Irony, thy name is Brian

Brian Mulroney Maloney shoots his load:

In what appears just short of outright panhandling, a desperate Air America Radio is now begging listeners for cash donations. […] There’s little indication of where the money will go, whether for overpaid air talent, sparkling new studios, the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club repayment fund, or perhaps to settle one of the endless legal flaps that plague Air America Radio.

From Brian’s website:

Your Amazon orders help to support this site. Thanks! [Emphasis in original.]


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Next I suppose this mental giant will train his intellectual firepower on Jonah Goldberg and the gang at the Corner, who are always holding fundraisers.

Right? I mean, to be fair and all.


“i will not get in the way”


I don’t think Mr. Maloney stole money from a children’s organization. But I could be wrong.
And I doubt his site’s supported by Soros et al, but it’s possible.


true, but that’s some mote in his eye.

as for the second part, when kristols rag makes money and isn’t supported by Murdoch, i’ll take back the shut the fuck up i just gave you.


Good point mdhatter, or for that matter the entire conservative publishing industry.


OK, the dumbasses are talking about this: Air America Associates Program

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Aliens, prepared to be dazzled by…

The Paul Revere Society!!

“What the fuck is this shit?” you ask.

It’s only the front group for the Savage Weiner‘s Three-Hour Hate.

Can somebody kill Irony again so we can bury it twice?


As an added bonus, Captain Ed is drinking at the controls of the ship in his pants again:

Anyone else see the resemblance between AAR and Blanche DuBois of A Streetcar Named Desire?

I refuse to click through the link to find out, but this is an analysis of Blanche DuBois:

“She is, in general, one of Williams? characters who do not belong in this world. And her type will always be at the mercy of the brutal, realistic world.”

Captain Cubicle (thanks, TBogg) probably thought it had something, anything to do with lesbians…no wonder he comes up second in a Google Search for Crappy Captains.


I believe what Maloney meant was that Air America started out portraying itself as the Fox News worldbeater, and is now reduced to stealing from children and begging for scraps. Whereas Maloney has never portrayed himself as anything but begging for scraps. Like most bloggers.

But hey, instead of being outraged at Air America for breaking its oft-stated promise to pay back Gloria Wise, let’s find some way to get Maloney. I mean , gotta have your priorities. And you have to do something to feel good while Franken and crew go down the drain. Hey! Let’s blame Maloney for that, too.


I’m pretty confident they would have launched a TV network if beating FOX news was their game.

Al Franken and O’Reilly may have their specific differences, but news should not be a moneymaking biz, unless the money falls from trees.

Now, the EIB network, there’s a fairer comparison.

Can you seriouly tell me you’d rather listen to Rush than Rhandi?


You mean hypocrisy, not irony.


Irony is the battered yet laughing-through-tears stepchild of Hypocrisy.


That said, When it comes to beating Fox news.

We all know who has the lead there.

(he’s the one who brought the puppies and kittens to the emmy’s.)


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