch of other guys. (why do heterosexual firemen hate Americuh?)
Thanks for your sacrifice to give millions of moslems a crack at freedom and self-respect and self-governance–they’d never known those concepts until you came to town.

You are a real magnificent human being and we’re lucky to have such as you representing us & defending us and planting the flag of freedom further out for all our sakes.
And I would gladly let you have your way with me if you wanted, don’t be gentle…
yeah, but this is the first time in 40 years that the conservatives (or, at least, people conservative-ish) controlled the the House, Senate and Adminsitration.

now we just need to tackle the education system.

then when people are educated in truth, rather than in liberal rewrite, than the Media will have to change, in order to keep up ANY sort of ratings. Or they’ll die, and be replaced by something better.
And then, see? We’ll round up all the jews in black vans see? And forcibly sterilize the retarded and the unamerican see?
She had an air conditioned trailer and the peace house to stay in. It is highly unlikely she actually stayed in the heat, except to come out for the photo ops of course.
Yeah! Grieving mothers should languish in a ditch and die of exposure!
As a Trekker, I protest against the comparison of moonbats to the Borg. Most moonbats strike me as being more like the Ferengi: greedy, opportunistic, liars, and sore losers.
Hoo boy, a pro-war, republican, cynical star-trek fan, you must be a real hit with the ladies
Many of us speculate that the reason he joined the Army and then reenlisted while in Iraq was due to his f*cked up mother.
Wow… Just fucking… wow…
There is supposed to be some big rally there in front of the Whitehouse this weekend. According to that pinhead Phil Donahue “thousands” will turn out.

The reality is they’ll get very little media time becuase of hurricane Rita.

God, that Karl Rove with his CIA Hurricane Generating Machine are brilliant.
I can’t tell if this guy’s joking or not. It’s like 3 distinctly different brands of crazy had a battle royale in his head.
No, I’m not an artiste but have artist friends who are fair, balanced and even conservative. Remember David Zuckerman the movie producer of Airplane, etc? He did an ad showing Kerry lurching after guests at a wedding that was devastating.
See? Artists aren’t ALL assholes, some of them can be used to personally destroy people.
I know. I was being sarcastic and thinking about all the people who try to push their paintings onto tourists at Central Park. Art is fine but should still be a hobby or something to do when you are retired and want to make a few extra dollars.
Hear that, hundreds of novelists, painters, singers, songwriters and actors? GET A JOB!
Counting crowds… Get someone with a good camera up in a helicopter, take contiguous photos, develop and assemble, lay a grid over it, and start counting. If the crowd is really big, estimate per-square densities and proceed. Post the photos to enable fact-checking.

Shouldn’t be too difficult. Should be able to counter any MSM bullsh*t.
Red team, go! Red team, go!
Yes, this is true. When the mothers and fathers of the Silent Majority began to speak out against the War… the ones who vote..this is why you see this gigantic push behind Cindy Sheehan.. those backing here are trying their hardest to wring out the sympathy vote for the grieving mother… this time around there is a HUGE difference… there is NO DRAFT.

Yeah, only stop-loss orders, extensions, and re-enlistment of retirees… uhmmm… nevermind…
If memory serves me correctly, the USA has experienced, on average, about 43,000 highway and 17,000 murder deaths per year, respectively, in the last 4 years since 9/11. That amounts to about 240,000 total deaths and hundreds of thousands of injured and permanently maimed people. The total financial costs are enormous. Except for public safety and fire personnel, few of the others purposely died for a noble cause or volunteered to go in harms way. The US military has lost about 2,000 members and thousands of seriously injured. Is Cindy Sheehan saying that 120 men, women and children in the USA are worth less than 1 military death?

Just can’t argue with those numbers… No seriously I can’t because they don’t make any goddam sense.


Ummm i’m not sure how i screwed up italics so bad, i proofread it and everything. Anyway I think it’s obvious my comments are the last sentances before the next italics


It’s easy to tell which lines are yours because they’re the ones that make sense….


You have to stop the italics tag and start it over again every time you have a new paragraph, despite the fact that preview says you’re fine. Preview doesn’t seem to notice line breaks at all. The italics will not carry through them, though.
I keep forgetting, too. But, yeah, it was pretty easy to figure out what was you.


And on that note, CJ, what the fuck are you doing posting on a blog? That should be something for the elderly, retarded or jobless liberal- like us and these folks to do on our off time from Burger King.
You’re supposedly a respectable professional, do something productive! Like go to Israel and hunt terrorists with your little friends. I mean, from hearing you boys talk, you’d probably do great at it.


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