Friday Random iPod Song Blogging

Hey, what’s on your… [yoink!]

Crap! Someone stole our iPod!

Alright, who took the… [yoink!]

Dammit, Atrios! That’s our signature line…




Ha ha! Comic strip generator linkage stolen from Jesse at Pandagon.


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doesn’t that illustrator do tailoring for klick ‘n klack?

oh, wait, that’s Euripedies Eumenedies.

get your No on


get your No on

I prefer the alternate spelling “git yer NO on”, but either way, I’d like to see this in the Sadly, No! on-line gift shop in t-shirt & coffee mug form as quickly as possible.


whoops … not a capital “O” in “No” .. that may be misunderstood in the wake of Katrina.


Hey, Brad!

hee heheheheheheeee!

Next time bust through the wall like Kool-Aid.


tg –

plenty of misunderstanding going around



Another one on that lets you download or send ecards 😉


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